Талисманы знака зодиака Лев

By | October 19, 2019

The ideal mascot for
Leo will thing, in the form of stars. It will strengthen the intuition
Leo and send it to success. Because Lions lifetime
bask in the sun’s rays – Their patron mascots
Lions need to keep them toned, draw energy
of space. Better, if it will be enough
valuable things at the same time accentuate your success. For example,
deserved awards, vintage gold coins, antiques,
rings, canes. Very good as talismans figures
an eagle and a lion

3 thoughts on “Талисманы знака зодиака Лев

  1. SaitaN HimselF Post author

    извините, на 17 секунде в тексте "станет …счица в форме звезды". Позвольте полюбопытствовать: что там за слово?


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