317 Sonia Rinaldi – A Discussion about TransImages, Suicide & The Importance of Afterlife Education

By | August 17, 2019

Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die I’m your host Sandra Champlain author of the international bestseller book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death and if you are on YouTube right now you can see that this is one of our very few video episodes and if you are listening to this some other way if you should like to you can go to youtube type in we don’t die radio episode three one seven and you can actually see us whoo-hoo again is the wonderful wonderful researcher from Brazil her name is Sonia Rinaldi she is co-founder and research director of Apache which the English translation is the Institute of Advanced Research on instrumental transcommunication she’s the author of 17 books and has been participating in research on instrumental transcommunication for over 30 years and she is getting the best results in the world and what this instrumental transcommunication is is sonja is able to record pictures videos voices of our loved ones who are deceased and I have seen her several times to her presentations she’s become one of my very best friends she’s up to so many great new things and I thought it was time to have her back on the show Sonia welcome back to we don’t die radio – the pleasure to talk to you and to your listeners thank you for the invitation I thought we would have some fun you and I have been messaging each other and whatsapp with your new pictures and things and I thought it’s been I don’t even know a year year and a half since last we did the interview so you’re up to some new things oh my god it is always the new things I think every every time I did I record thank God either in voice or images mainly in images there happens new things annex back to the things so I think it is so fascinating to work with these research because and never thing is repeat it’s always something new and I see that it to be surprising people’s will be surprising moms that lost their children so I think and we’re very happy I’m happy too when I saw you give your explanation and your presentation in both Boston and Orlando that we don’t die conferences it just filled my eyes with tears to see how clear especially these pictures are of many times children coming through to their parents and then to have the parents right there in the audience and say that’s my son that’s my daughter it we all want to have a faith that the afterlife is real that heaven is real whatever you want to call it but when you can see pictures with their smiling faces and they’re not pictures that are identical to a picture on earth they’re new pictures it gives so much comfort and I bet you that’s why you’re in this business aren’t you yes for sure well for many reasons in truth one one of the reasons is this one the opportunity to help people I think that we are on earth to support each other I think that life is not easy for anyone for different reasons but I think that the loss of a child I think is the worst pain the person can ever face I don’t know about it but I personally thank God didn’t have this experience in this life at least apparently I had a loss these type in my last life but not in this one I’m just a mother of a dog I didn’t hit surface so much but I think that s ie I talk too many many mothers I see what they go through and they are all winners and oh them deserve our support whatever we can do to diminish a little bit to this fame definitely I know when I studied grief we can experience grief so many ways and obviously it’s when someone dies but when you think of a child it’s not only the loss of the life but you know we have dreams of our future we have dreams of the child’s future and all of that can’t even imagine the pain all grief is bad but you’re right I cannot imagine the pain sure I think that and II what most is younger the child it is even worse because I think there is also the worry like saying who is caring of my child is she or he codes is she eating is she well is she happy oh so I think that is a very deep thing yeah and we can help these can you can you imagine me that oh so I think I am privileged I and I’m privileged to be your friend and be able to share this and I know so many people and even you who’s watching or listening right now feel free to share this episode because you never know who in your life or if you share on Facebook who one of your friends may be grieving and then a lot of times people keep it very quiet but seeing some of the pictures hearing some of the audios before the end of this episode I want to share some free links with you that you can see so much more of Sonja’s labor of love her work that she’s doing but Sonja behind you I see a lot of things and I know the story but maybe since the last time we talked spoken this could you tell us a little bit about the egg shape behind you and how you created what your new yes what your experiment is see you know yeah it’s ended well I told you whenever you come to Brazil and I hope you do I will need one month it’s putting order all my mess here because it is something you know because I why oh I’m a recording I go throwing away things for not stopping so let’s suppose that I have a cloth in my hand and I would not use it with another so I throw it on the floor and get another thing so it is a huge mess here as you can see on my back yes what the edges are there and Wow I think that in truth all the time I mean spirited because I have ideas that obviously I wouldn’t be capable to be to have myself so the eggs are one of these ideas I don’t know how I it came to my mind and thanks to Scott Milligan I had the opportunity of putting in practice I the first videos so that I my idea was that inside those eggs which are nothing more than plastic egg for making chocolate eggs for Easter so it is something I absolutely cheap it’s something like three dollars and and indeed it he started working and a wonderful faces he started appearing inside and I saw that I call these experimenters Milligan experimenting in honor to Scott Milligan because race he made it these possible and yes I think that incredible faces with movement was created inside and some the seated ones you know diode for instance at the age of 20 25 years old appeared inside the egg as a little child exactly as the you were and then the mother sent me a few pictures of when they were little child or a little boy and yes it was just the same so this really incredible oh it’s it’s brilliant and for the Milligan experiment I remember at our we don’t die conference in Boston Scott asks Sonya what do you need next to move forward and you have this idea that if you had four mini projectors and all pointed in the same place with static or whatever it is you play that that would be the next step well it’s called the Milligan experiment because Scott went out to buy four of these mini projectors and presented them to you so you could do the next stage and Sonya the images are absolutely amazing incredibly that he gave me in Boston and then I had one month to test it because I would like to see if I was right with my idea and indeed in Orlando when we met thank God I could show incredible images enter many moms were there in the audience and could see that child in this the big screen and I said oh my god it’s just beautiful well I’m not we’re recording this on zoom’ today and neither Sonya or I are perfect on zoom so we’re gonna try a little I want to share my screen because there’s something I want to show you Sonya had has been regularly sending me pictures of children people that she doesn’t recognize and then I’ve been posting them in my we don’t I listener Facebook group and there have been some mothers that have said that’s my son I know this and that’s just been amazing to be able to connect yeah and so I saw one of the pictures that came through just reminded me of my father I thought oh and that’s in my imagination what he would look like when he was younger but it was a little blurry and even though my heart wanted to believe I wasn’t a hundred percent convinced but it made me happy so then I start talking to my father it’s a dad if you’re trying to do this let it be a little bit clearer see what you can do so Sonia you had sent some other pictures and I tell you they resembled my dad what he looked like when he was in his 20s in the air force and then one day you sent me the picture which I want to show that beyond a shadow of a doubt in my heart of hearts that’s my father and I got goosebumps I was filled with joy and even me who believes in the afterlife brought my knowing and comfort to just an unbelievably new level and what’s been happening this past week Sonia is in my dreams my father’s been coming quite regularly he would show up in my dreams before but just like anybody else so it could be my subconscious but it’s almost like he’s my buddy he’s on my path whatever I’m doing in the dream dad’s there and then I’ve been waking up in the morning just feeling like dad’s still alive and then I remind myself well he is not in the place that I can see him so let’s try this technology and I’m going to try to share my screen okay yes we’re gonna try this I have no problem no let’s see here we go let’s see here okay let’s share this okay here we are you recognize this yeah okay yeah so this is the Milligan setup and you can see how the project are going all into the center so this is one sorry can you return much ya physical III just notes I don’t know if you did but yeah without anything without it starting without projecting it can you see a face I think that I am it won’t work if I shell if I show but there is a face here in the egg a transparent to face I don’t know if you can see all the little people will see but there is a nice face day already waiting for us it’s amazing just amazing okay so we’re gonna go to the next slide and this is just a representative of one of the pictures that you had sent me and this actually looks like two faces two people yes and you sent me this one and that’s a dog be put into the comments Sandra to take the opportunity two things one is that when you mentioned that your father appeared there annuity and that is usually as they appear if if that is the person died let’s say with the age of 60 70 80 90 this person will appear as he or she was by their that 30 years old so that is the case of your father and also about animals yes they survived and they leave they leave in the other side and they also get younger
they usually appears like puppies so it is very nice oh that’s great so then this was one of the first ones that you sent me that I said you know that reminds me of my father and it I’ve seen many pictures of my dad when he was young and so that I think is when I started talking to my invisible father saying you’re there you’re in Brazil so then this one came and again it he’s got it looks like he’s got a tie on and like a suit like he would have had in the Air Force but again I wasn’t convinced but my heart really felt like my father was trying to come through on your images so then you send me this yeah and this is the picture and the biggest face in the middle is my dad I’ll show you my dad and another shot here but I showed this to my aunt and the other fellow that is not as clear she recognizes that as her uncle who was very very close with my father so that would make perfect sense and then I wanted to just show because you were kind enough to send me the video what you recorded so I’m just going to play this it’s only 25 seconds and you can see it gets dark and then the face appears and then disappears and of course you were right there and you get to see many there days and it went important to the day Oh Sandra is that your father is a smiling yes look look in the trans image here at left we can see his Steve and in the picture that you have a he is not smiling so I think they fit nice yes and also in the picture the black and white picture he’s looking right at me or at the photographer whereas the other picture he would be looking over my shoulder like he’s looking at someone else yeah this is absolutely amazing and then Sonia I had to put this so much yeah I sent it to many of my friends I thought it was wonderful I made I made some we laughed because I said imagine what it’s like being in the spirit world knowing that this woman in Brazil is capturing images some people waiting in line for them just imagine it well one of the important things by you experimenting and by us sharing these is that it will allow other people in time to be able to experiment as well I always say you know whenever it was that the first cell phones came out they were these big big boxes that people would carry around and now we have all technology in our hand accessing almost all the knowledge in the world in seconds even us talking on zoom’ right now who knew that could ever happen this could ever happen and so I think if you get some young minds or people that say oh my gosh that’s possible that they can also do some of these and you just never know do you see possible in the future what do you see possible in the future with trans images well I think and I hope that the base may be closer not so much in the future may be closer to us and maybe I think that with that technology let’s go of the egg which I think that the other side doesn’t propose to use simple things to show that they don’t depend on us because you see it can’t not be more simple than the place that’s the plastic egg is so it is something nearly ridiculous and it worked for because it reowww technologies in the other side they are the good ones right we are just receivers right so I think and hope and who knows we can show something in August in your next event let’s see I think that this the CCD ones we will be able to materialize inside the eggs and that we can show to the audience maybe that is what I think of future in short time that we will get there materialize the more than what we have today let’s suppose also it is somewhat a promise of personal a suggestion that Danielle Scott Milliken s guide one of them made saying that they would appear inside did he call it the dome he didn’t say egg but for me it is the same thing the I get ended the dome and he said they would move the head inside and that is what I hope we are nearly reaching and I think it is a future in short term lets see it’s very exciting and when you talk about August I haven’t released this yet to the public but we can do that now no that’s a perfect time is a perfect time we are creating we don’t die Discovery course which is a five-day full event and it’s much smaller if you attended we don’t die Boston or Orlando it’s much smaller they may just be about 40 participants there but the idea is to have one small group that’s very powerful that we bond get close together and Sonia will be there it will be experimenting of course small groups and then also will do groups with the whole group together with different experiments but Scott Milligan who is the world’s top physical medium will be there as well holding there’ll be two seances during the week and which if this is your first episode you might say what is she talking about but in the darkness of a small room there have been voices of people’s loved ones that have spoken again to their loved ones there have been touches there have been it’s just beautiful I can tell you a little bit more you know what I’ll do makes it easier in the description of this episode I’ll have some links of different episodes you can listen to to find out more but Phil and Carrie will also be there they’re two of the best evidential mediums that give they have so much love for the people in the spirit world but their evidence when they do a reading on people is just tremendous so they will be there doing a demonstration but my one of my important things is that people leave that course knowing that you are a soul having a human experience so there will be different things we do that we can tap into our own psychic sense so that will be absolutely miraculous also NIC and Steven who run Banyan retreat will also be there and they will be teaching healing and and much more and then Reverend Kevin Lee will also be there there’s something called precipitated mediumship which is a whole nother kind of thing but it’s where the spirit world can create artwork out of different things for instance you could have a box that just has crayons on in it and some paper and you can open the box and there will be drawings and things like that there’s a whole world of different ways that the spirit world gets through so it’ll be a five day course more like a workshop that you’re close with the group and you get to experiment with some of the top I say people that have great evidence of the afterlife and even you mentioned Daniel Scott Milligan is fantastic that he is 20 over 20 years he has been sitting in the darkness quieting his mind letting the spirit world work through him and he has some helpers that actually speak through them through him and I had witnessed that Daniel had some advice for the next steps for Sonya and I thought oh my gosh they’re all working together aren’t they yeah it’s true and it was so surprising for me that they you because in truth I was already you in the egg but you know it just just something like an inspiration I couldn’t tell but Daniel in cells in a trance a sounds he explained he did the reason why the egg function I said oh my god they knew everything so yes they they are working together and we hope to get to work together in August to write it would be great there’s never any guarantees it’s all experimental but that is the best way bring your love bring your energy your enthusiasm you’ll meet some great new friends and I think that why believe this is the first time you will be openly demonstrating what it is you’re doing so it will be such an opportunity for anyone who’s there I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event so you can find out more I think the easiest way is if you go to we don’t die radio.com this is episode three one seven and right next to the episode I’ll have a link so you can find out more about that so that’s exciting so I’ll see you in a few months but what I want to talk to you also is something I didn’t realize you I both have a passion to help and that is impacting and having less suicides or no suicides on planet earth it is near and dear to my heart because there is so much of it going on and it would you talk a little bit about yourself and why you’re so passionate Hey for this TV I mean I bought suicide about suicide about getting two children oh yes well I think that I was very impressed at a very shocking when some fears ago I was supposedly to help some American moms and we had 30 in my in my list for helping and I was shocked when I discovered that nearly 20 mom’s had lost the children doing suicide I said oh my god what is that how can that be such a number it is so much people too much children and when they sent me the data and the pictures I was saying oh my god how can these wonderful beautiful girl beautiful boy who has everything the love of the parent says many times they were reached no problem of Education and they killed it themselves oh my god what is that what is going on and then I thought I think that the problem is that they are not aware usually well not even adults and even worse they with the teenagers they are not aware that if they are looking to die because they think that that they will reach nothing they are wrong because then you open the eyes again and say oh oh I thought I was killing myself self but I didn’t and then he’ll be shocked ready confused and all sort of things will pass to his mind or her mind because he was not informed that yes we survive for happily or unhappily in fact is that we survived and there there is nothing that we can do to stop this so I think that what is important also to mention is that this is not a mystical idea this is not a religious idea happily mainly in the United States there are lots of research on consciousness what we call survival these CCD ones anything that you can call so the the academic is the scientist is called simply consciousness and the D consciousness survive after the break the brain death so this is not religions this is reality and there are lots of investigations and research on consciousness done it by scientists so this is important to defended the idea that you were not a defendant religious point okay for me these are science and I think that it is more than than time to teach to do educate people about survival I see the pain that those moms are living because it is absolutely impossible for them to admit that the son or the daughter passed away before her but unhappily this is something that we have to understand when we understand life and why we are here for so I think that we have to learn about serve survive about about after life since we’re childhood because when we are adult it is too late I see the suffering of this mom obviously we can you could ask me oh but then means that if the person is aware that afterlife is a reality if he lost a son or a daughter this person will not suffer obviously did you will obviously but I think that is in a different way I lost my husband I lost him later my mother and then my father but for instance when I lost my husband I will not say that I didn’t self I suffered it as any other person but I knew that in one week time I would be able to talk to him again I could see him again and he would work with me so I was said obviously I was but I was naughty under despair it is different so I think that if he can teach now the moms that are devastated it’s a bit late I think that to this matter of survival Sandra is pioneering something but I think that in the future these you be a matter obliged in all schools on earth I hope that in maybe 10 years 20 years 30 years these will be obliged to do because it is part of biology it is not a question of you when you wish to survive now biologically we survive because it is something like the software hour we have the brain which is the hardware and we have the mind or the soul or the spirit which is the software and this software it is as you get in your computer you take it from one computer to another it is just like what happens with with us we have this body and one day Sonia will not be on this body anymore but you’ll be go on being Sonia and there’ll be a few in the future in another body and so I’ll go with my track my journey for evolution so what Santa was suggested right I did to talk he the beginning was that I thought of teaching children about afterlife in which way in cartoons so I think that obviously wherever to speak at their language so that they can understand and for that I created I story which intends to be a series so I started with the e magazines which I think it is easier for children to use silent abilities or cell phones and I think that Sandra you can share with us our first story which is basically in Tesla’s lab because I think this is just the reality obviously in a language for children but obviously you know that Nicola Tesla is the boss in the other side of the stations transmission stations so the idea is that he Tesla as a character we receive children and talk to them and teach them about afterlife about everything including suicide why we should never think of suicide it is to hurt ourselves we cannot do it because in the following day that the the child or the man or the woman killed himself or herself at the moment he just killed yourself himself he opened the eyes again and say oh my god I thought I killed myself but I’m alive and he is not and she is not and these are absolutely shocking so we can prevent it is I think we can help to prevent and that is what Sandra was thinking in doing in supporting this idea this protocol or whatever to educate to prepare teach children to avoid the suicides to prepare them because one day this child will lose his or her grandfather her grandmother the mom the father brother and in future who knows a child so I think that’s if he can do it we will try that’s it yes oh I love it I found a few things about suicide because I really didn’t know I know we often hear in especially in America how many of our veterans die from suicide and the number used to always be 22 per day now it’s up to 25 per day and then that had me looking and although I don’t have all the global figures I and I apologize if you’re in another country but this just gives you a taste of one country so the country I picked was America United States but there’s almost 48 thousand suicides in one year just here in America and on average it’s about a hundred and twenty-nine a day for every suicide and Sonia I don’t know if you know this but there are four more people that attempt it and they just don’t they aren’t successful so that tells you the amount of depression and and stress and things that happen and in ten year olds to twenty four year olds it’s the second leading cause of death and that’s globally and the first cause of death is unintentional injuries but for young people for the second cause of death being suicide it’s it’s too much and globally the group that the suicide rate is is rising the fastest is for those aged fifteen to seventeen year olds and one thing I learned on all the courses I’ve ever taken they say between birth and about seven years old your subconscious your mind is wide open and things that you learn become truth so if someone says you’re a bad kid over and over when you’re young or you’re stupid or you’re not good enough or you’re not lovable or no one’s ever gonna love you all of those things can go into these young minds and become truth for the rest of their life no matter how smart they become it’ll never be enough and so I when I found out Sonja’s passion and the children’s book idea I thought this is a great way to get into those young minds and give this information and also if this is something important to you and this is the listener or viewer right now there are very few children’s books about the reality of the African life and I think it’s time to create some and start telling the kids the stories Sonya you’ve heard I’m sure stories of children who the parents think that they have imaginary friends imaginary friends and they shut down whatever that psychic senses and it’s possible children like I think many animals can see the unseen world right yes I know I just don’t imaginary at all and I think that yeah yes we we can reach the point of the route you know that is the children so that’s when they grow they will know all about these and see normally you know and I think it is really amazing are you surprised with the number of a suicide is in America and you could say oh my god what so they have everything you know they will have a school they will have everything about I so I finally thought that it is there is a differential whenever it is an adult that it decides to commit suicide he will have many reasons financial problems not to be loved let’s say a serious problems but for instance I treated of a case of a young boy of 16 years old tell me which problem a little boy of 16 years old may have beautiful perfect good family so I think that it was just a misinformation I think that to these boy was seen life such as you you know what you get a book and then you are reading and then you say I come on I I’m sick and tired over this book shelf and that’s it this life is not like it is you cannot say I’m sick and tired of life let me put in the Shelf this doesn’t work you know so it is a it they are missing information of the responsibility which is to be in life and I’m sure that we can do it through cartoons so through a good conversation and one day I hope that this becomes absolutely normal fearful everyday in the schools I think that’s really terrific I do and just for anyone who’s watching and I believe you feel the same way Sonia is after the 20 years I’ve been researching when someone does in their life by suicide they aren’t punished they are greeted with open loving arms I do think though they realized that they didn’t die and they can still see the suffering that’s left behind and I know for every one person that dies whether it’s suicide whether it’s cancer whatever that may be so many people grieve and there’s so much pain and to get the young people to know that life is a journey discovering there’s good there’s bad there’s joy there’s hard things but every bit of knowledge and every bit that they do it really helps I say educate their soul and so yeah while there’s no punishment I think if they know that suicides not the answer because I like I showed that picture of all the people waiting to get into Sonia and all these laboratory I also believe that earth is one place where our soul can get so much education and emotions and learning and discovery that I imagine there’s a huge line of souls waiting to come here and so if we can educate the young minds even the old that their life is important it matters that you work things out here there can be so much joy and and I think it really will impact the suicide rate and and thankfully we can actually see the numbers of what they are and we’ll be able to see Sonya as time goes on and as far as we can get this message those numbers starting to come down absolutely and before I show the children’s book because that’s what we’re going to do next could you just describe a little bit why you have nikola tesla and then the other father Landel i think his name why why they’re part of this have you received trance images and communications from them from both yes yes under the idea is to to transform the reality let’s say the laboratory has something about it is something for children to play because of the idea is to also to include some games so that they can practice a some word just and so on related to the phenomena and everything all based in size and not basically religions for God’s sake so the idea of having Tesla as the mainly care activities because he’s our general boss indeed and he’s our boss he knows for the lady three years when our let’s say our results in images and voices started exploding the quality was surprising and I have been living incredible phenomena that it’s difficult to describe but I’m sure that Sandra will give to our listeners with my to last a magazine is not for children but for for us adults and you will see what is happening the phenomenon talks by itself so you come to a point you you have to say no this cannot be done by humans this has to be from the other side and these biggest mind is called the Nikola Tesla so iíd a– is to create it I created the the lab for the children to visit also and beside this Tesla in the first story there there is another second character who is a autumn we will be invaders because in truth in the laboratory in the real station transmission station the know of the transmission station there are huge mind is their own Nobel Prizes that are conscious of the importance of what work of what they did when they were on earth they are working in the station for the good of mankind so they are walking in new diversion devices and everything by the way just to make a parenthesis about say Daniel also again Scott’s Milligan guide said recently that whenever I was would be trying my Zig experiment he said that these for them for the other side is already because this was already tested and then and that they were ahead of this so the surprises so in this laboratory where taste is the mini-boss is working many many great minds any one is for in the first story father learned Roberto learn duty motor who was a Brazilian inventor maybe maybe a one of the greatest inventor this father lived by the time of inequality Islam but at the same time he had been in New York to try to you know he he made some he made some testers in United States we created Isis in the United States and got some patents but unhappily he came back to Brazil and dietary starving but is we
should expect but he was friend and now he he appeared insurance image both Nikola Tesla in the fatherland oh he goes on being father it is interesting he dresses like father still and I think for respect for religion he is Choi hee hee choose and he was inventor and that’s why both are in the laboratory and they will receive to you turning from Earth awhile you lay asleep and so on now it is with Sandra ok so old I want to ask you the name of the children’s book is hello hello Tara Tara is another word for Earth is that correct yes yes in truth I in one communication in one recording from Tesla he said he was talking to Tara and then I wasn’t too sure if this was also the same as Earth because I knew as Earth and and I thought I asked it somewhere American France and they said yes we can also use the camera it is correct so I said ok maybe we’ll say hello hello Tara that’s perfect ok we’re gonna do the screen share again see if I can do my can you see yes yes perfect excellent see play let me turn on my like here one second because you’re sitting in the dark and for our listener if you’re listening right now and you cannot see this I will do my best to explain the children’s book but also just go to we don’t die radio.com and just under episode three one seven that’s with Sonia Rinaldi there is a free link for you to see this share it with your children and also there’s some links to her latest adult emag yzi pnes where you can actually see the pictures of so many trans images and listen to some beautiful voices of people and also see nikola tesla and fatherland l and and and and others that are working with her so let’s see here we go hello hello Tara adventures throughout dimensions and Sonya I think I’ll just read this if that is okay yeah of course okay and then we can talk about it so we’re in Tesla slab and Tesla says to young boy and girl welcome kids little boy says hey funny you look like an inventor I saw in a book his name was Nikola Tesla the little girl says I agree Lorenzo it sure looks like him but Nikola Tesla is dead he died in in and then Tesla says 1943 the next page this little girl says but how can that be if he is dead how can he be alive and fatherland L says in fact children this is him and Tesla says exactly that’s just the point I’m dead but I’m alive fatherland L says my friend you are more than alive and Tesla says oh yes and this dear children is Roberto is Roberto Landau the Brazilian inventor of the radio and he died in turning the page 1928 the little boy says I do not understand how is this possible are you two dead the little girl says are you ghosts and father Roberto and Nikola Tesla are in the background going hahaha Tesla says humanity is on the way to discover the truth that death does not really exist for centuries Risa teachers and scientists have been gathering evidence that proves the fact that we survive the death of the physical body and father at Landale says when I was alive I had many experiences of talking to the dead I even created some devices for communication the little boy says devices wow this is great can I borrow one and Tesla says calm down kid all in due time you two are proof of what we are talking about and the little girl says what do you mean and father Roberto says your awareness that is your spirits they are here in our dimension but at the same time your physical bodies are sleeping in your beds look so now the two scientists are showing the little boy and a girl a monitor and it’s a little girl sleeping in bed with her teddy bear and she says awesome look at me and the boy says and me but wait I’m at home sleeping how could I be here and Tesla says well kids is it’s what we call being out-of-body while your body is sleeping your spirit made an astral trip to here and that’s inside his laboratory the little boy says uh-oh did I die no not at all you see in your neck there’s a silver cord this cord connects your spirit or consciousness to your physical body and the girl says I don’t understand what you’re talking about Tesla says it’s really very simple human consciousness is lodged in the brain but it is independent of it when a person dies which is the case with myself and mr. Lindo a copy of the body called the astral body accompanies the spirit and we go on living without the physical body in the case of you to your spirit which is also called your soul or your consciousness left your bodies when you were sleeping soon you will awaken and you may even remember this experience the little boy says that sounds complicated to me and Tesla says you children better go back soon it will be dawn on earth but remember that you are our guests and that you can return here in our laboratory in the beyond here we work with many scientists to bring evidence of life after death to those on earth and Tesla says because we know that when this is proven scientifically it will change the world and fatherland ale says come on you too must be on your way because you will wake up soon and the boy says can we come back tomorrow and the next picture you see the little boy he’s in his bed scratching his head saying what an odd dream I had I dreamed about Tesla Nikola Tesla can you imagine can it be and that’s the end it says to be continued in your next book Oh Sonia that was really great I think that is so fun and I think that the children can read normally you see anything so natural you know the only ones that are surprising are the adults it should not be surprising but they do say that we’re all connected with this silver cord and even those who have near-death experiences they’re not quite dead yet even though everything might have stopped that silver cord still brings them back and so when we dream weak goes to other dimensions and even they can come into our dimension like I said about my father coming into dreams there’s a lot of people that are talking about out-of-body experiences it’s all I think tied in together but we’re very much alive Sonya that is a beautiful book thank you well the idea is to make a series and maybe to publish it one per month so that children but I don’t know how it still how to work with phase that’s why I showed it to you it’s so new and but I think that we have to find it still a way to make these to reach the children somehow but I think that the other side will care these well the good news is there’s going to be many viewers of this and listeners and there might even be someone who has a great idea so if someone with a great idea can easily get in touch with me sandra champlain at gmail.com and we do have a passion though to get to children even to adults this is although a children’s book it’s something you can share with children you can discuss with other people discuss with the children and talk about it and just get all of our minds activated on the reality of the afterlife it’s really great it’s very fun and again if you’re listening to this episode you didn’t see this but it’s easy go to we don’t die radio.com just scroll down to episode three one seven with Sonia Rinaldi and there is a link free link to the children’s book also to the conference that we’re going to have in August and it will be small so depending on when you listen to this it may be sold out already but there will be more I promise also I will include your past emag Aziz because they will show the Milligan experiment the start of it and then the second phase that you have there are so many pictures it’s true and I think that people will be surprised well I am surprised myself every time we did I record so I imagined the people that is just knowing these now but yes I these may be an experiment if thanks God that is Tesla’s idea I suppose is working and we are developing very fast so I don’t know where we what we will reach but the nice thing is to accompany these day by day so and Sandra is frequently nearly every day I said something to her new emoji and say I send it to her cell phone and she is impressive and I think that says I think that is how anything really addictive taste has to function oh it’s really wonderful and I also want to say to our listener or viewer for the past 30 whatever years Sony has been doing this she has never charged a penny to any parent or anybody that she has been working hard and doing this from her self to the world and so one of the things myself and others are committed to is that we can collect some donations to help her further her development with this incredible science and so also if you go to we don’t die radio.com episode one three one seven there’s a couple of links there there is a GoFundMe page that is if you want to donate you don’t have to but feel free to that would be so appreciated and then also like a wedding registry Sonia and her team have created a list of things that they need or would like to have and it is on Amazon so there might be just something there that you wish to say you know what I can afford that electrical cord whatever that may be and then that can go to Sonia so again we don’t die radio.com episode three one seven so Sonia we are rent the end of our hour together is there anything else you want to share I wish I could give you a giant hug right now just to say something about this question of the donations it is he following long ago one communicator said to me some something like this if something can be done by one person or by ten we prefer to be done by ten and in truth I immediately thought oh my god I’m so quick in my things sometimes to work one is easier and then I learn it that no this it not is not as they want they want people to join him so if the person says I have one dollar Oh wonderful she’s close the the the important is not at the one dollar is that she is linked to us and the and she wants to know more and that is our function so I kept Elise teaching and died I think this is what if they want let’s try to follow it absolutely and you’re very much like me we don’t want to be the in the spotlight the center of the attend but we’re the ones doing the work getting it out there so I said remember it’s about the message not the messenger that’s was wonderful as we want all this to live on even when you and I are off this earth and I remember when electronic voice phenomena first really became mainstream it was only being done and experimented with a handful of people and there was a movie that had come out a scary movie called white noise and even though it was it didn’t give a true demonstration of what EVPs are because it’s messages of love that come through it got many many many people interested so it got some of the right people interested that are able to develop this to an the level so I think with people finding out watching this video seen your emag Aziz and things like that it can really be the start and also Sonya one of the reasons I’m so excited that you will be in August and Orlando is selfishly I love sitting in the seances with Scott Milligan I love Kerri and Phil Nick and Stephen from Banyan Kevin who’s doing his part and I thought I wonder if we could create a laboratory and had as part of the course that we can experiment alongside with Sonya Rinaldi so the big group will be together witnessing you and giving you energy experimenting we have no idea what will happen but also you will be taking there’ll be small groups of us that will each take turns being by your side and not well everyone can see behind you the eggs but there’s also other things you do with fabric with bubble wrap with who knows what other things that we can experiment with to capture the images of our loved ones so it will be an experimental week one that has never been done before so I’m really excited that you said yes and we and I intended to take with me something is things that I use here usually so that people can learn can repeat and we can talk I think that it’s
very important for the people to understand what to do why to do so so what I plan to do with the small groups and I hope that the bees make those people happy and as you say you’ll have fun we were all definitely have fun and I have traveled to this banyan retreat several times and wanted to create that experience in the United States one of just complete love I’ve never felt so much love then being even it or we don’t die events love from the human beings that are with us and having so much fun but also being able to touch the hearts of people that are grieving because that is the thing that brings us all together and to give comfort that we don’t die and then also to actually feel in so many ways with the demonstrations that the life after death is real so I’m very very excited so that’s August 11th through 15th Orlando and again go to we don’t die radio.com to find out more ha all right Sonia well it is with that that I wish you a beautiful rest of your day I thank you the bottom of my heart our hearts for all your work that you are doing and it’s interesting you never know the difference that you make on planet earth and even to one life and it is my firm commitment to share your beautiful work and inspire minds who want to participate and get to the children and even the children at heart to let them know the reality of the afterlife and have no more suicides so I’m your partner in that and to our listener thank you or our viewer right now thank you for taking this time with Sonia and I I have her website that will pop up which is e Patti org and you can sign up for her mailing list and you can find out the new things that she’s doing and the e magazines and things like that also on we don’t die radio you can’t calm you can sign up for my insiders club and that’s just my mailing list but I will keep you in touch with all great things that are happening and encourage you if you’re a Facebook user you can join us just type in we don’t die listeners I’ve got a Facebook group and it’s a great place to be share your grief share your passion share your signs from your loved ones whatever that may be it’s we don’t always have people in our immediate life that we can share this with and talk openly about the afterlife and they’re in that group you can meet some friends some great friends so with that my name is Sandra Champlain and I’m always so happy to be your host on we don’t die radio I do believe that life is an education for the Soul that you my friend you’re important your life is important the good the tough times it all is in education for the Soul we truly do not die you are one of a kind if you can imagine your soul was once in that long line coming here to Planet Earth and sometimes we just forget who we are and why we came but you’re not alone you’ve got friends that love you even if we haven’t met you left yet so thank you for listening or thank you for viewing and we’ll see you soon.

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    This is SO COOL! ? ?
    How exciting that this technology is being refined and closer to being accessible to the general public!

    There’s definitely a resemblance between beautiful Sandra and her handsome daddy!

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    The real shocker is how inventors of such important devices as the radio can die starving … what a world we live in. When will humanity stop being so cruel?!

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    Wow this is amazing. Gives me so much hope about the afterlife. I have been following We don't die Radio since January after losing my Mum in January. Gives me comfort that she is still with us.

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    yes this is awesome! i lost my son 9-16-16 ,it has been a nightmare intill i seen my son on page 152 and he is smiling, the way it changed everything for me. we as mom worry,even when our kids are no longer here with us , at least where we cant touch or see them ,so i found myself worrying even more, but seeing him and him smiling helped me so much .. thank you soooooooo much, BIG HUGS

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    Hi Sandra, I hope in the near future there will be proof of life after death for everyone, this will change the world and how people treat people, animals and plants.
    I have personal after life evidence, and hope that everybody can experience this. My mother passed away 4 years ago, and gave me so much proof that she is still able to see what I am doing
    Lovely to see you on Live, blue colour is so you!
    Lovely lady that you are interviewing.
    I am shocked about the suicide rate, especially in young people. If everyone knew about life after death, and that people or children considering suicide, know this, surely will help them.

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    The Astral Plane was called the 5th dimension by Stanford Research Institute in America. They found that the consciousness can separate from the body. This is because it can interpenetrate the vertical, horizontal. depth of physical space and 4th of linear time. The subjects target physical locations and give accurate descriptions of them in controlled conditions. They also move forwards in time and make money on the silver exchange 100 000 dollars. This is real not fiction – verified by the trader that conducted the business for them. Type – the case of esp – into your computer search engine and have a look. It looks like the consciousness or Astral Body is made out of quantum particles. Primarily the Photon which turns perpetually from magnetism to electricity and back, it also glows or emits light. It is the main particle carrying the electromagnetic spectrum Animals that can see people in the 5th dimension have cryptochrome – a magnetic sensitive protein activated in their eyes. Rather like the bird the Robin type Quantum Robin into your computer search engine and have a look. The Robin has been proven to see the Earths weak geomagnetic field and uses quantum processes to navigate by this mechanism. It could be suggested that this is why some mediums who can physically see discarnate people in this quantum particle living state can do so. They have this magnetic field sensitive protein activated in their eyes. Quantum particles can also duplicate there selves and quantum tunnel. This is the ability to pass through particles of a less denser nature. A wall would no longer be an obstruction to a discarnate person in this form of particle makeup. They also do not decompose, are forever linked by quantum entanglement if created in the same event. ITC is the way forward to have contact with people in this 5th dimension with people in the changed living state of quantum particle construction.

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    As much as I would like to believe in transimages and such, I am not convinced. It would be interesting to see some of these things objectively tested and investigated under controlled scientific conditions by independent and impartial researchers.

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