बहुत खतरनाक है कुडंली का यह दोष # kaal sarp dosh # astrology/horoscope/jyotish shastra in hindi

By | August 15, 2019

Hello friends welcome you on our channel friends today we will talk about one of the very dangerous flaws of horoscope “kaal sarp dosh” What is kaal sarp dosh? How it occurs in anyone’s horoscope? & what are its bad consequences? I will answer to all these questions in our today’s video. So firstly we will talk you about that what is kaal sarp dosh? Kaal sarp dosh is a defect that occurs in a person’s horoscope the person is required to withstand.. …a variety of physical and mental suffering That person’s fate doesn’t stands with them. A person’s life-long is full of confilcts/struggle. But still do not get proper result of his hardwork. such person also gets bottleneck in their married life. after getting married, the person’s do not get stable Overall , the kaal sarp dosh brings problems , difficulties and struggle in that person’s life. That kind of person’s life always get entangled in various things… like work, home, job , business, family, married life and sickness also. Such person always get bounded with trouble without any reason in their life. So let’s talk about it that how it occurs in anyone’s horoscope? When all the seven planets that means the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus , and Saturn in a person’s horoscope come between the axis of dragon’s head and dragon’s tale then it is the creation of kaal sarp dosh. Suppose, if dragon’s head is situated in 11th house in any person’s horoscope and dragon’s tale is in 5th house and other all plantes situated in between 5th house and 11th house or vice versa. Is actually the creation of kaal sarp dosh As you are watching in this chart that all the seven plantes i.e. sun, moon and others.. ..is situated in between dragon’s head & dragon’s tale. because of it this chart is also getting affected by kaal sarp dosh. Friends if you also want to know that your horoscope is also affected by kaal sarp dosh or not? Then you can write us your birth details in comment box below. So friends for more videos related to vastu tips and astrology. please subscribe to our channel divine d tales of india like and share our videos.

40 thoughts on “बहुत खतरनाक है कुडंली का यह दोष # kaal sarp dosh # astrology/horoscope/jyotish shastra in hindi

  1. Anurag Mishra Post author

    24/4/1990 animesh pandit Ji kripa kar bataye kal sarp hai ya ni or upaye kya hai

  2. Anurag Mishra Post author

    Guruji thoda kundli ka vishleshan pura bataye problem me hu

  3. Anurag Mishra Post author

    g.m sir Ji bimari to bilkul ni rahti magar kisi kaam me man ni lagta

  4. Anurag Mishra Post author

    meri kundli me konsa kal sarp dosh hai guru ji

  5. Priyanka Lage Post author

    my birth date is 2 may 1990,plz sirji aap hume bataye ….ki meri kundali mai ye dosh hai ya nahi

  6. Dulal ch Sarkar Post author

    Date of birth 22/03/1993.time 4:30 am meri kundli me konsa kaal sorp dhos hai guruji.

  7. the violent chainsmokers Post author

    sir meri kundli me kon sa kaal sharp dosh h

  8. Special Sanjay Post author

    My date of birth 09/11/1996 9:00am birth place Bhora Kalan gurugram Haryana
    My contact number 8929495832
    Please reply on my comment

  9. gurdeep Kaur Post author

    My name Gurdeep kaur time5-5:30 date of birth 17- 9-1988 place roper

  10. gurdeep Kaur Post author

    Name Gurdeep kaur date of birth 17-9-1988 place roper tme5 between 5:30am my pho no 8968985859plz meri marriage kado hovege plz guru g reply

  11. Isha Trivedi Post author

    1/4/1987. plz kahia kya mujhe kalsrap dosh he or kon se prakar ka he. meri shadi nahi hui kya iski vajah ye he.

  12. r. jain Post author

    mera nam richa jain hai dob hai 26july 1994 time hai 2:20 am place hai jabalpur m.p mujhe ye janna hai mere ghr me khushiya nhi hai papa mumma ka humesha choti choti bat par jagda hota hai aisa q hota hai kuch help kijiye ma papa ki birth detail nhi hai

  13. Raj kharola Post author

    31 Oct 1987, mujhe btaya gya hai k aapki kundli Mai kalsarp Dosh hai

  14. Tasikul Mia Post author

    6,4,2000 mera janam april me hua hai aur mere kundli me kya kalsharpa dosh hai

  15. Rahul Kumar Post author

    rahul kr singh 20th january 1995 time of birth morning 4:00 am

  16. amit bairagi Post author

    guru ji nomaskar.mera datr of barth 20/10/1983 morning 8-15 am.mara kalsorp dosh he to keya upai kore.

  17. Namita roy Post author

    05/07/1990 morning 9.20am..plz kundoli dekh kar boliye

  18. Ishu Tosh Sharma Post author

    Mere ghar ma ladrae hoti rahati ha kio. Solution bataoo

  19. Priyanka Joshi Post author

    Birthday 29/8/1984 budhvar 20:54 pm kalsharp dosh he

  20. monu arora Post author

    3 October 1997 meri kundali mai kaal sharp dosh hai ki nhi?

  21. Raushan Singh Post author

    Hi sir, my name is raushan Bhushan Singh
    D.o.b- 28/11/1985
    Time of birth- 11:30 am
    Place – Hajipur Bihar. Could you please check whether my kundali has kaal sarpdosha or not. As per the pandit ji my kundali has kaal sarpdosha and I need to do the remedy as soon as possible. Please also suggest the remedy. Thank you so much sir


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