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hi this is a weekly horoscope for
Aquarius for the week of August fifth august 15 2016 Hello my airbenders if you
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week my airbenders the Sun is semi sec tiling Jupiter in the eighth and seven
past with this energy there are some things this week you want to do but your
obligations are stopping you for doing them like working you know you want to
do it but workout you all like like they won’t switch shifts they won’t negotiate
with you so you have to do it also with this energy careful with Jupiter’s
energy here because even though is a beautiful energy and its lucky as well
you get lucky breaks with this energy also be aware of get-rich-quick schemes
ok things that seem too good to be true try to research them you know offers
that you get during this time that are not i’m done through professional that
are there not done through professional or anything that’s done through the internet kind
of question it now before you jump into it because they may not be beneficial to
you alright so careful with scams this week
Pluto is sec tiling midheaven in the 12th in 10th house for some of you
delving into fake consciousness for others clearing away old subconscious
habits working on the self this week rebuilding yourself ok this is an opportunity to really I
know some of you it’s been like a starting over . in certain areas of your
life is still a continuation of that still continuation of that healing
process getting over certain things in your life any people coming back at this
time may make you revisit past actions that you may
have felt shame up and this is a time to acknowledge and to take ownership of
those past actions and especially those things that make you feel ashame you
know ask for forgiveness within your heart and then let it go okay I feel
also this is a time we really try to do try to change the emotional self in
order to move forward Saturn semi squaring the ascendant
in the first 11 house I feel like this time you’re questioning certain
relationships in your life you might be more gun shy when it comes to new people
coming into your life you might be a bit more cautious with who you allow into
your life at this time eight on the eighteenth the full moon in your first
house inside of course watching mood swings with this energy you’re very
lacks when it comes to this energy especially when it comes to
opportunities coming your way I don’t know this because you don’t want
to do it or you’re being lazy about doing it but there are opportunities
coming your way and you’re kind of just like uh not right now it’s not for me ok you don’t want to move forward at
this time so be aware of that I’m you prefer to play rather than delve into
hard work or jump into new opportunities that are being presented to you your
competitive nature comes out more at out of work because it’s fun at this time it
was more of a game to you with this energy the four of Wands it’s a happy
energy week for your very joyous week for you the Empress card I feel like for some of
you a nice surprise is going to happen with your money situation I feel like
for some of you this brings out financial resolution so good things are
coming along for you this week with money the seven of coins decisions are coming
up so you may have money opportunities becoming available for you but you’re
going to think about them ok the king of swords this could also be
thinking about relationships and especially love relationships and not
getting along with certain people in your life at this time put a question
mark on that love relationship the ten of wands want if you like this we can
be a busy week with career or just with life in general getting the kids back to
school oh my my son’s going into preschool so I
know how that is so that could need that time going on the world card I
feel like things are going to be working out for you and the energy is going to
get better so trust and believe that delve into certainty try not to go into
lac with this energy or the poor man’s way of thinking okay the nine of coins would you like for
some of you thoughts of moving are coming up also for some of you your
relationship could be getting serious thoughts of moving on with armed with a
boyfriend could be coming up so the relationship could be getting serious or
yeah just got some moving with the with that person is coming up with this
energy on the ace of swords with the world card if you like you’re very
convincing with others and that your that this would be a great time for job
interviews during this time the hangman card with the Empress card if you like
your did you’re dealing with a dominating female around you and she’s
best dealt with positivity during this time the knight of coins talks of money
worries coming up and decisions with money opportunities are coming up as
well you’re very cautious in regards to many opportunities for some of you may
be thinking about I’m going back to work and then for others of you are focusing
thinking about anything to deal with career at this time the aid of coins
feel like this is going to be a busy time for you i feel like you may be a
bit obsessive with our money worries at this time and money matters are coming
up with this energy so definitely worrying over money so try to get
yourself out of that energy and try to get yourself more into faith
consciousness more into certainty more involved anytime you’re dealing with money money
issues or money matters you need to put yourself worth in that
because it has to affiliate because guess what your emotional stability
comes through with your money situation unfortunately ok so you kind of have to put yourself
worth with that stability with that emotional stability so if you’re not
feeling like if you’re feeling lack that means
that you’re kind of not feeling you’re worth at this time so you really need to
feel your worth at this time all right and really try to
go in that energy of self-worth i’m worth it I know my money will improve because I’m
good at my job . you know that kind of thing so try to get out get yourself out
of that emotional tar on with this energy the page of coins i feel that you
will find a way out of this situation on the page Queens Knight of coins chose
resolution and shows you getting out of your dilemma with this energy and the
three of swords I feel for some of you your complacent at where you’re at and
at this time you’re not trying to move forward with career and you’re not
trying you’re not trying to grow at this time for whatever reason I feel like
it’s a lot of excuses that you’re creating for years of I feel also for
somebody that you may be obsessive at this time I feel like there’s also a
breakup that could happen and if it does happen it means that it’s a blessing in
disguise or you may get fired from your job you know these type of endings means
that the lesson that you needed to learn with these people is over ok and then blessings will happen i feel
like this week your money situation can turn around i just filled that you’re
more dealing with your worries and concerns and that you’re more in your
head with this energy so you need to kind of try to start pulling yourself
out of your out of your head and start focusing on your agenda and what you
want to do because it’s not very good place to be in that place of black in
that place of poor man thinking okay because then you can stay there for a
while alright and Saturn is direct so the
energy to start turn around and get better all right and if not just come to
my prayer session Monday ok and try to tap into that good money energy and that
good you know i got my 72 names God that you guys can say your prayers and you
know you could delve into affirmations and stuff like that to really help
yourself to really help yourself during this time i love you my airbenders
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  1. kalana britt Post author

    That was fast. I remember when you were pregnant.

  2. rewindmind214 Post author

    Marie, you are so intuitive!! Thank you….I interviewed for a new job today…and all looks good. The current job I have — they don't appreciate me. Too bad for them.

    One more comment, you have gotten a perm or are letting your curls show and you look gorgeous!!

    This new job will allow me to have a private reading–and I am so looking forward to that. Hugs and love from this air-bender. 🙂

  3. J Rangel Post author

    …As always so accurate! there has been a breakup and energy wise I'm not in the best place. I definitely will take your advice and I need to get out out of my head! hahaa. Thank you for those words of wisdom Marie!

  4. Angelica Lopez Post author

    Hola, are these done with the sun and rising in mind or does the intent include moon signs as well?

  5. Bonnie Parker Post author

    thanks, I do feel half half everything, and am being stringent with people I have had enough of, including domineering female. i am worried about money, and I think what you said re self worth makes me see yes, my stringent cutting feeling I should use for this and stop others negativity towards me


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