11 Things About Doja Cat You Should Know! | Billboard

By | February 28, 2020

– Hey, this is Billboard and
you should know me, Doja Cat. First job, was this. I’ve never worked behind a cash register before. I just started singing ’cause
I had dropped out of school. I opened up Garage Band, just to see if it would stick and I just started like, putting beats that I found on YouTube into the sessions, and
tracking vocals over it. And I didn’t have like, I
didn’t even have, like, a mic. It was like, the built in microphone. I’d be on my mattress, on the floor, with like a blanket over my head and I’d like record into the internal mic, and it was just so messy but people liked what I was doing. My guilty pleasure. There’s too many, there’s so many. Social media and lobster with butter, and Oreos and Capri Sun,
that’s my favorite snack, like, unhealthy snack. You like dip the Oreo in the Capri Sun. I know it seems weird, it doesn’t seem right ’cause it’s watery. Why would you put a strawberry
on like, a chocolate cake? It’s fruit and chocolate. Same thing. Someone were to play me in a movie, who would I want it to be? (laughing) Does Tinashe act? (laughing) – Yes, yes, all the time. There was actually a time
where I felt like I was high, like I was watching an interview of hers, and I was like looking at her mannerisms and I was like, freaking out. ‘Cause I like understood,
it all came full circle. I was like, ah! I like turned it off. If I were an animal, I’d be, I feel like I wouldn’t
be a cat, I’d be a cow. I’m just kidding, no. I feel like this is a set up. Is this a set up? Best advice? Don’t get drunk on Instagram Live. Don’t get drunk on Periscope. Don’t do it. Bad idea. If I could collaborate with anybody, I’d collaborate with Pharrell Williams. If I could describe my music in one word it would be, cute. My process is really crazy
it takes up to at least like, at least six hours to complete like a general idea of a song. The inspiration behind Moo
all came from the outfit that I was wearing when I made the song. So that top that you see in
the video, is the reason, 100%. I have no affinity for cows. I mean, they’re cool. I don’t spend my time on farms. I don’t like the smell, to be honest. To make the music video for Moo I was excited about
using the green screen, ’cause I know I had a sheet in
my closet that I hadn’t used. All it is, is the
Photobooth app on my laptop. I open that up, I pinned
some sheets to my wall and then I found some GIFs. Moo took about a week to fully blow up. Three weeks away from my tour, and yeah, and this blows up and
it was just great promo. And, people think I did it on purpose and I didn’t, so I feel like I’m a genius. ♪ Bitch I’m a cow ♪ ♪ Bitch I’m a cow, I’m not ♪

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