27 thoughts on “A Malange’ Of Harry Megain Baby /Dole Archi

  1. Jann Post author

    "Blah blah blah" hah!! ??? Why did the RF ever allow this circus?!? Do you think Princess Beatrice will still marry Edo?

  2. Karen mac leish Post author

    She is selfish individual who is greedy and wants everything for her self. She is a bully. And i what you said about her supporters.

  3. Karen mac leish Post author

    I hope Harry comes to his senses and returns to his family.

  4. Karen mac leish Post author

    And Me-Gain father is a charitable person compares to his daughter

  5. Karen mac leish Post author

    Hope they haven't done any actual sacrifice of the real. Archie

  6. Deborah Johnson Post author

    MegNut is generous with other people's money.
    Thomas Markle's address and I'll certainly send cards to him.

  7. Janis Morgan Post author

    MM intentions are so wrong in every that she does! How does she sleep at night!

  8. Deborah Johnson Post author

    The message is this…..Markle family told us she isn't safe around children and babies.
    If she can't have titles AND take the baby, Meghan will kill it.
    I think the Queen knows and why the Queen kept that baby from Meghan.
    The 1st baby boy RMM tried to pawn off on PH was neither RMM's or PH's child by DNA. NO BIOLOGIC connection to either of them…..another trafficked baby.
    So the Queen took the baby while police search for the birth mother.
    Sophie was taking care of that baby. I don't know about today.
    You and nobody have seen that baby.

    Peerage Law dictates that the baby must be 'of the body' of PH and 'of the body' of his lawfully wedded wife.
    So no title. Adoption and/or Surrogacy not allowed in the line of succession to the throne.
    Meghan doesn't want any baby.
    A baby without a title, she'll use it to sacrifice to Lucifer.

    There is 

    Sir Lord Geidt shut down the baby trafficking scheme so RMM has not been able to pick up a breeders' baby or have one delivered.

    This is no joke or laughing matter to me. Trafficking children/babies is cruel CRIME!
    Where did you think Rachel is getting all the male babies for her 'perfect baby selections'?

    Fake having a baby because of the premarriage contract she signed. 
    . https://youtu.be/yl2YUeIjJqo

    Attorney; Fiona Shackleton. 
    (adoption and or surrogacy NOT ALLOWED for PH).

    "TRANSGENDERS KINGDOM | End time Events (2018)"

    DNA Never Lies.
    sweetpete (@sweetpe14687243) Tweeted:
    @RoyalReporter Agreement made July 2018 "before" MM announced the pregnancy. Notice it "clearly" states "male of his body." Is this why Archie has "NO" title because HMQ knows he is NOT Prince Harry's son? There is NO way MM would miss the opportunity for a title! (credit Skippy's blog Tumblr) https://t.co/OUg1hc2mfB https://twitter.com/sweetpe14687243/status/1168413611070386177?s=17

    The Queen ordered RMM's blood taken AND she is NOT THE MOTHER!
    PH signed divorce papers last August 2018. He is DONE!.
    RMM is just lying more and more trying to make ya'll think they're together.

    PH's friends mocking RMM on social media.
    9 months are over! Your husband is on his family's side! No paycheck! Your threats are making them laugh! They have more against you and you are alone! And now? Game over! Checkmate! https://twitter.com/torontopaper1/status/1120121294270476289?s=17

    torontopaper (@torontopaper1) Tweeted:
    DNA never lies! Checkmate! https://t.co/OyvkskEuk2https://twitter.com/torontopaper1/status/1129933876145602560?s=17

  9. Deborah Johnson Post author

    Meghan worked or works for JE. WHAT???? You thought Ghislaine was the ONLY ONE bringing children to be sacrificed @
    $200/head (virgin boys and girls, not teens).

    The HUNT
    The Most Dangerous Game!
    Naked, kidnapped, virgin children are chased through the woods being raped (sodomized), being sacrificed to Lucifer. Children NOT killed are forced to kill other children!  Drink their blood then eat them (cannibals) while dancing.
    This is what they do. I believe the children who lived to tell.

    Blood sacrifices MUST be made to move up in the Satanic ranks.
    Gabriel & Alissa 
    Both children

    They lived to tell…
    Alissa. and her little brother (natural blondes with blue eyes).

    "Hampstead kids, Alissa/Gabriel" 

    She lived to tell, few live to tell!
    "15 Years Old Survivor of Satanic Abuse Tells Her Story!" Teresa

  10. superkara1970 Post author

    Not only did she cut her father and his side of the family. But also her ".mother" and I use the term loosely. Her side of the family none from either side

  11. Deborah Johnson Post author

    Someone speaks to Samantha or Piers Morgan? We can get an address or send to Piers, he will put on the news. Interview Mr. Markle maybe.

  12. Deborah Johnson Post author

    Let me tell you about Guy, the dog they killed.
    Christmas 2017, Meghan threw a tantrum in the Queen's home getting them kicked out of the Queen's home.
    The whole thing is real. The dog is dead! The only part I question is exactly which one of them broke Guy's legs. Only those 2 crazies were in the room. Snooping  Staff looked away for a second because Meghan was hitting P.H. and they were giving minute by minute report through the staff communication lines.(like a sports game color report). The staff have never seen ANYONE scream, curse, break furniture, strike one of their employers (the Royals)! The news  went through Palace staff FAST and the drivers , one of  whom took the pair and injured dog to the Vet. 

    The Queen and staff know about this. William and Kate know too. 

    It became so public, someone finally made a video. 

    This happened during Christmas festivities and after the Queen put Meghan and PH out of her house! 

    The fight was over the prenup. 

    I hope you never expect the Palace to put out any scandalous news like this but I assure you it really happened.
    The dog is DEAD then Meghan  and her witch crew
    tried to lie AGAIN, COVER it up with a fake video. 

    They killed the dog fighting.
    Meghan lied on the Queen and is now expelled from the Palace. 

    Staff were in shock to hear anyone talk/curse PH that way, let alone strike him. The dog growled, maybe at Harry. PH snapped, picked the dog up and broke the dog's legs. That shut Meghan up TEMPORARILY but still fake crying.

    The dog was taken to the Vet. The injuries were so bad, Guy went to immediate surgery. Ph and RMM got on a plane and went out of the country. 

    Nasty, SEX on the plane!


    Guy didn't survive the post surgical recovery/ rehab. and they had to put him down. He's gone. 

    So much for Meghan's rescue of animals. 

    Note: The Vet., Animal Doctor is an INVITED guest to the wedding.

    You figure that out!
    My opinion, a hush invite so he doesn't REPORT the INTENTIONAL 

    INJURY and subsequent demise of Meghan's dog, Guy,  that OCCURED on PALACE property.

     (Another  TRUE Scandal).

  13. Me Davis Post author

    I’m a black woman, and I and others find Me-gain as a disgrace, an embarrassment not just to black woman, but for all women. She is evil, and her day will come. I believe anyone who is following her , are being paid.

  14. Leona Aucamp Post author

    Just my opinion: there is no Archie, I'll never believe that there is/was a child from her body or his. My thoughts in this is that she caught him into marraige by saying she was pregnant, hence the moving/shifting/swaying moonbump. They bamboozled the RF into believing she was pregnant, hairy was so under her spell he lied along with her. The chaos reported abt the birth of this non-existent child at the birth tells me all I want to know abt that. No birth certificate was made public except that botched-up lie with no signatures, no godparents, nothing. The Archbishop of Canterbury who baptizes the Royal babies conveniently had another appointment, what bs, no other appointment is more important than the christening of a royal child, I believe he knows there was no child, I dont believe there was a christening, all photos photoshopped and no real baby was shown to the public. I believe the RF are complicit in the lies by never revealing the truth. I doubt he and she is together, hvnt seen a photo of them together for the longest time. I DO believe he is still caught in her web but if you ask me I'd say he's in rehab, she is floating along somewhere in a Soho House. They need to be gotten rid of, this marraige has to be ended but who knows when that will ever happen. I believe they've both been told by the RF to shut up, at least for the next few weeks. Good luck to that family going along with all the lies and deceipt, doubt they even know how to solve the problem since they went along with the lies from almost the beginning

  15. Raining THUNDER Post author

    Your readings are my opinions too. H looks so old

  16. Janice Trauzold Post author

    She could allways ocshone off some of her expensive cloths
    To fed the homeless plenty of people fed the homeless and do lots of work and still have a full time job shut up megan

  17. Jocelyne Comeau Post author

    I dont like her she looks evil and Harry is spoiled brat

  18. Martha Hnrichsen Post author

    I love readings and appreciate the time you use in setting the scene. Please pull the camera back so we can see all the cards/ pictures. Thank you.

  19. Tara Bergland Haugo Von Rothlisberg Post author

    I certainly love your choice of words and you have them all figured out you make such sense…

  20. L N Post author

    It amazes me how ethnic woman can support an individual who herself has clearly demonstrated to the world she is ashamed of her own . PERPLEXING to say the least…..

  21. Cecilia Sawicki Post author

    This women is the devil herself and she never had a baby they will say the baby die because they can find one alive baby they are a disgrace .

  22. mc v Post author

    Why is she not kind to her father and half-siblings? She is a hypocrite.

  23. patsy arnold Post author

    From Normandy malaise our royal family before that Anglo saxons


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