5 Traits for Gemini | Ask Astrology

By | August 14, 2019

Are you able to adapt quickly to any situation? Are green and silver your favorite colors? Were you born between May and June? You are a Gemini! Gemini are connected to the planet Mercury
and Air element. Because Gemini is in the 3rd house, they have
extraordinary communication skills. They are highly social and networking roles
suit them well. Due to their caring nature, Gemini will make
great nurses or psychiatrists. They are also very convincing, which is a
great virtue if they choose to be a journalist, go into sales, or even acting. Johnny Depp is a great example. In love, Gemini is a free bird. They dislike being committed unless their
independence is guaranteed. In relationships, they are drawn to Aries. But in terms of Perfect Love, they have a
weakness for Libra and Aquarius. But, do you know what signs do not get along
with Gemini? Find out the answer at askastrology.com

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