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Hello! This is Per-Wei Liao Today I don’t talk about love and interpersonal relationship Let us discuss about your job The job represents one-thirds of lifetime and one-thirds of daytime Actually, it is a crucial part But… Because of jobs, maybe many people suffer in the negativity So most people will… transfer the negative side to love like what they would do in the workplace Although the economy in Taiwan is really in a slump and it is getting worse., I still see many people stand out on the jobs Or after his/her startup business, he/she develops other potential in addition to job performance So.. you probably give it a try In your workplace, you can be distinctive or excel in the fields Today’s topic is…. Is the current job suitable for you? It feels so good to talk about jobs which means… because of your efforts, you can get the help from your benefactor But love is reverse love may need intrinsic motivation but jobs may need extrinsic motivation to let others see your contribution Now.. few people stay in the backstage Learn to make the spotlight shine on yourself Let’s start it and there are five cards on the screen Did you see them? Did you choose one of them? Pretend that you are finished Pretend to make a connection with your mind It feels nothing but that’s fine OKay Let’s start it If the fifth one is picked, let me tell you it benefits you but… it indicates that you will be stressful that is This job has long become a burden for you You probably need to be careful of weases or of many people with the opposite opinions We don’t say they are weases Because of the different opinions, it’s essential to watch them out or else you need to make efforts to be able to benefit yourself , which is tiring for y ou It means that those who choose this card have been overwhelmed with the exhaustion So, , in my opinion, you can keep going because it is beneifial for you until the last day I think it will get beter Okay? Next one is the second card I have to tell you you have been undetermined if you would like to leave or… you will hesitate to decide what you would like to do In fact, the card suggests you that in terms of the job, it gives you some suggestions which works for you something that is precious for you If not, then you can leave If so, then you can stay because I think this card has a sense of nobility which means you have a sense of nobility You may not need a job of suborinates but some respect and privilige If you’ve got this kind of job, then you can quit it Next, if you choose the fourth one, I would tell you you are a hard-working person so this card tells you keep going because thus workplace is suitable for you You can do it well but… I suggest you are a person who buries oneself in work or a person who is scrupulous So you are suggested to let others know what you are doing ; that is, others will know you are hard-working which it would be better for you to meet the benefactor Otherwise, you are nobody in a team which is a pity Sometimes a hard-working person needs a companion Okay? Then, let’s talk about the first one I would have to tell you This workplace is really not suitable for you You may quit the job I bet you would also like to leave This workplace cannot give you a chance to achieve yourself which means you find less potential Maybe it’s because the company is a family business or because you think the company where you cannot learn from So you find it unsatisfiying Then you quit You may consider you will leave after few years I think the timing would be fine After receiving the year-end bonus, find a job that is suitable for you Maybe I will upload another video which talks about the suitable job for you Then… If you pick the last one, the third card, I would tell you the workplace is perfectly suitable for you You will find it very satisfying but you are advised to keep a low profile The lower profile you keep, the better job you get Working is really suitable for you So don’t change your mind I don’t know what your job is Since you pick this card, it shows that you can do a wonderful job in the workplace So…keep going! I think it is not easy to find a job which is suitable for you and find a job you like Sometimes, don’t think that you can find your passion It is very diffcult because nearly 20% of people know their passion We have no idea passion has been drained in this society Thus, hope you can understand this card tells that you are encouraged to stay Thank you! Thanks for your watching This is Per-Wei Liao Welcome to my counseling room My daily business hours are from 11 to 17 Hope I can meet you in my counseling room See you Good night!

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    我选了3&4,5也差点选,就是4&5之中选了4,然后问题来了,我是要给别人看到我的努力,还是要低调吖?一听完瞬间炸飞,哈哈哈哈 我是要怎样? 可能我现在有在2间学校上课,又在打算做工的原因吗?

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    選了2號.. 現在是放假中,想的是即將想進入的行業~~聽了牌,我是可以挑戰重要角色?

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    請問老師 選擇4的人如果打算換新職場適合嗎

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    對4同5牌都有感覺, 我是認真的人, 奈何身邊真的全是“理念不同的人”, 你認真反而得罪人, 每天都要防來防去 累😞

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    感情的都聽老師講的不少 有時候更想聽關於工作的

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    正在申请一个全新的职业,所以挑到2号也不知道算不算答题了。 但是老师充分解释我现在内心的挣扎, 还是很惊讶和感激!

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    感谢老师! 4号的答案对现在的我而言真的是一份鼓励!

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    妳的影片我都有在看,妳的分析很好 但是只有這影片剛出我不太敢看 因為我知道我堅持一份工作10餘年為了自己一個很天真理念
    但在這10餘年裡受盡委屈,侮辱跟譏笑 雖然一直想離開 但是一想到天真的理念卻放棄離開的想法
    直到最近自己天真的理念在眼前破滅 無法忍受 但也在糾結是否離開

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    1. 明年2月底真的要離開這個工作了.
    2. 目前職場升遷位置真的都被佔滿.
    3. 業務沒人教,都是自己學習或是詢問其他職場外的人.


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