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By | December 14, 2019

Clear earlier
Freeze the lane If someone like XiaoLin entering the battle I’ll have a chance to dash him The ideal location is here If I didn’t explain to you
You would think that Ah Benny! You missed again No one is saying about this You guys will never know Why I just asked not to take Tidecaller’s Mark Because our team has only Aleister Omen Tel’Annas and D’arcy Why I said that we must take the Ring of the Fiend but not Tidecaller’s Mark Because with this line-up we need vision
Long distance Tel’Annas needs it For instance in a bush or not We need to look into so that we can have high damage But if you take the Tidecaller’s
You have to reveal yourself We will be stronger in the bushes Because in this kinda of battle, you can just fight while keeping the distance Fighting between bushes If I have a vision increasing item
My D’arcy can cause damage
Tel’Annas can shoot Regarding the Tidecaller’s
I am telling you If you want to make the best use of it You just need to take the Water Stone in advance
Do not need to upgrade It’s not a problem if you take the Water Stone If you want to sell it and buy in the vision item in the middle or late game, it will be also OK Oppenents are Florentino Fennik Sephera We need the vision item If today I gain the vision
Tel’Anna can shoot Sephera I am giving you some concepts If I battle in the competition
I will always take the boots first I will not take the support items in advance Running speed is beyond everything Because in the beginning the support items I am telling you Gain more golds but not so much It’s better to run faster So I will take the boots first “Before you said that you did not want us to know many things, didn’t you?” If you watch my battle in the competition before, you will see that I always take the boots first Aiyoo… Long time no play Gildur must feel unwell
I need to help him I want that bird I want it Even bird also brings people Actually this prediction is possible His Quillen can go down here anytime He has a chance to go down and steal the dragon So I will probably use the 1st skill He will move if I dash him You thought that I missed it No no
I hit in intentionally I am not talking nonsense
I am telling you the truth I am just ensuring the safety If he goes down again
The Jungler will kill him You still need to have that action because He might steal the dragon But he didn’t do that If someone like XiaoLin entering the game I will have a chance to dash him If I didn’t explain to you
You would think that Ah Benny You missed again No way I did it intentionally Let me force him to use the flash Put the ultimate behind I had the flash
So did he The time is the same
So i can remember his time I know how much time for the jungler’s flash of the opponent team The little fish What happened We have Hayate
You have to be sure This time I can not miss Sometimes supporters do not need to reveal, just stay in the bushes Jungler might be here Because he was just here We can guess the numbers
Here 1 person
Here 2 people If there is no one
Then we move down Should be like that Because Krixi is going down Did you see that Because I saw his movement was about to go down So I feel like he must be going down Jungler must be down there Because I haven’t seen him the upper land for a long time This is how I guess the number of people Actually counting the number Pulling back
Trap 2 people I pulled back intentionally My Ultimate
I pulled back Predicted their location And then directly had a single kill Have you guys seen my Ult clearly I moved backwards intentionally Let him chase after me Then I suddenly trapped him I predicted his location Because I moved backwards in purpose So he must rush forward You see
When I move forward, he will leave Do you believe Then we can push the tower Just ignore him If I fight with him
The tower will shoot me I don’t need to pay attention to him
I just move forward I let the Abyssal Dragon Laner push the tower Because I will be shot by the tower if I hit him Counting the people
All are down there There must be 4 going down Jungler must be with us here 2 was just here 2 here He will rush forward Totally can Totally can In front
(Defense against Quillen) WOW 5 people Trap here Limit the walking position What we need to do at this time
Staring at Quillen We have to go together Staring at Quillen Quillen is waiting to enter the battle Diao Chan?
Diao Chan might take the purifying bracers
(So does D’arcy) It depends on the situation If your team line-up doesn’t need the vision item You can take the purifying bracers Because they all reduce 15% CD I am telling you
In the strict competition One person is eating the Caesar He is in the other’s area His ideal location should be here (Under the tower) Why
Because we are eating Caesar If he is here, Isn’t that giving opponents a chance to kill us? Especially when there are 4 people handling Caesar and Abyssal Dragon The other one needs to hide Push forward Can’t use the 1st skill to enter, or else we will be done Consume their energy
Don’t chase too close Take it slowly
We also need to clear the middle lane At this time we have to appoint someone to go there We also need to take care of the bottom lane No one stop the bottom lane’s minions We need someone there to stop We need to stop the bot lane’s minions It will be safer We also need someone in the upper lane as well And then invade on both sides Because they are now lack of people Go Go This is called Monster Clearance Action Clear all
Then we will gank them If we keep fighting with them at this time, what will be the risk that we might take We might face the risk of being destroyed They will eat the Caesar and reverse the situation Clear earlier
Freeze the lane You know why If we don’t do it, we will give them money Please subscribe if you like this video And because it’s free Thank you so much All of you are amazing!

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