309 Susanne Wilson – Fulfilling Our Soul’s Potential & “Direct Connecting” with our Loved Ones…

By | August 17, 2019

Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die I’m your host Sandra Champlain author of the international bestseller book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death. On the show today I’m very happy to welcome back our friend Suzanne Wilson. Suzanne is a scientifically authenticated master medium a teacher an author and an empowering keynote presenter at international conferences she has appeared on coast to coast am CBS Radio Fox News national and Gaia TV her recent book is titled soul smart what the dead teach us about spirit communication second edition Suzanne is passionate about teaching people how to trust their intuition and direct connect with their spirit loved ones she envisions a day in the near future when we will all direct connect with our guides and beloved people and pets who live in the spirit world Suzanne also has a passion to help people fulfill their dreams and their Souls potential she and Kathleen Malone are co-creators of the upcoming soul Summit Scottsdale which will be held September 12th through fifteen 2019 which will not only have great evidence of the afterlife but will uncover techniques for living in our optimal state of health performance awareness intelligence and intuition you can find out more about Suzanne on her website carefree medium.com and about the Soul summit at Soul summit Scottsdale org. Suzanne Wilson welcome back to We Don’t Die Radio! Oh thank you so much for having me Sandra I you know I just heard from somebody last week who said they heard my first interview with you from years ago and I’ve got to tell you I hear about you constantly about how the shows have have turned lives around and so when you asked me back I was like yes thank you so much well with you I feel like I’m coming back together with my old my friend my little girlfriend you know and just jumping up and down jumping in puddles and now we really get to go one step further I mean I know I’m gonna let you talk in a second one of the things I’m currently passionate about personally is yes I love sharing the stories of why to believe in the afterlife but then you get to a point or I have so it’s like okay now what and it’s about living life powerfully living a life we love and and so I’m excited because I know you from the afterlife symposium and now the creation of the souls summit Scottsdale and it’s going to encompass like my favorite things so congratulations to you and Kathleen for creating it well and we want to thank you for your support I tell you it’s no longer about proving that life is forever and that love never dies it’s now about let’s level up people while we’re on the earth we’re blessed to be here even though sometimes the earth is a rough-hewn classroom and bad things can happen to us but we’re here to get the most out of that experience and so to be involved in the soul ‘some of Scottsdale is an honor because of the fact that we have the best teachers that we can find that we’re bringing in to help people raise their vibe and make their spirit team proud of them that’s all that they want for us Oh sounds nice well before we jump too much ahead there are people that this is their very first episode so if you wouldn’t mind just giving the Reader’s Digest condensed version of who you are what you’re up to and a little bit about your book and then we can really talk about your most passionate about now well I was the weird little kid in school that was the loner off to the side because I was seeing lights and spirit people around others and I would fake sick like I didn’t want to go to school because I would I have a stomach ache oh I have a headache and it was because I was so overwhelmed with what I would see around people it was beautiful but scary at the same time because I didn’t quite understand it long story short I was bullied at school because I just couldn’t shut and I still can’t shut up I’ll just you know you have to say oh you know I’ve got a message for you or I see someone around you and as a child there’s no filter so I would say look I see an old lady behind you I think that’s your granny and of course the child would turn around and they’re not tuned in and looked back at me and I got pushed down on the playground I became the punching bag I always had skinned knees and they called me crazy Susie so one day my preacher granddad my mom’s father took me aside and said why don’t you want to go to school when I told him why and I told him about the things I saw he said to me I see them too and that began a whole conversation up till the age of 15 where he helped me to see that this was from God the source and that there would be a youth in my life later on for these abilities and then I went underground for many years got my education got my bachelor’s and management a master’s in public administration and policy did the corporate career work in education a khadeem I was a founding administrative director for a center for leadership and innovation at a university I did all this cool stuff and was miserable as hell just miserable until a 2007 near-death experience that reconnected me now I’m all about helping people make their own direct connection without having to go get readings how’s that fantastic
we have to because there’s so much more and just I looked this up quickly that’s why I was quiet for a second the first episode was episode 87 on we don’t die radio and our second episode together was episode 159 so telling this to our listener because there is so much more about Suzanne and those two episodes 87 and 159 but I know you’ll want to visit if you haven’t heard them already when this is over but yeah all those things that we would think in our past are awful really can shape us to who we are meant so please they say most and they give us empathy as well yes so I love any crazy Suzy I do I really really am and for a listener to way back when when I first met Suzanne she came highly recommended and I remember you giving me a phone reading and I had five notebook pages filled with information that was accurate and you also said someday we’ll be working together and me you you know and here we are and just so much more so it’s really good I remember Paul Newman the actor coming into your reading to give a hello to your mother I’m like what the heck yeah and why that’s important is for those who don’t know my mom and I run a catering company we work with race car teams and one particular year I didn’t even know Paul Newman was involved with raising and he came into the motor home I was working in looking for my mom and I didn’t realize mom had done his travel and was a friend to him for years and so when out of your mouth came Paul Newman tipping his hat to my mom I was shocked so was my mom it was not always you know she’s still on the fence more days than not now she believes in the afterlife some of my stories seem a little crazy to her but that one she couldn’t deny well you know a celebrity sighting and our reading is just about as rare as it is in you know real life but it happens and that’s kind of fun it’s the people that we’ve interacted with that you know we’ve touched their hearts and touched their lives in some way you never spend many many years they don’t forget so you know we have that really happy reunion to look forward someday when it’s our natural time to return to heavenly home and you’ll get to see mr. blue eyes and so many more and I don’t want to talk also because I used to hope that my loved ones were around but then I think it’s common practice for people to try to find a medium to connect with our loved one and throughout the course of these years doing the show and meeting fabulous people like yourself and others I’ve come to know that our loved ones are around us so could you talk a little bit about soul smart and about this direct connection that we can all have yeah I warn people please do not become what I call psycho XQ meaning looking outside yourself for some psychic confirmation that your loved ones continue to live and that means getting readings readings readings readings constantly go get the one reading or the one reading once a year if if that you know helps and I do think they can be very healing but take your energy and your resources and work on making your own direct connection whether it’s through inviting dream visits meditation visits keeping a journal of your signs and symbols talking out loud to them accepting their inspiration you know there’s so many different things you can do that’s why I wrote that book soul smart it’s in the second edition came out last summer I’m working on the spirit guides book now that picks up right where so smart left off and you know books don’t make people rich we all know this unless your New York Times bestseller you know Sandra you wrote your book I’ve written mine to share what we know and to share what has worked but I just want this piece to be available to everyone the peace that comes with knowing they’re not gone they’re not like you know in the grave waiting to be raised up one day they’re not in some dark horrible place heaviness home but don’t be homesick that’s what I say that’s really nice yeah I do think they’re busy in their spirit world they’re not always hanging around us but I think they’re only a thought away and it sure is reassurance I have to tell you something that just happened to me is you know our friend Sonia Rinaldi who does oh we ain’t the images she’s collecting images now and plenty of audios from people in the afterlife she had asked me just a few things about my father and you know my little prayer is Oh dad come through and one of Sonia’s pictures but you know I don’t want to be greedy by any means and so she had sent me a series of pictures of people and I posted them on my Facebook group and some people could identify them and you know I’ve got this hidden hope to have dad what you come through so although none of the pictures were my dad I went to bed and woke up the next morning having the clearest dream with my dad and it couldn’t have been any sweeter any nicer in fact when I woke up I thought he was still alive that’s how real it was yeah sherry I dropped this cake Savio sends me another set of pictures and lo and behold one of them is my father I knew it so I knew you were I just you know why because he was working his tail off in having a blast doing it in what I’ve heard referred to as one of the halls of reunion where there are those whose job it is to help get the communication through and they love working with people like Sonia so you know your dad had a blast making that happen he probably gathered guides and other relatives around and said we got to do this for his and it’s going to be so fun and for you to recognize it like and to thank him for it like you said you know that’s that’s like the cherry on top of the sundae for you but for him that gives your daddy bragging rights to his friends over there they sit in discussion circles and they brag about us and they talk about us and you’ve made him just as happy as he has made you dare hurt oh and another great thing thank you for that is even without the picture just the past few days it’s just been like I go to bed at night or just when I wake up in the morning they’ll be like a little image of dad just floating through and it’s not an image as I remember him sick in the hospital it’s like the dad I never knew who was in his 20s and it’s like the end so now I’m talking talking to him more you know oh let’s make okay so to make that available to people and what your passion is is about how helping people make that Direct Connect I am so grateful for your work and for books like soul smart and whatever else you’re coming up with spirit guides book but it’s taking it from a hope to like a knowing to like we can still have this have a relationship and so yeah there’s nothing theoretical here physics has told us that you know energy cannot be the story that just changes form and everything is energy there really is no matter there’s just energy when we have these crystals that are in our brains as well we don’t know
exactly how they work but we know we have calcite and magnetite and that those are highly magnetic they help us tune into the magnetic poles and the frequencies so you know for all intents and purposes it’s hard science is telling us that we are innately wired to connect with other frequencies so where are the loved ones where are the guides were the angels other frequencies right here it’s the trust part that people have to work on Sandra don’t you think absolutely and then I’m thinking too of yourself as a medium and I just want you to mention a little bit about the scientifically authenticated master medium part but I know there is something about you know we can often use the word vibration or I got good vibes from this person and stuff like that but there really is something about raising our vibrations right when you do a connection through mediumship correction yeah and people ask what does that mean to raise your vibration and think about water I often say that water is like spirit communication it travels the path of least resistance it flows freely and now when you freeze water you have ice cubes you’ve slowed the vibration rate of the molecules of the water it’s dense it’s heavy it’s not going anywhere if you boil water now you’re making water you’re making the vibration rate of the molecules of the water at the highest rate you have steam you can’t capture the steam you can’t freeze the steam you can never bring it down and dense and heavy again that’s what we’re working for here on the earth that’s why we’re here is to bring a little bit of heaven to earth and to keep our vibration as high as possible it doesn’t mean we’re not going to have bad days and bad thoughts it means that we’re going to not act upon the bad thoughts but recognize them for what they are to be objective and to just recognize that we’re going to have our shadow sight or things that bother us or our sadness and then release it and let it go and try to be in the moment with some kind of gratitude that keeps us like the steam that rises as opposed to that dense heavy IceCube that brings us down and we feel better I mean I can definitely tell the sander that woke up on the wrong side of the bed today is not present but the higher vibrating cetera who feels good is laughing with my friend and talking about what I love I can’t help but think I’m radiating a higher vibration yeah if you just start the day that moment when you know you’re awake and you don’t really have your eyes fully open but you’re like oh I’m waking up oh if you just take that moment and say thank you I’m happy to be here today give me the resources I need to help as many people as I possibly can what do I need to know today and just let a thought pop in or an image or something pop in and you can receive some inspiration a heads up and but not only that you’ve you’ve shifted into the present moment I’m here and I’m now so often I will sit with someone just socially having a meal and they’re talking about what they’re going to do next and you’re talking to them and you can tell they’re thinking about what they’re going to say next instead of listening to you and so my best recommendation for starting to raise your vibration is to just be present in the moment just be here in the moment eat your food slowly walk outside slowly really looking around focus on the eyes of the person that’s talking to you they see that I use the windows the soul and feel the vibration of them as they’re speaking with you as opposed to thinking about what you’re going to say next if you just start with those couple simple things your vibration starts rising and it just keeps going up oh I love that I was watching a youtube video so there’s a TED talk of a fellow named Howard Martin who talks about heart math and why well one of the things I believe and know is that our vibration really does send something to the out into the world and causes some great things to happen or on the flip side you know those negative people that negative things happen to but it was really interesting for him to have the scientific evidence about the measurements about radiating from our heart the difference in how we feel and what actually can be tested that’s vibrating I’m not using the right words I’m sure but electromagnetically outside of our body I’m like that’s just another great example that our thoughts are vibrations are feelings really do generate something within our soul within a human beings and I love to look at data and to be able to have Howard Martin at the summit in September is really powerful because you’ll have the mediums and the spiritual teachers telling you about their experience and you’ll have Howard Martin then standing and giving you the data mm-hmm Wow – that’s a great marriage of theory and practicality love it yeah cuz it’s uh yeah and I dig always talking about the afterlife and the new cutting edge things that come out but for me to say okay then what next how do I live a powerful life I’m gonna say holy cow as opposed to the swear but I’ve had experiences that are so mind-blowing that they’re miraculous and it’s like I know there’s a level that we can consciously create this realm that that stuff happens like great stuff happens so for my next phase of my life it’s like okay how do I turn it up what do we turn what it gets turned up how can we make this life like super powerful that we get that we played full-out we got our money’s worth out of being a human being on planet earth so if you wouldn’t mind because I love this stuff is talk a little bit about the the soul summit and about like what’s available for going and then how it’s a little bit different but similar from the afterlife symposium because a lot of the same people go same attendees well you know we listen to the feedback from the previous years and in a lot of ways I was calling it sort of like afterlife Lollapalooza because there would be 60 some presenters and five different things happening at once and people would say I’m frustrated because I can’t go to it all but I think that’s what it took to learn what to hone in to next there was something for everybody now this time there’s something for everybody in a different way now we’re saying okay we’re not trying to prove anything anymore yes there are going to be messages and platform demonstrations given we have a psychic vibe night that just is fun with intuition and readings for the audience and all that but we also are telling you we know there’s something in you that you want to heal that your soul wants to heal whatever personal experience from childhood or recent days or something in you that you feel is missing this is the place to come this is the place to come and feel safe and to know we’re in a high vibration of love here for you and together we can help you on that healing path so whether it’s you know being in John Holland’s presentation or Suzanne Guzman or Caroline Sutherland or whoever it is you’re going to find something that you’re going to take with you that’s a golden gem that will help you to continue to heal your heart and I also feel like being in that vibration of pure love and soul centeredness is healing in and of itself so instead of the frenetic pace of I’m going to learn a ton of things which was good for then we’re going to have a slower more measured pace of ah let us take you by the hand and walk beside you on this path and have fun also that’s important funds very important it’s usually fun when you’re around yes and Kathleen fun is good and also I feel like you meet your tribes at one of these events I’ve had such close friendships that have come out of meeting people at a conference that it’s you’re talking about what’s in common to everyone what we love because this isn’t normal conversation yet in the world and I know myself and many other listeners there’s really nobody in our family or a media community we can share this with so to be with a group of people that you can be free to talk about this is still so good well and for some people it’s going to be the first time that they see Suzanne Giesemann channeling her collective consciousness of guides called sanaya and you know it’s one thing to watch it on YouTube it’s another thing to feel their presence in that space and so we don’t know what experience is going to touch people’s hearts the most but I can guarantee that taken as a whole this can be a life-changing experience I’m so excited to I’m still writing the wave of having just taught a weekend of bridging heaven and earth with medium Tina powers she and I have both participated in double and triple blind studies independent of each other of course Dr. Gary Schwartz at University of Arizona and his consciousness laboratory and so you know we’re into that the evidence and the proof and working with the scientists as volunteers and but we feel like you know a lot of people are past that now and that’s the main point you opened this interview with of yeah the proof is out there we want to experience the messages but we want more our souls are hungry we want to feel happy we want to feel content and so I really applaud everything that you’ve been working on with your conferences Sandra because I hear so much great feedback from that and AREI now gets more focused on the online work a foundation a group should not be weighted down with administrivia on doing conferences and so I did my time on that board about three years and you know had a blast but now I’m off the board so I can work on my own projects and I have to tell you Kathleen Malone is really doing the heavy lifting on the Seoul summit Scottsdale I’m really just sort of a consultant on you know the vision and putting things together and weighing in when she needs it but you’ve got somebody there that you can take the ball and run with it and people need to really take advantage of these opportunities because there are a lot of work nobody gets rich off these conferences it’s a lot of times they break even she’s got 17 sessions three meals included a heck of an early bird price set up until June 6 and I just you know I’m not trying to just sit here and do a big long and I’m just saying that my heart is touched by people like her by people like you who you’re living these events to help others and just want to thank you oh you’re so welcome our last episode was with Joshua Tongol and who’s going to be speaking at the Soul summit and one of the questions that we had is what’s in your heart you know what is your life for what’s your passion and I started thinking if I had all the money I needed the health and family was okay and everything what would I be doing and it dawned on me I would be going to conferences or meeting like-minded people and then really pushing the envelope of what else is possible what as a human being I mean I love doing psychic stuff and intuition stuff and you know finding out more evidence of the afterlife and stuff like I’d love that and then I love sharing I love to share it with people and so so in short you’d be doing exactly what you’re doing right here right now pretty much pretty much right they were black you know but but I you know we’ve also had to have the experiences that we had before to get to this point and this is a point I want to make for everyone listening this isn’t just about conferences and getting together and learning and experiencing this is to let you know that your suffering has not been in vain that your experiences in life are not wasted every single experience thought word action that you’ve had in your life has led you to where you are right now it’s what you do today that really matters it’s the love that you give and receive the compassion you give and receive and you better have it for yourself – I remember hating myself and in the hating yourself and feeling like a loser there’s no growth there’s there’s just density you’re the ice cube you’re not going anywhere so I hope that people who are on the fence and are saying yeah I have more bad days than good well you know read your book will join a zoom group perhaps with victors amacom and start to talk with other people you’re not alone and none of its wasted and no one has loved more than you that’s really nice and like you said it’s not like a sales pitch for a conference but do it being involved in a community I think really can make each one of us stronger and that’s in Excel and I had this vision of my mind you know the fish that swim in those really big schools Suzanne and they all turned at the same time and they you’re talking about yeah and there’s there’s even birds that do that you know and they do the migrations and everything and I thought imagine the one lonely bird or the one little fish that’s not part of that they’re not very strong they’re not supported you know left to their own devices am I really a bird am I really a fish Who am I but to be part of the pack and to swim and power and be empowered Hey there’s nothing like it so my best self is when I’m doing these shows keeping this alive for myself meeting people I like you mentioned the victor and Wendy’s zoom groups but it’s being involved my lower self with the low vibration which comes out all the time I do not have life perfected but it’s like that little fish swimming by myself and it takes having a conversation like this or speaking to Joshua earlier that it’s like oh yeah this is who I am and I and you and everybody else want to give that away let people know we are not alone there are people that love you just the way you are where you are in life is just where you need to be and there’s more yeah those people that love you just as
you are there in spirit form around you and they’re in the physical form too you just have to you have to work to connect with either one and it’s funny that you mentioned that the schools of fish that you know they turn at the same time and you know that our scientist friends right now are positing that that is the magnetite in their brains potentially that is helping them to all be on that same vibration and we have those same little crystals in our brain we’re just not using them so we can all be in the same vibration and tuned into that unified field of consciousness together it just seems like we have to work harder at it than the animals of the world but that’s what we are people are social animals and we do need each other even if it’s on Zoom or Skype or whatever are streaming for the Soul I’ve got a couple of things they do in streaming for the soul there’s Gaia TV there’s gosh there’s so many things we can watch but nothing really takes the place of having some trusted person who has earned the right to see your vulnerability to witness your vulnerability and to just let you know I see you I hear you and I love you you do need to make some kind of connection here yep and the people you have attending and presenting in September no big egos real people even though summer yep big celebrities real people yeah absolutely real people with real stories and that was a big criteria you know when you go from helping put on a conference with like 60 speakers and you’re going to go down to like you know 15 or so it’s hard it’s very very hard and you know there are people that would love to have had but we’re going to just have to wait till next time but I feel very very confident that this blending has been orchestrated by spirit that spirit knows better than we do what is needed now and the people who you know I can’t get it scheduled or whatever that you know that was not what Spirit wanted at this time the people who was like oh my god I can’t believe it I can speak at your conference that date opened up and like yeah we know what’s behind that don’t we it’s all orchestrated way above our pay grades and just for the listener I was invited to be there but unfortunately is a conflict with my racing catering business so oh and and I almost cried I know I’m supporting right away and there’s someone who gets to present because I’m not there that voice needs to be heard as well as hundreds because you were able to do two other conferences that blew people’s minds and open their hearts and you know I think that’s the way it’s going to be that the spirit world is going to spread us out when they need that to happen don’t you agree yeah and then we also can come together like this and be friends and support each other so yeah I love it I knew long ago there was a moment that I decided that I’m gonna make my life about sharing the evidence the afterlife helping people through grief and helping people have a powerful life and it’s like if I’m in you know I’m all-in but I realized that one person can’t do it alone it is joining forces with the like-minded good people everybody what is it the saying that there’s many lamps but only one light there’s something like that yeah that we all just shine a little differently but we linked together and and this is something then this is a global mission and we’re each doing our part so I support you Kathleen Victor Wendy hey Ari I just whoever I can to really help individuals while we’re here well you know and as it stands now I don’t even have my own teaching session and I’m not doing the workshop and this fall I wanted to make room for new people and get new voices on board because that’s what my guides were telling me so you know the needs change and you have to blend and go with the flow and I’m very excited to bring some new voice into the AREI sponsored conference as well like Joshua Tongol and Williams stick evers and we also will have a panel on spiritually transformative experiences with several speakers that haven’t been at our conferences before so it’s very exciting John Holland will be there the events of John’s yeah Oh fun oh he’s so fun I’m really excited about seeing him on platform again I’m going to be doing platform during the lunch on Friday and just giving messages and we never know what’s going to happen but I tell ya I just I’m so excited about this event just because of the fun group and the high vibe group that we’ve got together and I I’m hoping that your race gets canceled but you’re funny it’s in God’s hands this one no I got a ya my integrity the integrity is a foundation of everything so you know it’s meant to be I’ll be there wherever mental yeah I will show up yeah and you know another thing too is I look at for that next generation of who is going to be carrying the torch who are going to be the great healers and teachers and speakers and I’m always looking for them and you know I like to say think that I discovered Arizona Belle and because she was my client for a couple of years and one day she was at my office and said I’ve started this thing called spirit guides magazine and I’m like I’m in what do i what do you need help for what do you want to do and she is really bringing the Millennials into the afterlife discussion and their approaches you know listen we don’t need any proof at all you guys have been improved for decades like I want proof that that love never dies and life is eternal we already know that we want to know how to get the most out of this life and their spiritual teachers are quite different from the generation that we have right now and I love that she’s been at your conferences and she was our emcee at our bridging heaven and earth this past weekend and I’m seeing more and more 20-somethings thirtysomethings wanting to know how to be hi vibe on this earth doesn’t that bode well for the future of our planet it sure does and it’s making me think of you know years ago we had records and 8-track tapes and then cassettes and then you know eventually we had the CDs and we all had our our Walkmans and our CD players and and all that stuff well there’s the generation now that’s only known the technology that we have only known a smartphone right yeah you know wouldn’t even know what to do with a rotary phone and I think here the day will come in the not-too-distant future that people will be born into this world that have always had the direct connection with those in the afterlife have always had you know fine-tune their skills to what what it means to have a powerful life yeah and and and they already accept that they have spirit guides around them they just want to know how to work with them more closely Wow that’s amazing stuff so many good things can happen on this earth I you know if nothing else I hope people will hold on to the hope that no matter what is happening to you or has happened to you or what you hear on the news or what you read the spirit world is right here ever-present with us watching and they know that none of this really matters at the end of the day that all of this is like a play and we’re getting experiences we we get the honor and the pleasure of being here and sometimes having joy and sometimes suffering and then when we do finally return to heavenly home we’re going to look back and go man what a ride I have a question okay you finish and then I have a question well that that’s the whole point is this this is a thrill ride and don’t take things too terribly seriously but do let yourself fully experience and not avoid you know after the NDE as I’ve written about I became a heavy drinker for a while and I was well on my way to alcoholism just because I wanted to tune things out and I also felt like the other side didn’t take me they didn’t want me they didn’t let me die I just had near death I went through the depression the whole thing I know what it feels like to be an outcast as a child I know what it feels like to feel rejected as an adult and I’m not saying I had this horrible life I’m just saying I’ve seen and experienced feeling really really low I’ve had the grief I’ve had all these experiences but I know that Who I am right now is a product of having gone headfirst through every single experience feeling like heavens reject feeling like crazy Suzy at school sleeping in my wrecked car in my early twenties because I didn’t really have a place it all is I look back at it now and I’m thankful I’m even thankful for having had chronic pain for years because I’ve had more compassion for other people I’ve had more experiences to help me relate to other people I want this feeling of peace that I can tap into so easily now I want everybody to have that that’s what I wish for you guys it’s really nice really nice and my question that I had had to do with spirit guides when I was driving home yesterday I was thinking how many times in my life I expect people to know what I’m thinking without me verbalizing it and then it dawned on me Suzanne is it possible we have there’s a level of communication we could be in with our spirit team that we’re not taking like to just I know what it’s like in my own head thoughts are all over the place if I was some poor spirit guy trying to pay attention to what it is I want you they never figure it out would there be some bonus on writing something down or speaking something aloud to actually make a conversation with our spirit team that’s one of the best questions I have heard in a long long time yes and no yes but only if you are firm about what you want so the biggest bitch gripe that I hear from spirit guides is my person can’t make up their mind we hear one thing like I’m going to sell the house and move to XYZ and so we all Marshall are resources and we all get ready and we start you know making subtle manipulations behind the scenes to put all that in place so that this house can be sold and they can move to X Y Z and then the next big thought we get is Who am I kidding this isn’t the time for me to do that I’m not going to do that right now forget it we’re putting that off and they’re like stand down everybody he’s changed his mind again and so you know be very clear on your goals as you talk to your guides you may not know exactly where you want to go but you know the overall theme of you know what you want to accomplish in life whether it’s you know moving or changing careers or what it is and so you can start with the simple and say guides I am open to receiving signs and symbols and synchronicities that will help point me in the right direction then you start journaling all of those things as you receive them and you can look and see patterns okay they’re showing me this this is okay guides I am sensing and I feel really good in my heart that XYZ should be my next direction and I want to thank you for that and I’m ready to take my first steps then they start lining things up and you just keep going and you just keep moving from there but the guides will not interrupt you when you are in the process of exercising your free will once you’ve already decided something you know that’s it but if you consult with them ahead of time they’ll arrange things to help you know which way to go does that make sense that makes a lot of sense that I’m just sitting here in my room thinking I’ve got this whole invisible team it’s like cheering me on and it’s so easy to forget that and buy into I’m all alone hold on you know get to know the main guide I call them the master spirit guide get to know that that guide first because they coordinate the whole team and they’re with you the whole time but we’ve been told many times that the other guides just come and go for a season or a reason depending on what’s happening in your life now I’ve had a healing guide that’s been with me since I became attune to Reiki who actually will help me teach the classes and anymore I just teach of Reiki teachers and she’s wonderful but I’ve had other healing guides come and go as I’ve taken on health issues but there’s just know that there’s one who’s in charge of the whole Schmear who knows you know what’s going on who knows all your past lives who knows the overall goals you have as a soul that coordinators a team but I do teach ways for people to meet all their guides and work with every single one on any issue you want to it’s all up to you what you want to do how do we find out more about that and I would just say go to my website okay samih you know definitely wait you know start start with the first book the soul smart and get ready for the spirit guides book it will be out in time for this conference September 12th to 15th in Scottsdale and and I love love love love hearing from people so definitely keep writing me as you get the validation that your guide is real because we teach a way to do that and the signs that you get there’s some life changing stories that I’m also going to have in this next book that will blow people’s minds well I’m excited to read it thank you so where do we go from here we’ve got a few minutes left and Wow touch that went fast guys I know I know well I have to tell you folks I’m I want to say thank you for all the people that have sent love not just to me but to all those light workers in the world and thank you to the people who are realizing that they are light workers too no matter what profession you have whether you’re working whether you’re retired whether you’re in school please know that the source is going to utilize you wherever you are and people ask what is my role here is a soul with my purpose as a soul that’s a multi-faceted question but for everyone there is one thing that I know to be true and that is you are here to give and receive as much compassion and healing as you possibly can and to identify your unique gift what is it about you that people say I like that or appreciate you and use it play it up leverage it you’re a great listener that’s fantastic you know we’re all light workers we just need to acknowledge that light within us and don’t let anything dim it for very long beautiful words of advice and in my mind somebody just planted this image running a marathon back in the day is it a four-minute mile that no one could do no one could beat that that speed and lo and behold one day an apology I apologize my apologies to runners that if I don’t have this exactly correct but along came the day that somebody could run a four-minute mile she’s never heard of never been done before and after that person did it thousands upon thousands and thousands of people could could do it and conferences like Seoul summit Scottsdale where you’re there with people who are on the court and you’re hearing these stories of the most call it raising the vibration intuition connecting with deceased loved ones astrology when William Stickevers our conversation was crazy good Joshua Tongol people on the court who have done some phenomenal things in their life that evening think are possible it’s like getting that taste of the four-minute mile if they could do it I could do it and it is my commitment Suzanne’s Kathleen’s and all the speakers there that you know that
there’s a world that exists of happiness a fulfillment of Dreams coming true of course there’s going to be challenges because that’s part of being human but it’s possible and we really are a stand that you have the best life possible and I know because I’m obviously a great conference junkie that summit Scottsdale if you can make that work September 12th through 15 2019 to be there and be courageous even if you’re traveling by yourself oh you’re gonna meet friends you’ll have for the rest of your life and as I found out at my last two conferences is over seventy percent of the people are traveling by themselves so don’t feel like you can attend if you’re on your own go cuz you’re gonna meet your best friends there yeah you won’t feel lost in the crowd you have to love it in the crowd big difference how fun and so Seoul summit Scottsdale org is that website and of course you can meet all kinds of great people you got George Noory and Tom damn Heiser there that’s great come close to Omega I just worked with them out in Los Angeles at an event and I think these guys were just born funny but George Murray is such a great host and of course we’ll have a George Murray panel as well which is always fun listen you know Sandra thank you for everything that you do for how hard you work for the fact that you give so generously of your time and you do so much for others this is really you know a tribute to you from us as well thanks you’ve spread the word you spread the love and the light and we appreciate you well some wise person said oh you can get everything you want in your life by helping other people get what they want in their life and so I really enjoy it these conversations give me life and make my life worth living I really do so thanks Suzanne it’s been a pleasure yeah thank me too and you can visit Suzanne’s website at carefree medium.com and again you can go visit Soul summit Scottsdale org the home base for this radio show is we don’t die radio.com and all kinds of freebies and good things there and I think that’s all I want to say or another big thank you to our guests Suzanne and um I don’t want it to end because I don’t even enjoy so it’s like you’re the Oprah of the afterlife about you know quite a compliment oh thanks Suzanne and thank you to our listener if your have listened to all episodes this will be your 309 episode yes 309 is quite a bit and you know like we were talking about the Seoul summit sometimes you’re just sitting in front of somebody and you just hear gold and what they have to say even if you have listened to many of these episodes go back to some of the earlier ones with who you are you’re a different person listen and even reading a book that you haven’t read in a long time you’re a different person now and just use imagine the fish swimming together use all the tools you’ve got between conferences radio shows books things online and we support you wholeheartedly and having a great life so to our listener thank you for being here today and as you know my name is Sandra Champlain and always delighted to be your host on we don’t die radio I do believe that life is an education for the Soul that’s not always easy very rarely easy but our lives here on earth are important we can make them great we can do things to raise our vibration I really want that moment for myself and for you when we close our eyes for the very last time on this planet to look back and go gosh I really played full-out and then when your eyes do closed they simply open up again and you’re reunited with your loved ones and your pets and life goes on so thank you for listening and we’ll see you soon.

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