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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
Aquarius for the week of august twenty-second 2016 Hello my airbenders
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as well as the monthly horoscopes I know last week I think he was on a
trip but he also mentioned that I think you watch my video so i think also he
mentioned that he pre-recorded his videos as well so you can check him out
also congratulate him on his radio interview that he did that’s so exciting
so happy for him so this week my cappy’s Jupiter is
trining the ascendant and the first and 8th house this week you benefit through
partnerships good news with court can happen financial planning can happen
also at this time you want to tap more into your spirituality or you might
compromise a lot more with this energy mercury is trining the ascendant in the
first and the 8th house you’re able to read people this week who up and down you
have a better perspective on situations especially other people situations I
feel with this energy you’re also able to bring up topics at this time that you
normally don’t want to bring up or talk about because it’s always leads to a
fight ok but now this week you kinda have
permission from the universe to go ahead and try to talk about those topics that
normally end up in a fight on the sun quincunx Ascendant in the
first and eighth house people or circumstances may challenge you at this time to change
your way of thinking or to make some changes that you need to be that need to
be made okay for some of your closing one
chapter in your life Uranus is squaring the ascendant in the
first and third house you need to be careful with your actions because you’re
very impulsive also you might be a bit moody with this energy or quick to anger
he might not be able to take constructive criticism with this energy
because of your Uranus retrograde squaring your ascendant ok the first card I come up with is the queen of
coins if you like for this week that you’re going to be focusing more on
career you’re very competitive with this energy as well so tried not to look at
what other what other people are doing at this time where other people are ad
because you’re going to get very jealous and you’re going to feel very defeated
with this energy the aid of one talks of good news also being guided by your
intuition you’re very creative during this time of course mercury is going
retrograde on the twenty-ninth so I think that’s next week and so you’re a
bit more on your feeling a bit more inspired during this time even though
it’s not the best time feeling inspired but you can still do stuff during this
time as well also thoughts of traveling are coming up with this energy or
planning for a trip is coming up the knight of coins i feel with this energy
money opportunities are coming up for some of you this could be our job
opportunities coming up for you second source of income for some of you
the world card feel like your money situation is going to get better this
week definitely good news coming in definitely thoughts of traveling on
she’s a very good card to have the world card because there’s a lot of
achievements that comes with her and a lot of success can happen at this time
the nine of wands I’m dealing with trust issues in your insecurities I feel for
some of you may be a bit more in your head than usual adult more into your
spirituality during this time to help ground you the eight of wands and the ad
. i feel you’re a bit of a perfectionist with this energy and that you may be
focusing more on your career on during this time as well the five coins ok you got for courting
cards so this tells me at this time again you need to kind of watch what
you’re doing at this time because you’re watching everybody else and where
everybody else is at and this is going to make you jealous and that’s going to
kind of make you depressed so be careful with would do with this energy ok the queen of cups I feel at this time
you need to watch your emotional self with this energy also you may be having
trust issues with of relationships or even trust issues at
work with other people and not trusting them to get the job done or you feel
like they’re cheating you somehow so again watch your emotional self don’t allow
the the the the little chatter in your head do try not to agree with it so much
because it’s wrong I feel also with this energy with the five coins that this is
going to be an energy here hello Blackie my baby boy this is going to
be energy here where money problems are more in your head then they are in your
reality so just be careful again with the self-talk on the two of
swords I feel you’re questioning people’s loyalty to you at this time
again trust issues but I feel like also with this energy that you do have that
people are loyal to you with this energy i just feel like for some reason you’re
allowing yourself to listen to the voices in your head and to just be
jealous of people so just be careful that the page of cups I feel with this
energy for somebody you’re dealing with your children this week and not trusting
them for others of you you’re dealing with love relationships where the person
has one foot indoor one foot all out the door for somebody this could be an
on-again off-again relationship that is showing up and dealing with that person
and not allowing yourself to our leave this person okay and I feel also for
some reason that you’re kind of sex with this person as well so be careful with
this energy because it’s not the best head place to be in this kind of like
not a good relationship for you but everybody has their own emotional
process that we have to all go through and this is something that you have to
go through on during this time and showing up in the cards ok let me see the chariot card with the
to source something that you have been wanting for a very long time is going to
present itself to you I’m during this time I feel like for some of you what
I’m getting is there is a light at the end of the damn tunnel ok so better energy better money energy
during this time as well I feel like with this energy that this is going to
be time also for love relationships and you
love coming in during this time but it can be a bit arm is kind of a bit of a
bad timing during this time because you’re dealing with the mercury in
retrograde energy as well be six of swords I feel with this energy again
talks of traveling definitely are coming up and good news with that is happening
I feel also with this energy because of all the coin cards that this is gonna be
a time again where you are kind of on in lack and thinking of lack and it’s
putting you through self-pity so again watch your emotional self
because a lot of this is you internalizing a lot of situations that
are going on in your life this week okay and the four coins and the chariot card
on be careful with this energy try to keep a paper trail try to keep your receipts this week
because somebody is trying to say that you’re cheating them or that this is
fraud or make some type of accusation against your good name ok so just try to keep your receipts
this week i love you my airbenders please make sure to like subscribe and
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  1. IResonateWithU Post author

    Its always especially nice to hear money isnt going to suck next week ,lol <3
    thank you Marie 🙂

  2. HopeFaithLove Post author

    Love seeing your channel grow! Yessss! You deserve so many subs👍❤️

  3. Shrijon Das Post author

    I got a job opportunity and I have to join in sep 2016. But mercury will retrograde that time. I am worried. Can u give me a suggestion. thanks for ur weekly horoscope I love it.

  4. Rosemary Gallet Post author

    Very accurate reading Marie. Delighted you have teamed up with Minnow Pond, my favourites! Blessings

  5. Susanna Garvin Post author

    You know I hate to see anything personal but I have to see it I love the way your hair looked in all your videos so curly and long again love it I decided to listen to Aquarius because of the action on the 18th LOL and because I have five planets and Aquarius and it seems to matter XOXO 🍀😘👼🌺💖 totally love you Marie thank you for your messages every week and every month and I have been checking out minopond as well

  6. infinitea Post author

    "there a light at the end of the tunnel"… yaass, its about time>>LOL


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