2014 VIrgo Horoscope DETAILED Astrology Forecast

By | August 14, 2019

Hello My Dear Virgo friends. Its my special reading for you for the year
2014. AT A GLANCE AND IMPORTANT TRENDS For Virgo, 2014 is a good year for most part
of the year and for quite a few aspects of life. I am sure would bring a smile on your face.
But having made this general reading, let us now get to know more about the specific trends. You would be involved with your career a bit
more than your family life. I am not saying you will ignore your domestic
life altogether and definitely; you will pay attention to your family and home. But you are going to be involved in bearing
a bigger load of responsibilities, assignments and projects at your work. Also you will be keen to save a lot of money. It is, therefore, obvious that there will
be a need to do some work – life balance. I agree that you shall be doing a tight rope
walking act as you have your energy invested towards the professional side. But make sure that your family does not miss
you. An important observation – there will have
to be some re doing of the job already done and sometimes the rewards may be slow. So do not give up too soon! This is due to the positions of planets Saturn
and Jupiter and they getting retrograde. It is also possible that you will face some
ups and downs. This could be in career or at home or some
problem with your children. Therefore, it is advisable to keep some amount
of money in savings untouched — just in case you may need it due to some professional emergency. But actually the situation would not be as
bad as it may seem to you now. Rest assured there will be plenty of rewards, recognition and achievements. As per the astrology predictions, the Social
life is likely to be just about the same — neither increase nor decrease for the Virgo in 2014. Benefits from friends are likely to be less
in the first half of 2014. Your Horoscope for 2014 says that travelling
is likely to increase. Be cautious while driving vehicles or handlings
with sharp edged items as you are likely to be involved in accidents. MONEY, FINANCE AND CAREER FOR THE YEAR 2014. If you are a business owner or head an organization
or are in sales then you will be favored very well by Jupiter in the first few months of 2014. This means that your business prospects are
good. Sales shall increase and so will the profit
margins. Most likely you will achieve your targets
and the overall performance shall be better than the last year. However, things will not happen in one shot. You will have to make multiple attempts to
achieve your goals. Also you may have the possibility of some
foreign trips this year, but do not expect them to be very productive. There is no need feel de-motivated just be
prepared mentally, as your efforts are bound to benefit you in the long run. As regards your money and about financial
matters this year, your stars tell me that you will be extra careful. Overall, your income will be satisfactory
but in the second half of 2014 you’re your expenses shall increase alarmingly. Therefore, there would be a need for proper
financial planning to increase your savings which may help you cover the eventuality that is likely to occur in the
second half. Also be careful of people who might want take
advantage of your sound financial position in the first half of the year. LOVE LIFE & MARRIED LIFE FOR THE YEAR 2014. My love horoscope reading for the Virgo indicates
that the second half of the year is more suitable for you in the matters of heart. You will get a more favorable response to
your romantic pursuits. Also for marriage, the period after July is
quite favorable. Looking at the position of the planets, I
feel that it may be exactly the opposite in January to -July period. Therefore, for the first 6 months of the year 2014, you
should not be in hurry to propose or get married as you may get disappointment. And if you miss the chance then you might
have to wait for quite some time to get another good one. If married, there are chances of petty issues
spoiling the marital harmony. So the planets advice you to rise above the
ordinary differences, try to understand each other, extend a supporting hand and wait till you get a favorable response from
your spouse. Whether married or in relationship or looking
for a right partner, throughout the year, you should not loose your cool — come what may. The chances are that the price
for loosing your mind would be very heavy. If you are not in a relationship then in 2014,
you are quite likely to meet a good candidate who could be your soul mate. The effect of this new love will strike like
a thunderbolt. USEFUL TIPS AND ASTROLOGICAL ADVICE. First of all the Tips: There will be a need to create work life balance.
Do not pay all the attention to your work only. Do not get restless; sometimes the rewards
will be slow. So try to develop more patience, by learning and practicing meditation or taking long walk or be in nature. Do maintain some savings in the form of bank
balance or liquid assets as you might need money to tide over temporary problems at work or work related. Be cautious while handling sharp object, even
a paper knife or pin or a sharp edged toy could be harmful. Drive carefully as you are accident prone
for some time in the year. Now the Astrological Advice: Beginning with electronic waste, clear your
home, office and car etc of all the clutter — albeit slowly. Observe silence in office for 5 minutes, twice
a day, every day. Wear Yellow sapphire in you index figure after
consulting with me your horoscope. Be respectful to elders, especially your parents Give yellow items such as channa daal or yellow
sweets on Thursday to a temple priest. Feed cow with green leafy vegetables on Wednesdays However, this is a General Advice for your
Zodiac sign To get a more specific and personal reading,
I suggest that you to contact us through e mail or telephone on the numbers given below. With these words, I wish you a very happy
and prosperous life.

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