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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology.
I’m your host KG Stiles. I’m here to connect you with your passion and what you love to
realize your own true greatness. On today’s show I’ll talk about the astrology of the
second Aquarius New Moon on February 18th exact at 3:47pm PT. This Aquarius New Super
Moon births New Visions and brings Self Mastery. Also on the show I answer a Q&A about why
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with me. The Aquarius New Moon is at 29º 59’ A minute
later the Moon enters Pisces. This Aquarius New Moon symbolizes a gateway for you when
New Opportunities and vistas open up. This is a very rare degree for a New Moon to occur.
It’s a very mature point of self mastery. URIEL is the angel overnighting the sign of
Aquarius. Uriel is the archangel of wisdom and ideas and represents the golden ray. Uriel
means “God’s light” or “Fire of God” Uriel is an angel of alchemy and helps you
to transmute lower base energies into lighter higher vibrational energies. Uriel brings
clarity and helps you to heal past events. Uriel is the angel of the north representing
wisdom. Call upon Uriel to help you find solutions to any problems. The Aquarius New Moon is conjunct the Fixed
Wealth Star Fomalhaut: A royal star, called the ‘Star of Alchemy.’ Fomalhaut is especially
fortunate for the zodiac signs Venus, Mercury and Neptune. Neptune is presently conjunct
Fomohault which amplifies its good fortune in this area of your chart. GABRIEL is the
angel overnighting this area of the sky where the Aquarius New Moon is occurring and is
the Watcher of the South representing trust and innocence.
ONE OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS YOU CAN call upon at this time to assist you is: Epona is
a fairy queen goddess
who oversees and protects horses. During Celtic
and Roman times when horses were essential to everyday life Temples were build in Epona’s
honor. Epona also protects the environment and nature spirits. Horses are a symbol of
personal power. Call upon Epona to protect your natural self, your natural inclinations
and instincts at this time, so that you can gain Self Mastery, become fully embodied and
self empowered. Being in nature and working with natural elements like crystals and gemstones
can be especially helpful now. The Aquarius New Moon is also a Super Moon
meaning it is very close to the earth. In fact it is the second closest of the New and
Full Super Moons in 2015. So, the electromagnetic pull will be strong on the earth’s tides
and on your emotions. Your emotions could run high in intensity
at this time. Helping you to break free of anything that may be holding
you back. This is a major moment when escape
velocity can be reached where there is no turning back. This gateway opportunity for
break through will increase in pressure and intensity as we near the end of February and
move into March. I’ll review a little bit about the first
of March astrology for you, but first let’s look more closely at the Aquarius New Moon
Astrology. So here’s the February 18th Aquarius New
Moon astrology line-up for you: The Second Aquarius New Moon in a row is at
29º 59’ The Solar Eclipse Virgo Super Full Moon in September is THE closest Full Moon
to the earth in 2015. The Aquarius Super New Moon is sextile to
Saturn by element and Mercury is still in Aquarius. Vesta (the protector of the hearth and home)
is in Aquarius at this time, lending support and protection to new visions being birthed. At the Aquarius New Moon Ceres (representing
the mother) is conjunct Pluto God of the underworld. Treasures from the dark hidden recesses are
brought to light and there is rebirth occurring through the spring equinox and into the fall.
This coming out coincides with the spring eclipse season making the rebirth especially
potent. The forces unleashed will need time to be integrated fully into consciousness. Aquarius New Moon opposes Jupiter
and sextile the South Node moving off its
conjunction to
Uranus and nearing its conjunction with Mars and Venus
in Aries. The good juice for the Aquarius New Moon leading
up to and shortly after the New Moon. Mercury’s station Direct on February 11th
brings fresh mental energy online and things that may have felt stalled get going in earnest
as the gears for forward movement kick things into gear. The Aquarius New Moon enters Pisces immediately
to conjunct Neptune, square Saturn and oppose Black Moon Lilith which encourages you to
unleash your hidden forces of feminine power that have been suppressed, as well as ground
your vision and make it real, not just fantasy. You may find yourself having to work at love
and being loving. You’ll have to answer the question, Am I willing to do the work
necessary to make my dreams real? On February 19th your mental thoughts get
grounded and focused on practical details as Mercury sextile Saturn. I’d like to talk a little about the different
effects that an aspect to Saturn may bring. A community member asked, Why do many astrologers
see Saturn as the planet of “Limitation” or the stern master? The person asking has always
experienced Saturn as “grounding.” and wondered why Saturn had a different effect
on her. There are numerous reasons for why you may
experience Saturn differently than someone else, including most importantly where Saturn
is located in in your personal astrology chart and how well aspected it is. If your natal
Saturn is in its fall or detriment with challenging aspects you may feel the more negative effects
of the Saturn vibration. You might say you need to get on Saturn’s
good side in this life time which can be full of self discipline and hard work which may
not set well with you. It’s not your natural inclination. It’s something you are learning
to do. Whereas if Saturn is exalted in the sign it’s
in and well aspected with supportive alignments with other planets, especially your personal
planets. You’ll more readily enjoy self discipline and be more willingly take responsibility
for your life experience. Generally there’s more of a feeling of I can do that and am
willing to do that! When planets transit to make challenging or
supportive aspects to your natal Saturn the general feeling about Saturn’s influence
may alter somewhat. This is just one general reason why different
people experience Saturn differently. I love the results of a challenging Saturn transit.
Though I don’t always like the feelings of resistance that surface at the time. I’ve learned to persevere and
do the necessary work involved and know that Saturn is on my side. Saturn is the planet
that helps you create real world success and fulfill your dreams. Back to the energies surrounding the Aquarius
New Moon Astrology. On February 21st Mars and Venus conjunct at
1º Aries will be within orb of conjunction until March 11th. The pair are moving to conjunct
the south node and oppose the Nouth node in Libra. On February 24th and 25th Venus and Mars in
Aries will trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Great for grounding giving form to something you’re
passionate about. Now let’s look at the opening energies for
March. On March 4th Venus at 14º Aries exactly trines
Jupiter in Leo at 7:14am PT and conjuncts Uranus at10:46am PT and then squares Pluto
at 7:15pm PT. Venus has been conjunct to her celestial lover
Mars since the first of February and they are now moving apart. Today also the Moon in Virgo is conjunct black
Moon Lilith in opposition to Neptune in Pisces and square to Saturn in Sagittarius. So, March 4th is an especially tense over
the top day when significant breakdowns and breakthroughs are possible. On March 5th we have the Full Moon in Virgo.
I’ll be back with a Virgo Full Moon Astrology forecast very soon. Mars is now within orb of its conjunction
with Uranus on March 11th at 9:06am PT and squares Pluto a few hours later at 3:37pm
PT. March is a universal 11 month 3 + 8 universal year
=11=2. The number of love and relationship harmony. The 11 day and month multiplies the
11 vibration as a choice point, a gateway of opportunity for birthing new visions and
vistas for your future and the future of our world. Intense breakthrough energy and pressure
that’s been building and will find release today and over the coming weeks. We reach the final exact and 7th square between
Uranus and Pluto on March 16th at 6:50pm PT. We’ve got a special Uranus Square Pluto
show with a look at the Spring Eclipse Season lined up for you with my guest intuitive astrologer
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stay connected. Love -KG XO


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