7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all your problems)

By | October 24, 2019

Do you guys remember ‘Jay’ from the Soo-ub-way videos? I basically said he believed in Zodiac signs and Chakras and Third Eyes. See I’m someone that doesn’t really believe in that sorta stuff. See I’m someone that doesn’t really believe in that sorta stuff. Oh hey BlackSen…. Hey James. So Jay was trying to teach me about energies and vibrations and he told me about this youtube channel called ‘Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)’. Now on this channel you will see videos like: ‘What I eat in a Day as a VEGAN!’ ‘How to stop burning bridges with people.’ ‘7 amazing tips that will turn you into a self-loving whiz!’ But he also has videos like: ‘How to open your Third eye!’. So I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says in his videos, but I really like him and you should check him out! And the creator of these videos is named Ralph and I just love how he starts off every single video. He goes ‘Peace, Infinite Waters diving deep once again, can I get a hellooooooo there?’ And it is super peaceful and I recommend it. And on a lot of his videos he talks about doing a: ‘Seven day vegan challenge, Seven day vegan challenge, Seven day vegan challenge, Seven day vegan challenge.’ You know for the amount of times you bring up the ‘Seven day vegan challenge.’ You’d think it’d solve all your problems. Which is why, I James, have decided to partake in the seven day vegan challenge, but i’m gonna call it: ‘Seven day vegan challenge baby, solves all yo’ problems.’ Can’t get enough sleep? Seven day vegan challenge baby. Can’t find your car keys? Seven day vegan challenge baby! People keep interrupting you? You wanna die?! Seven day vegan challenge baby… All these lamo pleb youtubers doing these lamo pleb challenges. Like…like why does this exist? While they’re doing..This?! I’m actually going out of my way to suffer for a whole week for views… I did some research into what was vegan and apparently Reese’s Puffs and Oreos are VEGAN! Well this is going to be super easy! *Crunches from Oreos, Milk stirring* As of recording this I have completed the Seven day vegan challenge. And I’ve kinda delayed making this video because being a vegan has changed me So while I was doing the Seven Day vegan challenge, I wrote this log after each day, I’m not going to read all of it, just the first and last day of the challenge. Because days 2 through 6 can be summed up in… ‘UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ So this is what I wrote at the end of day one: My rations are already very low, I was not prepared for this. I’m the kind of person that will snack on Cheez-its and trail mix throughout the day, but now I can’t do that. But now I have to think about the FREAKING animals. Every time i’m around food I have to keep screaming ‘VEGAN VEGAN’ in my mind so I won’t unconsciously take a handful of cheez-its. I went shopping for food today and everything I wasn’t allowed to eat looked super good… I was even craving the food I had never bought before like Hot pockets…Who likes hot pockets?! I accidently bought bread that contained honey which I don’t know if it’s vegan or not. IF we’ve learned anything from the Bee Movie, it’s that bees have no purpose if they aren’t making honey. I’m in for a long week, I’m already fantasizing about what i’ll eat as soon as the challenge is over. I’m thinking a 4×4 from In-n-Out. I’ll try to write tommorow… And after that long week was over, this is what I wrote for day Seven: In a few hours, all my problems will be fixed, and I will be an immortal being. But I’m going to throw that all away because tomorrow I’m going to drink milk again. I have completed the Vegan Challenge but I don’t feel that accomplished. The best way I think to describe what I’m feeling is: ‘Oh, it’s over.’ I remember when I started the challenge. I was thinking of all the food I could eat when I was done. But now I’m just not craving anything… But still though, I’m probably never going to do this again and while I was doing the challenge I went to sprouts and bought microwavable veggie burgers and when I cooked them up they smelled like throw-up. So see if you can tell how much I was trying to hold back throwing up in this video: So today, we’re going to try these veggie burgers. And as I was, As I was cooking it, it sorta smelled like throw-up. *panting* And it almost made me throw-up. So we have, we have a burger and some tomatoes and lettuce. I’m really hungry right now. It’s a veggie burger. Okay, okay….Alright think, we’re going to try this, we’re going to try and eat this…And hopefully, it tastes better than it smells. By the way that was Vegan cheese! In the video, I didn’t just put normal cheese on the veggie burger guys…I’m not a heartless creature, I care about cows! You know the internet really loves to just hate on vegans, but I don’t think it’s bad as the internet makes it out to be. Of course there will always be jerks in any group of people and you shouldn’t think that you’re better than someone else just because of what you eat. Also I want to mention that while I was doing the Vegan Challenge, I would lose my breath just by going up the stairs. Some vegans would say that I was malnourished. And I probably was… This video is probably going to get some downvotes from some angry vegans even though I’m about to complement them. I think it takes alot of self control to do what vegans do. I don’t know why anyone would purposely do that. I admire anyone that puts so much care and thought into their diet. I mean ever since the challenge was finished. I’ve been trying to eat healthier. And I don’t wanna brag or anything but I bought whole wheat waffles the other day so MMMMMM. I can feel my bones getting stronger. So in conclusion, unfortunately the Seven day vegan challenge baby, solves all yo’ problems, did not solve all my problems. But even if it did solve all my problems, i’d still wouldn’t be vegan! I would still drink milk. You know thats what makes ice cream, cheese and nachos, you think i’m just exaggerating but no! You would have to pay me a very, pretty penny to get me to be full vegan. Like no joke, a minimum of $1,000,000,000. (One billion dollars.) Am I glad I did the seven day vegan challenge? YES I AM. Alright so, we got a lot of garfield related fan art from the last video so I just wanna take a second to admire each and every one of them floating across the screen. And I mentioned this in the last speed drawing video, incase you didn’t watch it, I’m now actually printing out fanart and putting it on a bulletin board so I can look at it and feel not sad. I stole the idea from I HATE EVERYTHING and now I feel more motivated, wait what?! I nominate Jaiden Animations.

100 thoughts on “7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all your problems)

  1. Wii shop Channel01 Post author

    James= who eat Hot Pockets??!!!!! Ummmm meeeeee 😅

  2. VorcefulSynce Post author

    So even if I gave you $999,999,999.99. You wouldn't go vegan.

  3. Yoyo Yoyo Post author

    James: sprinkles Oreos on reeses puffs

    steve has entered the chat

  4. Beder09 Enzy Post author

    Wait the burger had cheese)this me editing this speach I didn’t know it was vegan cheese

  5. MEGA inpswars9 Post author

    Lol i 1 time made 45 day vegan challange
    i was actualy ez after 7 days

  6. Ice Cream Blaster Post author

    If you have cheezits in your house then you should probably eat them

  7. signuqs s Post author

    Honestly, im not a vegan but..

    I just realised i already eat 90% vegan.

  8. Landon Bonomini Post author

    the bread with the honey isn’t vegan anything that involves animals like that also isn’t like cheese milk eggs and no meat

  9. Zoes Dada Post author

    I'll try this if you'll try the "seven day meat challenge".

    Edit: vegans are worse than the internet makes them out to be.

  10. Andrew Yerian Post author

    The hate towards vegans and vegetarians is completely unnecessary. It's not always about animal welfare. Some are allergic to meat. Others just don't like the taste or smell of it. Others just want a healthier lifestyle. Nothing wrong with any of that

  11. MOE EPICZ Post author

    4:37 lmao that guy with the giant veins is my big brother's friend. I don't know why, but I just recognized him.

  12. Canta mango Post author

    That is so mean that you said that veigie bugers are disgusting i am effended 🙁

  13. T-Tactictical Post author

    He ate the serial with milk, vegans don't drink milk!

  14. Anna Post author

    Honeys technically not vegan but some vegans eat it anyway

    My sister is vegan but still has bread with honey in it

  15. Crissie Fortmeyer Post author

    Bees do have a purpose if there not getting honey and that is to commit sting us and hurt us😒

  16. niksha edgaridze Post author

    brug all these vegans saing that milk is murder,bruhhhhhhh cows will literely die from cencer if milk isnt isnt extracted from them

  17. Makeda Hipplewith Post author

    Try the beyond meat burger it WILL change your mind babe ❤️

  18. Crazy Ginger Gamer Post author

    Cows like begin Milked It hurts some cows to not be Milked so drink more milk

  19. Lilly Bruce Post author

    Me: watches the vid for like the millionth time
    Also me: eats goldfish after he says “oh ya that was vegan cheese I’m not a heartless freak”

  20. AX_draws Post author

    James : you shouldn't think that you're better than someone else because of what you eat

    Me knowing I'm pansexual : God please forgive me for what I'm about to do

  21. Dr _ DizZ Post author

    James: 7-day vegan challenge baby (solves all ya problems)

    Me: Whispers (oh ya how come I still can't find my car keys)

  22. OcEaN sAuCe Post author

    “REESE’S AND OREOS ARE VEGAN! this is sooo easy”
    proceeds to eat Reese’s cereal with milk

  23. Jared Cook Post author

    Don't you dare question hot pockets! Nm you all good, James

  24. Ravyn Hall Post author

    Who's watching in 2019???????🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃👇

  25. F6 Dino Post author

    James did you ear the honey bread while your doing the challenge

  26. Julian Cardinal Post author

    huh fixed all our problems CAN IT FIX MY MARRIED NO IT CANT :c

  27. ThisIsAwkward Post author

    3:20 "im gonna throw that all away because im gonna drink milk again"

    BOI milk is not made from killing cows eating cheese is not made from fking KILLING COWS WDYM??????


  28. Marcus Khalel Malitao Post author

    I accidentally did the "seven day vegan challenge baby ( solves all yo problems ) by just eating everything in my house lol

  29. Werty the Wonder Noob Post author

    Everyone has a third eye, you have it in ur brain but you have to awaken it

  30. Belles toy opening Toy opening and singing Post author

    I reminded when he was eating Oreos and resets puffs his roommate walked in lol

  31. sans Post author

    Steve:wtf are you doing
    James:7 day vegan challenge
    Steve: …
    James: …
    Steve:can I join
    Steve: spills basketball cards in reeses and Oreos

  32. Jeffodas 123 Post author

    only if he discovered veggie chicken nuggets all problems wouldve been solved

  33. Hockey Demon Post author

    My dad would kill me if I did the 7 day vegan challenge because we are farmers.

  34. Connor Bradfield Post author

    Wait a second…

    When he put the Oreos with the Reece’s puffs and pick up the spoon, there was milk on it

  35. Caroline Moots Post author

    Hi, love your vids but just a btw, Oreos aren't vegan. I found proof on the Oreo page itself.

  36. Isaiah Lee Post author

    Now I understand the line,
    “PETA don’t sue me, I was vegan for a week.”

  37. Hang Time Post author

    Looking closely…..was there milk in James cereal and oreos?


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