An Astrologer Predicts Our Love Lives

By | August 15, 2019

– It literally feels like
you’re Jiminy Cricket sitting next to me and like, telling me these things
I always tell myself. (lighthearted music) I honestly, my relationship
with astrology, I’ve always been like into it. But I don’t think I’m into as
much as a lot of my friends. – I’m really fascinated by astrology. The scientific, rational side of my brain sometimes feels skeptical
or feels kind of crazy when I’m talking to other people about it. – I’m obsessed with astrology. I like to consider myself one of the many resident witches at Buzzfeed. But by no means am I a
professional astrologer. I’m someone who’s done a lot of reading of like books, and like on the internet. – I’ve never had a real relationship. So, I hope that I get some tips, or learn a little bit about
myself that helps me do that. – I would love any information
from the astrologer on what love should look like for me. Like, what kind of people I should be connecting with, or drawn to. – I wanna know more about myself. I wanna know more about– – Who knows what’s gonna happen? I might be single for
like five more years, or forever, and hopefully not. (energetic music) – Are you in relationships often? – No, no, no, nah.
– Okay, do you wanna be? – Secretly, yes, I think I like, put up this front that
like, I’m not interested. – From my chart, do you have any sense of what the best kind of love
relationship could look like? – When I look at your chart, you have a stellium in Sagittarius. Which means you have a butt-load
planets in Sagittarius. Which means you really wanna be free. You want things to feel spontaneous, you want it to feel exciting. And if it doesn’t feel
exciting and spontaneous, you’re like, “wah, wah.” – Someone recently asked
me what my type was. And then, another friend answered for me. And was like, “Your
type is a man who says, “like, ‘I’ve never met anyone like you. “‘You’ve changed my whole life.'” – Relationships and intimacy is like, the most important thing to you. – Yeah.
– In the background, there’s always this
like, yeah, but family. But it’s all about building, kind of, your own root structure. There is this part of you that feels that if you say it right, and if you explained it just so perfectly, then they’ll show up. – There’s a certain, sort of,
magic, I think, behind words. So, the hope is like, you’re right, like, “If I say the right words.” I’m trying not to cry, but– I feel like this last
year was a big lesson in like, sometimes there are
never gonna be the words. – There’s a part of you that’s just like, “I wanna do my life, my way. “Don’t tell me how to live,
don’t tell me how to act.” And then, there’s the rest of you. Which is secretly a scrapbooker. You have an inner scrapbooker. And all she wants is let out. – Oh, that’s so accurate,
oh, wow, that’s so true. I totally put up this like, “Whatever.” Because I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do think men are trash. But part of me is still like,
holding onto to that like, “But there’s one out there who like will– – You’re very romantic. What you want is to be the
center of someone’s world. And when you like someone, they’re the (beeps)
center of your universe. And your sense of abandonment, and your sensitivity to
criticism is really high. Part of how you navigate that is by keeping people at arm’s length. – It’s really easy to be
like, “My life, your life. “We’re separate,” but then,
when I care about someone, it’s like years of ups and downs, it’s years of drama, even if
I’m not being treated well, or we’re just not a
match for other reasons, it’s really hard for me to let that go. – What this does is it
makes it really hard for you to recognize like,
“Okay, wait a second, okay. “I actually need to tap out,
and I need to find myself.” Because once you’ve woven a narrative, it’s almost like you need it in order to justify your feelings, instead of validating your own feelings, and then, checking in with the narrative. Has the story changed? – Yeah, I kept wanting
to look back at the chart to be like, “How is it telling you this? “And how do you know things that I, “myself, can’t even articulate?” – When you get into it with somebody, whether it’s a friend or
a lover what happens is you have this compulsion to believe their version of things. And you do it as a show
of loyalty and devotion. And that’s fine, except
for you do it in this way where you abandon yourself
in order to do it. – I was just like, “Whoa, how does like, “a stranger just read a chart, “and just automatically know like, “the nuances in my life that I don’t “divulge to just like anybody?” – The problem part, or
the romantic part of you, has this Disney princess fantasy. That the perfect boy in
the perfect situation will make you the perfect person, and everything will be wonderful. The problem with that is
there’s no perfect boy, and there’s no perfect time, that’s not really how it works. What actually happens is
messy people come together, and we have a messy connection
that becomes perfect. You’ve come here, really on a soul level, to figure out how to have feelings. When you start catching feels, whether it’s about a
person, or about yourself, there’s something in you that gets like, “I need to figure this out. “I need to figure this
out and make myself safe. “And then, I can hide,” it works. But then, it ends up making you feel like you can’t get what you want, even though you’ve taken great
pains to get something else. – It’s really crazy to have someone who’s never met you before, look at a screen on a computer and tell you things about yourself that would take you years
to explain to someone. (lighthearted music) – If you try on a pair of jeans, and the jeans look terrible on your ass, that does not mean your ass is terrible. It means the jeans are
terrible for your ass. And you kind of got to trust. People are meant to be your people. And if you can allow yourself to say, “Okay, the evidence shows
this person doesn’t work “for me the way I want
a relationship to work.” And you can allow yourself to be hurt. And you can allow yourself to walk away. Then, you’re actually,
you’re being really healthy. When things are really vulnerable, and there’s a risk of you being seen for who you really are, it’s hard for you to let somebody in, in that sexual romantic way. It puts you in a position where
you’re watching for safety. And while we’re watching for safety, what we’re really doing
is tracking danger. And when you’re tracking
danger, you’re not open to love. You’re trying to protect
yourself from being harmed. But here’s the joke, we
call it falling in love, because you get hurt, inevitably. Love is pain, love is trauma. – Yeah.
– It’s worth it. Because you know, what they say, the brighter the light,
the deeper the shadow. – It was kind of uncomfortable
to be so vulnerable, and to have someone who could just see through kind of my guards. ‘Cause I’m pretty good at like, maintaining how people see me,
and what people think of me. So, it’s kind of hard to exist in a space where it was like, no matter what guard I put up, it could be seen right through. – I’m gonna give you easy
steps, one is breathe. See how you’re not breathing right now? Did you catch yourself? Yeah.
– Yeah, I need to breathe. – Yeah, you have this mercury Neptune opposition in your birth chart, which in English, you have a
tendency to hold your breath. It’s like you’re waiting
for things to happen to you. So, you’re kind of like, abandoning yourself, leaving your body. And so, if you breathe, you’re making the choice to stay present. And when you’re present,
you have more choices. – Honestly, like everything
that you’re saying, is pretty much like my
subconscious, like at all times. – Are there a lot of charts like mine? Where there are people who need to kind of play in that
mid space, between both? – Your problem is you want
the ocean and the forest. You want two things that
don’t happen at once. And that’s actually a split within you. It’s because you’re not
owning the complexity and the messiness of what you want. And if you can own that, and own like, “Okay, so when I fall for someone, “I’m like weird and needy,
and also need space. “And I just need to learn how “to be kind to myself around that. “And like move slowly enough with men, “so that I don’t act outside
of my best interests. “And I like, work with that.” Then, you’ll find a man. You’re work, at this time, is not to find the perfect partner. Your work at this time is to be the perfect partner to yourself. So that what you’re attracted to changes. And what you’re willing
to consent to is clearer, it’s coming from a
clearer center within you. (energetic music) – I think I’m gonna put
myself out there a lot more. And try to not take so much charge. Show interest, and show that I am willing and open to be in a relationship. But at the same time,
once I crack the door, I wanna let someone else open it. – I found it to be like one part magic, one part therapy, and one part, like having someone read
your diary aloud to you. – I think, especially
when you’re out there, and you’re dating, and
you’re falling in love, and you’re meeting people, you’re constantly trying
to explain to them, and they’re explaining to you, like, “Who am I, who are you?” You know, and you have to like, put into words, everything about you. And hope that this person gets it, and like is compatible in some way. And I almost want to just
bring my chart with me now whenever I’m meeting someone, and be like, “Can you just look at this, “and decide if you’re
down with this or not?” – This was just such, kind of, like a transformative experience for me. Even if like you don’t
believe in astrology, just give it a shot, maybe like once. If it’s not your thing,
it’s not your thing. But at least give it a
shot, you will be surprised. (energetic music)

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