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hi everybody so today I’m going to be
making my giveaway announcement and I haven’t been on for a while I was busy
and I also have a day where I just didn’t feel good I had one of those
headaches so but I did decorate for Halloween as you can see I have my
decorations all around so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to be announcing my
giveaway because now I have two thousand and twenty one subscribers so I wanted
to wait a while till I had enough subscribers before I made the
announcement so it’s going to begin the giveaway contest has up today and I’m
going to explain the rules for this contest they’re really simple you must
be living in the US and there’s reasons why I can’t do Alaska or Hawaii or
international it’s because it’s extremely expensive to ship and I’m
paying for shipping myself I had mentioned on previous videos how I
wanted I felt that was unfair and I tried to find other ways around it
fortunately there is no other way so it’s strictly for US residents and it’s
strictly for people living in the US and I cannot ship internationally or to
Hawaii or to Alaska in the future I would hope to find a better solution for
that because I think it’s unfair but as most of my subscribers do not live here
in the US you’re scattered throughout the world
and I wanted to thank and appreciate you for subscribing so unfortunately I
cannot do the giveaway extended past just us residents and I have to exclude
international and Alaska and Hawaii residents but nonetheless I still want
to thank you for being subscribed and that’s why I’m trying to bring as many
videos to you as possible and for those who subscribe to my
channel that cannot enter this I want to say thank you for subscribing and I’m
sorry about the shipping issues because they do pay for shipping myself ok the
other rule is that you have to be subscribed to my channel so if you
haven’t subscribed subscribe now and click that Bell for future notifications
like this video and comment pick me and I will give it I’m going to give it some
time for other people to be able to join in on the contest so it will run through
September and sometime in October I will be announcing I will be announcing the
winner and how I do that is to random name picking and a random generator I’ve
done giveaways in the past and that’s how I did it now I might do it live or I
might just pre record it and you can see me put it into the random name picker
and whatever name comes up so remember so please don’t enter it unless you’re
in the u.s. followed the rules they’re very easy they’re very simple and
another time in a few days or a week or so I will have a video with a sneak
preview of something I too in the giveaway now I don’t I’m still
currently crafting matter of fact after I do these videos today I’m doing a few
I’m going to then do some crafting to get some of my items for the giveaway
also I have a friend that I’m making some jewelry for and I have to send it
out to her hi LaVon I’ll be sending it out soon I’m
finishing up crafting so it’ll be jewelry items that I’m making myself and
if you haven’t seen my past giveaways go ahead and check that out there in my DIY
section playlet there in my DIY playlist where I did past giveaways so this will
be a nice big giveaway and again please follow the rules I can’t bend the
exceptions because I pay for the shipping so that’s it I just wanted to
make a quick announcement I wish I could extend it beyond just USM and
unfortunately at this time I cannot OH as you can see I have my Halloween stuff
up and my spooky crystal ball and I have my latest edition if you haven’t seen my
Halloween decorations book inside out of my house go check it now it’s in my
everyday blogs playlist so I just wanted to announce this giveaway and I’ll see
you in my next video thanks for watching bye

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  1. Boogie Man Post author

    Sign me up. 🙂

    Let's get you on our show please. I think the community could really benefit from the things you have to share.


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