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Hi gorgeous people welcome back you with Amira from This is your june monthly video for each individual Astro sign I do suggest that you look at your sun sign moon and Rising sign and some people also like to look at their Venus sign. I just had a couple of small announcements for you That you can skip if you don’t want to hear them So it’s just for those people who’d like to hear the announcements. I have opened up an inner circle group And that’s for people who want to accentuate train? Learn how to do different things in the esoteric arts From mediumship to card reading to a Miroslav oracle card reading to coffee cup readings to connecting with you angel z’ and guides to Understanding and being their own their own advisor. There are an esoteric advisor So what I’d like to do is to help you become your own Psychic your own life coach your own esoteric advisor where you’re not going to need to have consultations with people once you know and feel and can access the information that you need Through your guides through your dreams and through everything else So there will be a link here below to join my inner circle coaching group, and I do hope you’ll join me I am a number 11:11. So my messages come through thick and fast and They are channeled from spirit so I just think you once again for joining me and for being here, I really appreciate it and Without you the channel wouldn’t exist. So I do appreciate you being here subscribing to the channel and also supporting my talented other psychics here on the channel or astrologers Celeea is an amazing psychic. She’s has a voracious Personality she reads the Cuban coffee cup. She does you a special Cuban coffee cup reading where she does the cup for you records it and sends you a very detailed reading about it I’ve had nothing, but great things said about Celia same with Anastasia Anastasia is amazing. Even when I don’t get bookings Anastacia always gets bookings and she has repeat clients from all over the world and She uses her angel cards and different cards that she’s drawn to she is a naturally gifted and very talented psychic medium and She’s also an astrologer as well So book a reading with any of us join my inner inner circle and learn more about your own Individual gifts and talents and expand on those and together. We’ll move into the next year, hopefully So lots of love and blessings everybody here are the science and I wish you a beautiful June moving forward and if you’re going on vacation Happy holidays. Ciao Hier query, it’s Aquarius Sun Moon rising and Venus Let’s have a look for June energies moving forward. These can be time flexible so I suggest to look at your Sun Moon and Venus and Rising signs and also take into consideration these readings do come apparent potentially later or earlier depending on where you’re up to and Also their time flexible in that sense Okay, Aquarius. What message do we have for you for the June moving forward? Okay They’re telling me don’t put the cart before the horse and To practice a little bit of patience around a situation it will be to do with a child It could be to do with a partner it could be To do with counting your eggs before they hatch as well That’s what’s coming through. It could be that you’re calculating something and it could turn out quite differently from what you’re expected it might not be as bad as you think if you have fear about something whether they’re medical bills coming up or whether they’re tuition costs or some sort of outstanding Costs, I feel like they’re not going to be as bad as what you think. They’re going to be so they’re telling me don’t count your chickens before they hatch so don’t pre an the worst case scenario Keep on focusing on the positivity and where you want to go and what you want to do Okay manifestation Okay, the Emperor somebody who is a boss or father figure it could be an aries Taurus or capricorn energy somebody in charge in control that could also be you as well Aquarius whether you’re male Or female you might be feeling. Yes. I am in control The people around me might be not doing much but you they might not be actually Performing in this in the way that they’re meant to be performing so What they’re showing me is pulling up your bootstraps or telling them to pull up their bootstraps so I feel like there’s a situation where You’re trying to get results out of something that is not actually Able to give you the results that you want. It’s like putting the the money in a slot machine It’s like investing in something that’s not paying out so you might actually switch that out Aquarius and decide to Put your energy elsewhere You are in two minds about something you’re deciding what to do where to go You might be moving near water or closer to water whether it’s a lake a river a creek or the sea There is a male around you he could very well be a fellow heir sign a Gemini Libra Aquarius There’s new ideas coming into your life that could also be you as well or somebody coming and around you New ideas and new situations blossoming around you and people giving you new ideas about how to do things You could have a friend or a relative a sister a mother as a daughter who is a cancer Scorpio Pisces And she’s giving you a guiding light. She could even be a spiritual adviser Okay There’s a situation of somebody who is potentially younger than you could be male heir sign Gemini Libra Aquarius or potentially female who has disappointed you in some way You feel like they’ve deceived you. They’ve promised you the world and delivered nothing They might have said they could do something and they haven’t been able to do it they haven’t followed through with maybe a job that you’ve given them and They’ve been somewhat disappointing There could be a male coming in around you who is a cancer Scorpio Pisces and He is could be also a strong female as well if you’re looking for a female and he has He knows how to work with energy That is on shaky ground and what to do with it and how to direct that energy He could be quite magical He could be quite spiritual I’m saying he it could be here But or she could be spiritual it could be awakening. Okay, so this person is going to come in and maybe help you shake up the situation that’s become dull around you or Stagnant or where you haven’t got the results that you’ve been wanting from the people around you So he could come in for a relationship for work for a project People come in to discipline children he could come in as a tutor he could come in as some sort of an advisor a coach sports coach even It feels it’s like something that feels to me you’ve if you have have a child It’s like you’ve tried to make this child lose weight or help. This child lose weight there could be overweight this is just an example and they haven’t even you’ve been feeding them the right food and Making them exercise and looking after them. They haven’t got any results at all So it’s like okay, you’re going to put your hands in the air about a situation like that and say, okay Well what I need to switch this up and do something completely different to get a different result Doing the same thing is going to get you the same result doing something different. It’s going to get you a different result So you might need to seek out some sort of an advisor to assist you in finding a solution to A situation that you it’s not directly related to you, but it in that way so To get a different result for this situation that you’ve been involved in Okay, there’s romance in the air there’s a sense of Innocence there’s a sense of newness. There’s a sense of Adventure there could be a new house coming in around you as well or redecorating or refurbishing a house You could even be repainting a house Refurbishing or you might even be going to a summer property for a change of air a change of atmosphere Okay, and That’s something that you’ve been also looking at doing for some time and you finally see that actually happening. So It could be a trip. It could be a something big a change in your residence or change in your home or having the ability to renovate or Do some sort of decoration Okay, let’s have a look at Amira’s love oracle cars, these are available on my website for purchase for Aquarius What other messages do we need to know? Okay these wanted to come off so I’m going to have a quick look at those Money true love courting man and young male, okay So it looks like there’s some sort of nice Vibration here with somebody who wants to date you who loves you who wants to be with you your hearts floating on air The courting man is a man about town wears a business suit for work or a uniform could be you The young male could be somebody up to the age of 29 or somebody younger than you as well or has a youthful spirit Okay, we’re not going to look underneath. We’re just gonna go Okay, I forgot to take the top card off. Let’s do that money again Okay feeling like there is a decision to be made around finances and money feeling more abundant feeling more Prosperous feeling like you have everything that you want to need knowing that you know The direction is needed to go with that. So whether it’s an investment, whether it’s choosing between How you’re going to invest your money or where you’re going to put it or what you’re going to do with it Or there could be a situation around you as well where you’ve got a choice between two different people One of them may have money it could be a financial semi financial decision as well Feeling like you’re getting over a past love So feeling like you’re healing a past love getting over a past love feeling like You’re still healing from something that’s happened in the past Fair mail somebody coming out of the blue when you least expect it Somebody who has whitish or lighter colored skin? So if he’s East Indian, then he’s going to be wheatish if he is African He’s going to be lighter than darker. If he’s Caucasian. He’s going to have light-colored hair and eyes or either/or and fair skinned ice queen is somebody who is Showing us to be more discerning about our relationships. So if you’ve had some sort of heartbreak or You hear from a past lab or he tries to circle back around? Saying you’re gonna be very very very discerning and keep fingers under your control of what you want Around you on the outside. You’ve got the twin flame Co-creating at its finest beautiful relationship dynamics here Gossipers meeting somebody around the area where you live could be even the neighborhood the building you live in The street the apartment block Or the condominium could be also something through neighbor’s a neighbor might be introducing you to somebody Dating is having meetings interviews meeting somebody for relationship coming together for dates and With the intention of having a relationship You might be dating the person that you’re with enjoying yourself wining and dining having more down time Feeling like there’s something significant coming up around the full moon Going out for a special celebration of some description could also happen around a full moon as well So Aquarius, I feel like this is quite an interesting Month for you, dynamically something that you can really appreciate and work with and I wish you all the very best moving forward and Please subscribe thank you very much for subscribing for those who already subscribed lots of love and angel blessings moving forward and if you’d like to Check out your moon or rising sign to cross check for a different message. You’re most welcome to do so Take care. Ciao for now


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