Aquarius Love September 2019. Imagination overload! Ground that daydream into reality.

By | January 6, 2020

Hi Aquarius. welcome to your love reading
for September 2019 and welcome back to my channel LunaSync Tarot. I’m reading
your cards first this month because your video last month had the highest view so
thank you so much for tuning in and watching the videos I hope that you
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fun all right so let’s sync up let’s get into these cards and find out what’s
going on for you I’ve already shuffled them and I laid them out here let’s do a
brief overview and the position of you and what you’re contributing to the
connection in September is the page of swords in the position of your love
interest is the nine of Pentacles reversed this is what they are
contributing in the position of the combined energy we have the knight of
cups reversed and then in the position of what needs to be understood and
integrated or the outcome is the two of Wands and the knight of Pentacles so
Aquarius what are you up to you have some sort of new idea new communication
new thought about something that you’re bringing forward in the month of
September some sort of like I don’t know it’s some sort of new project new idea
that you’re really you’re really investing a lot of time and energy into
and bringing this forward to your love connection in September your love
connection is overworking themselves they are over invested in work they’re
hustling they have their sense of self-worth all tied up with their work
and it might be a little challenging to bring this new idea forward to your love
partner you love connection or the person you’re thinking about honestly
doesn’t need to be a love connection it’s really who you’re thinking about of
course this is a love reading so I’m going to read it that way so it might be
a bit of a challenge to bring this new idea forward to this person that you’re
connecting with in September who is spending a lot of time working there
already overly invested in something and then in the position of the combined
energies as the knight of cups reversed this thought that you’re having this new
idea that you’re having is really needing to be grounded in reality so be
careful not to get stuck in sort of the romanticism of an idea sort of just
daydreaming and thinking on end about this new idea definitely a lot of
thought needs to go into any new project or any new and like endeavor any new
investment but the knight of cups reversed in the combined energy speaks
to getting stuck there getting stuck in sort of that mode of daydreaming about
this new thing and then in the position of what needs to be understood and
integrated is the two of Wands in the knight of Pentacles
what you need is an action plan in order to get to this place of implementation
in order to get to this place of implementing this idea that you have
about this love connection or this idea that you’re bringing to your love
connection in September so this career really speaks to taking some time out to
develop an action plan like what are the action steps that are needed in order to
ground this thought this new idea into reality so that you can move forward
into the implementation phase it’s a really good sign that these two cards
are here because it does suggest that whatever new idea or new project you
that is on the horizon for you and your partner will get to the action plan
phase and we’ll get to the implementation phase now the knight of
Pentacles is the slowest moving knight but they’re also the most methodical the
most determined they’re they’re the Knights that they’re the Knights they’re
they’re the nice that really put the work in right to have the knight of
Pentacles show up in a love connection I always see is a really positive thing
because they are built to last they are all about creating something
that is going to last the test of time so I think is really positive that even
though in the combined energy here we have this sort of like daydreaming thing
where your ideas or this new idea is not quite you know grounded in reality it’s
really just sort of like ephemeral it’s something that you’re romanticizing or
you’re just a fantasy or you just kind of daydreaming about it even though
that’s the combined energy here and the outcome or in what needs to be
understood and integrated is this opportunity to end encouragement to
create an action plan and to move into the space of methodical and patient and
determined implementation of that idea alright so I want to look at what your
partner thinks about you and the energy that you’re bringing forward in
September with this new project this new idea must new communication or new
thought form what do they think about this what did they think about you in
September okay we have the king of cups all right so this is what they think
about you they think that you are very emotionally balanced the king of cups is
really cool in the upright they’re a leader so they’re a leader in their
industry a leader in their field they have the wisdom that’s gleaned from many
many years of experience and they lead with their heart but they’re also
balanced with their emotions so they are very oftentimes very compassionate
leaders they are connected to their heart like I said but they’re also able
to balance their logic with their emotions so just overall a very well
balanced leader that has control over their emotions they know how to manage
their emotions they’re in touch with their emotions aware of their
oceans and they are leading from or with their heart so they see you this way all
right how do you see them in the month of September how are you viewing your
connection your love partner your love connection the person that you’re
thinking about during this reading how are you doing then in September what
does this connection mean to you this is the Tarot of sexual magic I really like
this back it’s fun I mean you’re your partner your love connection here or
you’re the person you’re thinking about in September they aren’t a bad person to
partner with they typically the nine of Pentacles upright suggests somebody who
really knows how to do the work much like the knight of Pentacles the nine of
Pentacles is somebody who’s worked really hard to get what they want so
this is how you are viewing them and three cards fell out so I’m just gonna
read them all the king of swords ooh you see them as very rational very logical
somewhat emotionally detached also very analytical good with concepts maybe you
have a lot of conversations with them about concepts about ideas about maybe
you really enjoy your cookie or communication within there’s strong
communicators as well ten of swords something is over you feel like
something’s over for them like I don’t know I think it has something to do with
this thing that they’re overly invested in like hey that’s over let’s work on
this new thing now and then we have the nine of Wands the nine of Wands so you
see them as being very overburdened with responsibilities usually in the
traditional tarot deck the knight of Wands has to do with a person who a
figure who is carrying a bundle of rods on their back
they’re all hunched over and they they’re almost there they’re almost to
the point where they’re gonna put those rods down and release themselves from
that burden but they’re not quite there yet so yeah you really see them they see
you as a king of cups somebody who’s very emotionally connected connected
with their heart very balanced a lot of emotional equilibrium there and they and
you see them as a king of swords so two kings here somebody who’s very
analytical very thought like very um hmm motivated by their thoughts motivated by
their logic by their rationality and then you also see that they’re
overburdened and that something a final letting go they need to let go of
something and it needs to be over for good
all right so let’s pull a medicine card to determine some approach for you as
you move through navigating this connection in September and bringing
this new thought to the forefront grounding it in reality creating an
action plan and successfully moving into some sort of implementation phase
implementing the idea need some advice for Aquarius in September around this
here we go it’s the Raven reversed Raven is about magic so let’s read about Raven Ravin reversed is not to be taken
lightly it can mean that the boomerang is coming home if you’ve wished harm to
another beware you’ve asked for this time to teach you in turn what it feels
like if you’ve not been wishing evil on another contrary raven may be bringing
you a warning that you are not equipped to move into another level of
consciousness until you have mastered the one you are currently working with
on yet another level raven may be telling you that you have forgotten the
magic of life and have settled into a mundane rut if this rut suits you and
you do not want to experience the extraordinary magic in your life ask
Raven to fly through your dreams and give you a taste of its medicine if you
do you may never be the same again contrary Raven may also pretend a time
of smoky confused messages that you cannot see or hear because your
intellect is insisting that magic is not real if you cannot imagine or pretend
due to your lack of faith in magic or miracles healing cannot take place Raven
may be pecking at the door to your consciousness but you will not receive
unless you clear the smoke and seek the other realms of imagination and
awareness where magic lives to write the contrary Raven you may need to seek a
trained shaman to clear the energy field you have created you might need to block
some negative energy sent by another person or cancel the harm you wished on
someone else keep it clean this is the message when
the magic moves into smoky shadow seek healing and clearing of intention then
reach for the stars and honor mother earth and all of the other living things
fill yourself with the magic of being alive and call Raven to teach you the
proper way of using energy ground that energy so that manifestation of the
magic can occur do this in love and simplicity Raven will tell you this
magical truth never go beyond that which you have prepared and trained for life
is good so use the magic to aid the entire family of Earth interesting so I
guess what I took away from that is that there needs to be some sort of energetic
clearing that takes place here for you around your intention around whatever
intention this is so that you can ground it and manifest it so engage I mean
there’s a there’s a prescription to engage in some sort of healing or
clearing of energy in order to move forward with this new idea I wonder if
you can see these other cards you can yay all right let’s pull a crystal
wisdom healing oracle card these are by Judy Hall I just want to get a little
bit more into this for you and you know kind of offer some more guidance it
really seems like your partner has some work to you like they’re really tied and
invested in this other thing their burden they need to let go of something
and it needs to be a final letting go like you end of something as an ear for
them the way that you see each other essentially is really positive you both
you both like assume the same status he or she sees you as a king and you see
him or her as a king you see them as a king so you’re both you know leaders in
your field you’re both sort of at the top of your game
we have lapis lazuli that’s beautiful let’s read about lapis lazuli heavenly
wisdom lapis lazuli Ward’s off calamities of all kinds and was one of
the most auspicious stones in the ancient world that’s true there’s um all
types of artwork ancient artwork that are just studded with lapis lazuli
self-understanding you are in a mortal soul who has profound connection with
the heavens your purpose is Noble you yearn for spiritual attunement but you
may be hampered by outmoded viewpoints take charge of your life looking into
the past puts your present experience into perspective you are a lineage
breaker lineage breaker make the effort to trace family history for deeper
insight there is spiritual dis-ease work with dreams and journey inward to find
deeper insights flashes amande tuition show the way open your heart and third
eye help comes from on high enlightenment is
within your grasp enhanced perception shows what opera net operates beneath
study or research is needed yours is the gift of true friendship and
protect yourself the frequency is high the chakra is throat third eye crown the
timing is Sagittarius and the soul path is divine reconnection yeah so this card
speaks to enlightenment which is about I mean the suit of swords is about truth
which is about enlightenment it’s also about thoughts and ideas and
communication and lapis lazuli also speaks to the need for research and
studying so really when you study and you research your thoughts or your idea
this new idea for this new project this new venture whatever it is that is an
axe that will ground these thoughts into reality or will just ground them right
now they’re very heady you’re very up and your your thoughts with it you’re in
your head when you begin to study when you begin to research you begin to
ground these ideas so that might be the first step in creating an action plan
and moving into implementing these ideas Wow Aquarius it looks like you have a
big month in September I’m wishing you the best if you like this reading hit
the like button so it can circulate amongst others and I wish you knew the
best September follow me on instagram at lunasync if you remember all right have
a great one

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