आपको करोड़पति बना देगा कुंडली का यह योग | astrology/horoscope/jyotish in hindi | gajkesari yog

By | September 12, 2019

Hello friends today we gonna talk about a new topic related to “KUNDLI YOGA” which can make you a billionaire. Today we will tell you the famous RAJ YOGA- GAJ KESRI YOGA. What is GAJ KESRI YOG? How it is in some horoscope? Did you have it in your horoscope too? Or not? Today we will tell you all this things. What is GAJ KESRI YOGA? It is a YOG if somebody has it in his horoscope that person will become more than rich enough. That person has happy living life, rich enough, property, real estates and the all the happiness in his life. That type of person will earn name and fame in his life. When moon and Jupiter are in same postion or box in someone’s horoscope… …then it means that person has GAJ KESRI YOG. it also happens in native’s horoscope when Jupiter is situated in 4th, 7th, or 10th position from the moon. then also its a creation of GAJ KESRI YOG in naive’s horoscope. By having this YOG that person become highly rich and earn name & fame. Are you having the same YOG? If you want to know that if you have the same YOG that can make you highly rich or not than you can comment us below. Guys for more videos like these subscribe to our channel Divine d tales of India. Like and share our video.

28 thoughts on “आपको करोड़पति बना देगा कुंडली का यह योग | astrology/horoscope/jyotish in hindi | gajkesari yog

  1. Jivan Ghost Post author


  2. Aumdev mehta Post author

    anjar kutch
    aumdev mehta
    sir abhi mera time bahot kharab chalraha he asa muje lagta he
    money k realated bhi problem he but meri kundli me gajkesri yog banta h to krupia aap bata ea.

  3. NARESH NEGI Post author

    Naresh negi ..d.o.b -02-04-1983..b.o.t–03:00am….b.o.p -Rampur bushahar( h.p)

  4. Aditya Verma Post author

    mera name Aditya he meri dob 27,11,2000 he aap btay plaes ki me karod pati banunga ki nhi

  5. Harshil Soni Post author

    My date of birth 7 6 2000 Time 11 25 am place of birth Radhanpur GUGRAT cerrer kaisa hoga or shadi kab hoge

  6. natur netur Post author

    Namaste गुरुजी 13,12,1993, 7 :30 pm गुजरात गिरसोमनाथ मेरी कुंडली में राज योग हे या नहीं please जानकारी दीजिए

  7. Gurjeet Kaur Post author

    Pranam sir!!meri kundli mein 5th house mein moon+saturn aur 11th house mein jupiter sthit hai!!aise gajkesri yog ka phaladesh kya hota hai??pls reply🙏

  8. Meranamamit Sharma Post author

    Bhaiya mere 8rth house main moon aur 2nd house main jupitor hai…….kya gajkeshari yog banega…..makara lagan KI KUNDALI hai

  9. Amit mera hat vi dekh dijiye na guruji Das Post author

    mere kundali ke yog kesa he boliye guruji

  10. Amit mera hat vi dekh dijiye na guruji Das Post author

    Mera name Gobinda Das..D.o.B…05/11/1987 time..08 a.m from assam(goalpara) boliye guruji mers kundali ke bare me kesa he yog sadi kab or yog boliye

  11. Aarti Sharma Post author

    Sir meri d.o.b 20 oct 1986 tob 7:43 am hai kya mai ias kar sakti hu

  12. Nitin Rana Post author

    25june1999 time07.55.. haan he yeh yog . Himachal .hamirpur

  13. ashok kumar Post author

    My dob 29-03-1993 time 04:00am munger bihar. Will i rich and get goverment job ? And when

  14. Narayan Rathore Post author

    mera name – ravi Rathore
    dob -16-11-1990
    time –11:15 am
    palace – pali rajasthan
    Sir meri kundli k anushar meri kundli m gajkeshri yog h??

  15. NITIN cool Post author

    Name : Nitin
    DOB : 7.4.92
    Time : 5.00 a.m.
    Place : Jhajjar ,Haryana

    Shadi kab hogi love ya arrange and Kya ye yog h meri kundli me pls help

  16. ANIL MONTEIRO Post author

    Sir ….04/ 03/1985 8.30pm..this my date of Birth. ..

  17. pratima srivastava Post author

    9-10-1982 raat 9 baje naam pratima, sir kya meri kundli me ye yog hai, agar hai toh ishka phal kab milega.

  18. mannu sharma Post author

    Hello ji 30/11/82 tim 6:00pm. Kaithal Haryana pls btayiye kya meri kundli main yah Gajkesri jog hai ke nahi..pls 9416821232

  19. S. Gupta Post author

    गुरुजी मेरी कुंडली मे गजकेसरी, मालव्य व वासी योग ह,परन्तु 4 साल से कर्जा हो गया कहाँ से चुकाऊँ, कोई रास्ता नही मिल रहा ह।

  20. ravi parmar Post author

    Sir mera janm surat gujrat me hua he 02/10/1989 times 08:10 PM he meri kundali me ye yog ban raha he?

  21. Narayan Sharma Post author

    Sar chatur sagar yog ka vi vidio banana


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