☉ Sun in Aries ♈ ~Part 1~ (Tropical)

By | October 8, 2019

Hello again so let’s talk about each individual sign today right now Aries the first sign of the zodiac Aries is a Fire sign it’s one of the three it’s a Cardinal sign which means it’s all about progressing moving forward, building, all the
cardinal signs mark a beginning of one of the seasons Aries marks the beginning of Spring the beginning of new life the beginning of purpose the beginning of spirit As a Fire sign Aries is “right-brained” which means it’s emotionally based & it’s also one of the two positive
elements which means it’s about what can be done what we are It’s the expression of the self of the ego in both positive and potentially negative ways Aries is ruled by Mars meaning Aries have incredible power they get stuff started, they get stuff
done – if they feel like it IF they feel like it 🙂 Can be very aggressive but also can be very fair too They can fight against you but they can also fight on your side the highest order of Aries is the pioneer, the leader the person who goes forth setting an example for everyone else they’re brave sometimes fool-hardy, a little rash but they have incredible power they stand up for what they believe in who they believe in, & they protect those closest to them like no other Being the first sign of the zodiac really says a lot about Aries When an Aries is happy when an Aries is fulfilled in their life, when they feel at their best an Aries can excite everyone & get everyone going They can be the ultimate leader like I said in another video what I find the best quality of Aries is is their ability to progress their ability to always reach for higher & higher heights for new experiences, to develop, to try out their skills, to just succeed to do their absolute best Aries are awe-inspiring they really can attract attention & deserve it So I’ve said the positives, now the challenges the biggest challenge for Aries is to not be selfish As a Fire sign, as a sign expressing the ego Aries energy can be very very self-centered so that’s something to watch out for it doesn’t mean Aries will always be selfish but it is a challenge every sign has their challenges, no one sign is better than the other & the challenge for Aries is to look beyond themselves to have resounding solid faith in themselves, no matter what comes their way & to not have to prove it to others or themselves If you’re an Aries or somebody who has a lot of Aries energy, Moon sign, Rising, Mercury, whatever have faith in yourself have faith in yourself so much that if somebody offers a a diverging opinion, a criticism don’t take offense you don’t need to just listen take in what they’re saying and decide for yourself whether it’s right or
wrong for you without the cloudiness of ego getting in the way Aries is always moving forward if you have any more questions about Aries or
comments, insights, opinions please post Infinite love ∞ 

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