10 Traits Of An Empath – Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

By | August 14, 2019

Brainy Dose Presents: 10 Traits of An Empath – Signs You’re
A Highly Sensitive Person Empaths are highly sensitive people who deeply
feel the emotions of those around them. And just like introverts, empaths are likely
to feel overwhelmed by crowds and loud noises. They are also prone to feeling drained and
completely exhausted to the point of fatigue. Although introverts and empaths share many
traits, there are several characteristics that distinguish empaths. Keep watching to discover the most common
traits of an empath! Number 1 – Highly Sensitive A highly sensitive person is sensitive to
many types of energies, and reacts emotionally to being
over-stimulated. But, it’s not like you cry over spilt milk
or anything, you just feel emotions – very deeply. If someone is telling you about an incredibly
difficult time they went through, chances are you’ll be the one who starts tearing
up. On the other hand, you’re quite susceptible
to extreme mood swings, because you are so deeply affected by the emotions of others. Number 2 – Read People Empaths have a deep sense of knowing when
it comes to understanding other people’s motives. You can usually tell if a person is lying
or not being authentic! You are very observant of the subtle messages
other people send through body language and facial expressions, so you can easily read
people like a book. Number 3 – Peacemaker Being an empath means that you simply can’t
stand disagreement. In the face of conflict, you will either completely
avoid the situation, or seek to resolve the issue immediately. Your motto is “there is always a way,”
and thanks to your persistence, you usually find it. You’re also very sensitive to violence and
aggression in the media. You are deeply affected by the news, television
and movies. You may be moved to tears or even feel ill
from watching violence on television. Number 4 – Quirky And Creative Having a keen energy antenna not only leads
you toward being an empath, but usually a cultural creative, as well. Whether a painter, musician, mathematician,
inventor, or social revolutionary, you feel inspiration from beyond, and this propels
you to do things that move society forward; Things that most people don’t currently
understand, and that seem to go against the grain. Number 5 – Eclectic Taste in Music Empaths tend to listen to a broad range of
music genres. Your music preferences are usually influenced
by your varying emotional states. However, you should be especially mindful
of the messages in the music you listen to! You can be deeply affected by the lyrics in
a song. Sometimes, you’re better off just listening
to instrumental music. Number 6 – Love Animals And Nature Empaths tend to connect deeply with animals,
and they’re not going to be the people who tie their dogs up outside for hours on end. You likely have a pet or two at home, and
you may feel the need to be outdoors often in order to neutralize negative emotions you
take on from others. And since you can feel the pain of animals,
eating meat just throws you off. You may decide that it’s easier on your
heart to simply go vegan. Number 7 – You Often Daydream During Conversations People often go to empaths when they need
to talk about something, and empaths are usually great listeners, but they’re not good at
listening to a bunch of small talk. One second you’ll be listening to your friend
telling you about her day at work, and the next you’ll be thinking about what someone
said to you earlier, trying to decipher its meaning. If something is particularly boring or completely
disconnected from emotion, you tend to drift off into your own little world. Number 8 – Instantly Feel The Vibe In A Room Has this happened to you? You walk into a party or social event, and
you immediately feel the energy of the group. Whether it’s positive or negative! If you sense it as positive, you likely join
in with the socializing. If you sense it as negative, you may just
decide to leave. Number 9 – Free Spirited Empaths at heart, are free spirits who find
rules and routines debilitating. Spending eight hours a day in a cubicle? No thanks! You get bored easily if you aren’t properly
stimulated, and if you don’t find what you do for a living very interesting, you’re
probably going to end up leaving your job sooner than expected. You like to feel free to express yourself
in the world, in your own unique way, and you are often drawn to adventure, travel – and
of course, freedom. Number 10 – Need More ‘Alone Time’ Than Most
People Empaths often attract people into their lives
like magnets because of their gentle compassionate nature. But you pick up others’ emotional energies
like a sponge, and this drains you. You feel like others actually suck the energy
out of you! You just want to get away and be by yourself
to reset your energy field and gain your sense of balance back. Solo time also helps you feel inspired and
creative. If you find you resonate with many of these
things on our list, then you’re probably an empath. If so, take it as a great thing, a gifted
and creative way of being. Tell us which of these characteristics you
possess? Are YOU an empath? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, give it a thumbs up
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100 thoughts on “10 Traits Of An Empath – Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

  1. Mama Oshera Post author

    You got most of this 10000000%%%%%%%%I really appreciate your messages

  2. Crystal Isley Post author

    I have never felt so connected to a list in my life! Me 100%

  3. Michelle Elyse Post author

    I am beyond the charts on all 10. I have known this is what my problem has been for years, and I have been burned so many times because of it….. I feel someone else's pain, and I feel like I can help, then get burned. And its so hard for people like us to learn by mistakes, because it is so hard to let the brain rule over the extraordinary emotion we feel. Can all you true emapaths out there count how much money you have lost due to being an empath??? lol…… I think I need an empath friend!

  4. LinYouToo Post author

    Empath. Introvert. Aquarian. Myers Briggs INFJ. Read between the lines. Hear everything you don’t say. I see you. Like really see you. Sometimes right through you.

  5. Rosemond Bio Post author

    through this video i have discovered am an empathy….but the problem is people around me don't understand me ….

  6. Khutso Kganyago Post author

    I used to feel like I’m the bad energy, or I suck peoples energies, Coz I would always feel depleted . People with strong will power would make it seem like I am weak , especially at work where we always have to prove ourselves. Now I know I was feeling like that because I’m an empath .

  7. dani cali Post author

    i definitely like my time alone but i dont particularly like nature lol

  8. KaMaTiMa77 Post author

    I get confused sometimes because Im not sure if what I feel is my own orsomeone elses emotion. Its quite exhausting sometimes. Thats why I need to spend time alone, to gather my strength and rest up.

  9. Soumi Das Post author

    I have most of the traits among the 10traits…

  10. Prayer Warrior Post author

    Definately an Empath. Empaths are healers of earth and people depending on what type of Empath you are. We are instant lie detectors to Narcissists and other energy vampires. We are recharged with moving bodies of water, and animals love us. We hate violence and arguing. Empaths dont watch the news. We love to be in Nature rather than a grocery store. Study your Empath type and define it. You are needed in the world and thru mankind. We are here to heal others and the world. Sending love and peace to all.

  11. Harriet Pennell Post author

    I am a empath and when I get to much energys building in my a tremble so I'm controllable I need to know how to control that ! I don't feel comfortable shaking like that

  12. Joyce B. Post author

    I'm extremely empathetic. Been called weird and disliked since 3 years old . Very few people like me. It's ok, though. I like me! The happiest time in my life has been the 13 years I've lived alone. My best friends are fellow empaths, but I need the alone cocoon to recharge and heal from all the negatives in the world.

  13. Silent Grove Post author

    It was odd to see Zuckerberg on this as he is almost certainly a sociopath

  14. Ivetka Vrbiniakova Post author

    very huge empath i read people

  15. 126er Post author

    I'm an empath….
    I was driving to work the other morning and saw a dead cat on the side of the road. Did a U Turn and picked the cat up(cat was all together with abit of blood) and put it next too a letter box under a tree.I thought it was important that the owners could bury it and get closure,instead of being run over more.
    Just a part of being an empath..

  16. Elisha Rae Post author

    I definitely think that I was born as an Empath. I was very sensitive and if I watched or heard about something sad it would consume me for weeks. I think as you get older you learn how to manage your emotions better. I’m probably still an Empath but I’ve learned how to not let others energy directly affect me as much. I do definitely love my alone time! ?

  17. Criceti in fuga Post author

    It's me, aside from the vegan part. I couldn't eat an animal I connect with, but usually I eat animals I never met alive, so zero connection there

  18. Cocob00 Post author

    I have all of these traits and it’s kind of scary because it’s all correct also, in this video it looks cool to have this in your life but not always, Please ! Tell me if someone feel the same ? /!

  19. Deanne R Post author

    Lol I don't really care about labels cause I feel like it becomes a "who's more special or quirky" contest. But this whole video is dragging me ahaha

  20. liz Barajas Post author

    Empath, highly sensitive, starseed and I can read ppl?‍♀️

  21. t.n zenmadi Post author

    "Listening instrumental music" yep , and my "friend" always make fun of that

  22. Megaabsolrocks359 Post author

    I watched this video then took 2 tests just to check, and yes, I’m an empath ?

  23. A T Post author

    Holy shit about the instrumentals. Yes! ??‍♀️
    I sense energy from music and it makes me sometimes literally sick to hear and feel underlying meaning to current music.

  24. Rachel Williams Post author

    Empaths don't belong on earth. Who do you think will be the bride of CHRIST?

  25. hipper dan hop Post author

    Nature, meditating, alone time, yoga, binaural beats it all helps

  26. Kennedy Evans Post author

    Complete empath. My boyfriend doesn't understand it

  27. LaDonna Ware Post author

    Yess omg thanks for helping me understand me I'm an empath

  28. Samara James Post author

    Well…Yeah Im an empath and yeah I have 2 dogs and 2 cats because one of my kittens died but we dont know how

  29. Gaurav Singh Post author

    I possess almost all of there qualities but i am struggling more with the mood swings because I pick up the energy from others around me more often. But I can read other people and am attracted to great people and motivational stuffs. So it's a gift with certain side effects.

  30. Daniela Marley Post author

    This is completely me. Every single characteristic! lol ?

  31. FaithSP Post author

    This is so true! My parents don't understand me being an introvert and how I like to be alone. At times, I do like to have fun with people, but to a certain extent, but since I have strict, overprotective parents, I'm not allowed to go out so I just stay in my room. Plus I have no siblings so I don't hang out with people. What I hate a lot is eating meat. I'm fine with some meat but I don't like chicken, but still eat it for my parents. I'm underweight and when I told my parents I wanted to be a vegetarian, they agreed but they didn't actually agree. They forgot and just gave me meat so I gave up. So many things I wanna do yet can't do it, gotta wait four more years

  32. Stephen Thomason Post author

    HSPs unfortunately are far game for those who are hartless and soulless. Narcissists that consider us as folks to manipulate and destroy if it takes their fancy. Be careful out there you peace loveing people, you are the balancing energy for this coming 5D vibration…be wise about who you allow in, there are many black widows out there, Peace. Steve T ☮️

  33. T - Post author

    pretty much any snowflake liberal is one of these

  34. L.A Beast Running Robot Dance Post author

    Empaths, as known as my food.

  35. Infinity War Post author

    My dad keeps saying that I'm fake about being emotional and love drama (and I barely speak)

  36. modest_melon Post author

    The feeling i never forgot as highly sensitive was when i went to a sea aquarium for first time. I had a very strong impression that i didnt expect i would feel very emotional. I can’t stand watching or be at the place for a long time. The exploring time became a trauma to me instead. Seeing and feeling those sea creatures in the aquaring is not good at all they should be sent back to where they belong.

  37. Donna Datta Post author

    All traits match except one, I m not a vegan

  38. na. Naj Post author

    I never fight but i fight in my brain and fantasy not because i hate i just dont wanna get hurt that's all

  39. geraldine pearson Post author

    I never even heard of this until today
    And this resonates with my heart & spirit ?

    I’m a very social butterfly and outgoing person
    But I have to be alone for long periods of time to recharge my energy
    Bcuz people are so draining (not always in a negative way)

    My First Lady at church told me there is a spiritual word for this (I forgot..sorry)
    But basically she said you have to have someone who is stronger than you pray over you and cover you until your spirit is strong
    So you’re not drained

    That’s why in church you may see someone praying over the pastor (before, after, or during service)
    It’s so his energy isn’t depleted for giving it away during service

    Thank you for this video
    I’ve learned so much about myself

  40. Jason tradinghigh Post author

    Unless you're under 25 , then you're only a snowflake ?

  41. Sonia Joubert Post author

    I don't watch news, only family friendly movies R rated. Small talk makes me day dream. I need lots of time alone in prayer and Bible Study, so I'm not really alone, I'm with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Being empathetic makes me pray for people a lot, mostly in tears for them. Just want to keep my focus on the good in people, look past their mistakes and see the good in the world. But I cry in prayer so much over this terrible world we live in.

  42. CiCi McCarthy Post author

    The funny thing is I have all of these traits

  43. Samantha Adams Post author

    I’m definitely an empath when I teach in watercolour One to One I definitely feel exhausted as my energy and emotions have been drained only from certain types of people ???

  44. Toral Mehta Post author

    M highly sensitive in genes. Worse i sense people personality quickly than its hard for me to be around them. But i hve overcome extreme sensitivity now to violence and other problems to some extent.

  45. B. Couture Vibes Nyc Post author

    #11 (psychic abilities )…100% empath checked every box ,except eating meat .I think about it though ,just haven't killed the habit completely.?

  46. logan mcallister Post author

    I can read people and feel peoples emotions. It is so confusing. It my emotions or theirs. Also, I have the feeling of people around me in the social setting. Praise Yahshua

  47. logan mcallister Post author

    But I my identify is in Christ first! ????

  48. Gabriel Archer Post author

    Thumbs ups/. Every thing you said was yes yes yes. I got 10 out of 10. I'm having me time but working with my angel how to stop feeling suffering or pain nearby. Thank you wonderful vid

  49. Kitsco 45 Post author

    Something bad happened in my town today even though my family and my friends are okay I can't shake the depressed state what went on in my city

  50. marioandsonic marioandsonic Post author

    I'm an empath and your list is precisely how it is.Its very overwhelming at times but I'm thankful for all of it.

  51. anamaria fankhauser Post author

    I got them all..exactly nobody undesrtands me..of being me.. but its ok ..i thought am the only one.

  52. An Arianator Post author

    Im an extrovert empath!! Is that even a thing?? Lol

  53. John Barrick Post author

    Not creative at all I’m good at sports but I don’t tend to get along with athletes. Music on the other hand I enjoy all kinds .

  54. wildfoxn95 Post author

    My life always "Quiz:Are you a HSP?"
    "if you score more than 70% you are"
    Me: scores 120% oh sh*t….

  55. Alicia B Post author

    I'm just glad people are talking about us empaths now like it's normal and acceptable. Not too many years ago, if you used the word empath, people thought you were nutty. Like it was some kind of witchcraft.

  56. Bonny Milligan Post author

    Extroverted Empath- I have 8 of the 10 signs…. been like this all my life, and get more finely tuned the older I get! Close to 60….

  57. Dylan Rohrback Post author

    It's odd how many of these traits correlate to symptoms victims of abuse (physical or otherwise).

  58. Patrick Mace Post author

    All but the whole no meat thing. Though I feel the pain of animals. It hasn't effected my eating habits.

  59. L Just 3 Post author

    Actually replayed the video because I started going thru comments. But a lot of these help explain how I deal with things or why certain things happen.

  60. ICE Post author

    I'm the exact opposite I don't care when people die I can't cry for them all I can do is act sad I often get called cold and distant.

  61. The B Post author

    I have all these traits some I would describe as extreme

  62. Xr Svg Post author

    Signs that shows you are a highly sensitive person
    1 you are sensitive

  63. Jacob Christ Post author

    Most of this is accurate. ??

    And it also makes me Justin Turdo’s enemy number one.

    Makes lots of sense right? ??‍♂️?☝️?

  64. Astral Skies Post author

    People always call me "too sensitive" or "too emotional" oof

  65. Alec Lorentus Post author

    Sometimes being an empath sucks ? After watching a movie with anyone I tell them that I need space because movies affect me so deeply. It can send into a spiral of depression or even a panic attack sometimes and people tell me to “man up”. It sucks, but hey we got some extra sensors that others don’t, so don’t take these senses for granted. ?


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