Aquarius Life Purpose, Career & Money – May, June, July 2018 Tarot Reading by Sloane Rhodes

By | January 6, 2020

hi everyone welcome to the video before
I start the readings I want to let you know that I do have some new online
courses available on how to read oracle cards and crystals and spiritualities so
click on the link below to check them out hi aquarius Sloane Rhodes here with
your life purpose and career and money reading for the months of May June and
July 2018 okay this is for Aquarius Sun Moon and rising and I just wanna remind
you that the next leg or the next life purpose and career reading that money
reading will be age well be in August of timber in October and then another one
I’ll have for the end of the year in November in December okay curious Simon
and rising let’s go ahead and get started
but their love readings are also up to throw my job links here fellows below
okay so today I’m going to be joined one card from the earth magic deck as the
overarching theme for your Aquarius during this timeframe May June July 2018
and then I get three cards from the wild unknown Tarot and card money let’s just
go ahead and get started I’m also getting the life purpose it codes as
well okay forest breathe rebirth and spring
equinox deck alright so the overarching theme is the forest breathe all that
beautiful green heart scent of energy then we have rebirth under the deck get
to that in a second let me get the life force cards drawn for you Aquarius well
it certainly looks was that force energy and the breath energy that there’s quite
a bit of fertility here for you all that Korean energy the expansive heart
scented energy breathing just feels really nice so whatever you’ve been
working on it maybe this is a very fertile time now we do have the rebirth
under the deck let me get some more cards for you from the life purpose Oracle deck by
Doreen Virtue all right we have author music and animals well there certainly
is quite a focus here on animals with the rebirth and the the actual animals
card we have light and love under the deck your purpose is to bring divine
healing light and love to the world really really beautiful energy right
from her heart as I mentioned that heart centered energy so evident here in the
forests card but expansion inside you have rebirth under the deck very nice an
opportunity to create bring something to life certainly a big focus on creativity
right we have author we have music this idea of the Arts
I like the music card here all that purple that green together it’s so
beautiful a heart centered energy very connected to the spiritual to the
expression of your creativity and what you’re trying to express in the world
you know Aquarians are very humanity minded have a very global focus you can
certainly breathe life into that through your creativity through your ability to
write you know for some of you maybe even wanting to write a book you have a
book inside of you that wishes to be expressed make the time to write it now
for some of you it may not even be that there’s a necessarily a book like you
don’t have to be a paid author but you can certainly begin to journal more and
more your thoughts your dreams your desires it may be that you write a
screenplay even for some of you we have the music right there again you could be
writing lyrics you can your connection to music is healing for yourself and
others then we have animals and it goes so nicely with the spring equinox
you’re the rabbit now okay so she’s this beautiful angel is holding a clicker
leopard you understand animals and communicate with them intuitively trust
your inner guidance as the animals are part of your life’s work well that’s
certainly may be true for some of you but for others of you it may be that
there are animals that come to you in your dreams that you’re meant to pay
attention to I don’t know why I just said that it just came in so that may be
for a specific number of you you may have a dream animal that is guiding you
in helping you to open up let me get some additional cards it looks like during this timeframe for
your various the focus is not so much on your own work it’s on the work that
you’ve been doing and this time period you’re you’re being called to express it
into the into the world more even the author even writing down your dreams
having a dream journal artist surely Neutrik eternal aims are in the day is
an expression of what’s inside of you so during this timeframe ageing in July
2018 Aquarians are being asked to put it out
there in the world more you know light and love express it truthfully openly a
beautiful inhalation exhalation what you’ve been working on rebirth energy
here really really nice energy for you occurrence right in the center is that
music card your connection to music is healing for yourself and others for some
of you it may be that you even if it’s small play music with your animals this
kind of thing I see like I see like an image like as
we go forward more towards July that it’s more about nature so some of you
may before your work may take a trip or do something outdoors as I mentioned
this I don’t know this I did put it out in the world that may actually include
going out in the world more leaving you know the comfort and the safety of your
home and traveling or just even go into a park this kind of thing this is more
outwardly focused the Sun in Reverse mother wands and the
son of swords may the two of Pentacles into the deck all right so beautiful energy I mean the
Sun even in Reverse is absolutely gorgeous energy we had the mother of
Wands right in the center there could be a Leo individual who’s involved in your
your sense of purpose in the world your career because we have the Sun leo card
we have mother of Wands could be Leo Aries for Sagittarius and for me even if
it’s not an individual that mother wants energy is is very outwardly focused you
know she’s and I say she doesn’t have to be a female but it’s showing it is
amother here at Queen um that energy in your life in terms of your career and
your sense of purpose is as I mentioned very awkwardly focused very creative
very inclusive you know very friendly people are drawn to her with their
charisma so this is you embody in this energy during this time period Aquarius
it’s um contagious energy I like that for you and even the Sun
energy it’s very young playful again it’s about you know the
Sun is associated with the divine masculine energy everything being in you
illumination taking action in order to achieve your goals it’s a very outwardly
focused reading for you we do have the son of swords here it’s a little bit of
a caution just to make sure that you aren’t engaged in any gossip or that if
there is gossip around you or about you just ignore it and you continue on your
way can also be with the son of swords here oh wait this is not the page this
is the knight of swords okay never mind dad it was the knight of swords make
sure I just changed a little bit cuz I thought it was a page um with the night
of the night of stores in the reverse be aware of your any tenancy during this
time period Aquarius I mean it could be you it’s the swords energy but it could
be a Gemini or even a Libra individual who’s involved or just an energy of you
know willy-nilly trying to make things happen there’s a difference between
being out in the world expressing yourself making things happen and then
recklessly trying to make things happen you know you may feel so inspired and so
energized I gotta take things out in the world now and you know just press all
this stuff but make sure that you actually know
what you’re doing um and that you’re not confused you know try to try to be as
clear as you can the Sun this is you know when the Sun is you know up it’s
tremendous clarity you see everything really nicely shadows aren’t aren’t in
the way you know obscuring things but it is in the reverse and I just want make
sure with the son of swords there that this idea of have confused mental
confusion but trying to make things happen anyway make sure you have a plan
you have that two of Pentacles under the deck such beautiful transformation you
know we have all the butterflies with the spring equinox the rebirth the
butterfly is at its fullness here don’t take on more than you can you can handle
right because with the Sun of sorts – it’s like I can do it you know I’m gonna
just go ahead and do do do it’s not about just doing for the sake of doing
it’s a strategic placement of your energy and your the expression of who
you are and what you wanted to achieve in the world and if you start getting
into the into the the energy of I need to make it happen because I said I would
or I you know I’m gonna lose out on time I supposed to do this during that’s no
fair it’s not about that there’s no there’s
no right time or wrong time it’s just that the energies right now are saying
yes this is a beautiful time to express it more but express it when you are
feeling clear about it um when you’re not just you know sort of recklessly
rapidly moving ahead with things I think what would occur with the set of
sources if it’s you or another airline or just an energy I think it would be
short-lived I don’t think you would spend a lot of
time in this energy but um again there may even be a fire sign Aries Leo
Sagittarius who’s egging you on like you know could be a boss even like you need
to make it happen you gotta go through it you know I’m you’re like I’ll
inspired like yeah yeah yeah I’m gonna be on your team and this and
that and then you end up doing all the work and you’re and you forget why you
started with the project so and then you’re suddenly you know you’re you’re
being tested here with the two of goals not to do too much not to take out more
than you can handle so interesting energy for you the beautiful energy
it’ll be you know it’s up to you how much you take in and want to put out it may even be during this timeframe
aquarius that there is something that returns to address once again it may be
associated with this author card may be an idea that you once have that comes
back up you know maybe I will look at that again I’m always John did I get the
solar return with the Sun card here so you know and you may be guided to do so
so something could be something’s niggling that you and you’re like oh you
know maybe I should revisit that poem I wrote in 10th grade maybe I should
revisit that yeah that screenplay I started or that song I start to write
and I shove in the drawer and this kind of thing okay let me look at your money
Aquarius I’m gonna get one card from the money jack by Eugene Finn its key is
send minimizing money made tune in July 2008 you know with that son of swords energy
and reverses almost like kind of when you look at the actual illustration on
the card you can imagine trying to carry a big heavy sword even with the powerful
owl wings upside down so if you know make sure you have a clear understanding
of what it is you’re trying to do because it’s like you’re trying to carry
a message here and you need the message itself is weighing you down because you
can’t even while you’re doing it so it may be may have some did with the
animals energy it could be that even your animal nature starts to take over
you know that animal nature where we going to fight or flight so just be
aware of that as we as we go kind of into July you can’t do it wrong Aquarius
in terms of your souls expansion in terms of you know the lessons and you
know that you are electing to have during this incarnation so but be easy
to find yourself you may feel it’s so inspired that it can get away from you
towards the answer I will say too with that Sun of sorts in
the reverse with the animals in the spring equinox right up over here as I
see it I just gotta show you it may be that if you do get confused and if you
do feel as though you’ve lost sight of what it is you’re doing spend a little
time in nature spend a little time with the animals to reconnect you to your
sense of purpose and what you’re really doing and why you’re doing it okay it’s the cover card that’s really
funny I forgot to take it out anyway this is a
deck I’m using yes I’m going to show you and give them credit it’s the money
Tarot by Eugene vinnitsky page of swords okay well this is really
nice okay so with the pages sores under the
deck here in turn program in terms of your money it does look like any where
you are putting your money you’re being asked to know what you’re where you
where it’s going right the page of sorts because in terms your money is the same
okay Aquarius check it out don’t just give
over your money you know maybe again there’s this idea with the son of swords
in Reverse and all this creativity and this expression wanted to express
yourself with the mother of Wands here and the beautiful inhalation exhalation
author music you’re feeling very inspired and the page is swords the same
okay keep an eye on your money you know check your bank account and also if
you’re gonna put your money in anything make sure that you spend a little time
with some inquiry about it you know it’s okay to ask people questions well if I
put my money in there what do I get in return
well you know how long before I get money back what is the job how does it
pay how often will it be paid a lot of times people are afraid to ask those
kinds of questions because they don’t want to rock the boat especially when
you’re in something that’s very creative or inspirational and there’s this like
camaraderie that’s like oh it’s all good you know I don’t want to know not to set
anybody but there’s no faster way to create resentment than to be unclear
about what you’re being paid how you before if you’re paying someone else
what they’re being paid when it comes to money you have to be clear you don’t
have to but it’s certainly if you want to avoid resentments confusion all of
that you know go ahead and ask those questions make sure you understand what
the job entails how you’re gonna be paid I’m often you’ll be paid what the
payment how’d you know how will you be receiving payment is it a trade is it
something else check your bank account was you know if you’re making any new
investments are there are there fees involved in this kind of thing just be
clear I know that it’s not always fun to talk about money for many people and
it’s really not anything to worry about Aquarius you know you’re
so high-minded that great humanitarian understanding and desire to to touch
humanity and to leave your mark and to help the world
but you also have to pay attention to the details and with the page of sorts
here in terms of your money it’s about paying attention to the details where
will they get paid how will they get paid if you are working as some sort of
um humanitarian endeavor even working with animals or things like this nonprofits make sure that you understand
if you are investing in a non-profit even make sure you must and where is the
money going how are the resources being used it’s
not rude to ask those questions you can do so in a way like you can also say
well okay so just so I’m clear I’ll be paid every two weeks on the you know
this date and I’ll be receiving this amount of money and you know it well you
know am I going to be paid you know salary is this more of a independent
contractor situation or if you’re giving money to a cause you know how is it how
does that money be utilized just and you can even just say you know I could have
said just so I’m clear and that takes the edge off a little bit and then a lot
of times is a relief for other people that you talk about too because not
everyone likes to talk about those things so just something to think about
okay Aquarius may I get one more card addicts those that you’re reading again
also just keep an eye on your own money not out of fear but just to just so you
know again we have that Sun reverse the Sun and reverse is all about clarity
understanding everything being in view so I like the patience sources in the up
right there for you around buddy and one last bit of guidance for
Aquarius sunrise new beginnings beautiful as I mentioned
there’s this rebirth right and all this inspirational energy all this creative
energy we don’t think it’s a sacral chakra there a desire to express
yourself to be creative you know all of that you see energy is so gorgeous but
you want to be clear minded as well you are an Aquarian you are an air sign so
something to think about but a beautiful time for you looks like during this this
time period May June July 2018 of really taking whatever it is you’ve been
working on and bringing it out to share with the world which is so lovely and
one of the things I know that you love to do as an Aquarius so I hope you find
it helpful I wish you much love as always maybe I’ll see you at your own
appointment for a tarot reading or a Reiki session and I have the online
courses available now if you’re interested in learning how to read
Oracle on tarot cards you can check the link below and the love romances or the
love and romance readings are up and all readings are available on soundcloud and
aqua podcasts on my podcast and including the weekly spiritual guidance
videos which I release every Sunday much love to you

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    Thank you for this reading, Sloane. Yes, I am writing a book! Great reading. I always like your readings….blessings to you.

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    I'm trying to make a statement with my own unique brand of fiction.

    Here's the thing – no one is paying attention.

    I have two books on the Kindle – three more in the works – and they are both crashing and burning.

    I think it's got something to do with the book covers.

    As for the animals – I'm thinking of living in a zoo and scaring people with my bad command of the English language.

    Oh yeah – fantastic reading – very insightful.


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