Aquarius Weekly Reading Psychic Tarot Horoscope | Week 37 | 4 – 10 September

By | September 22, 2019

Welcome this is the energy vibration
reading with all the sun moon rising Aquarians i want to say thank you for
returning thank you for your likes and shares thank you for your support
please remember to listen to your Sun Moon and rising sign and listen to the
month of September video this is the first week of September 2017 the week
begins from the 4 until the 10th of September as we look at your weekend
we’re going to your weekend we’re trying to understand and to focus on whatever
is happening for you you have it is the week of water and the zodiac energy is
going to be a there is a lot of support for you guys in this week whatever is
happening there’s a lot of support so you have also the energy vibration of
the week because it’s judgment ok judgement is emotion judgement is a
message coming at you whatever the situation is in this week there’s a lot
of messages a lot of judgment is going to be taking place so you need to
realize where you are and what you’re doing in your life so be aware of this
ok so let’s look and see whatever is going to happen your focus is going to
be judgment coming in at you so whatever situation it’s a call of judgment that
is coming into year let’s see there is a lot of swords energy so Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday the whole from Monday until Friday there is the energy
vibration of the swords energy coming in to support you in this week for you
Aquarians and in the weekend you have a balanced weekend because you have the 7
of Pentacles and the ace of Pentacles so if there was a situation with your
financial situation you are going to have a financial balance also a balance
we can because you have the energy vibration of the 7 of Pentacles in the
ace of Pentacles ok so let’s look at is going to help you throughout the week
what situation is going to help you this is going to be positive this is going to
be good I’m actually Universal angels to bring in the messages but you Aquarians
are supposed to have so a Monday you have the energy vibration of the three
of swords the three mean the Holy Trinity there is a loss whatever is
happening there is a huge loss that is happening for whatever reason there is a
loss that is happening and the loss is the two of ones so there is a loss
there’s art break for some people this is going to affect a lot of people with
art break because when you lost something your heart is broken because
you have that thing no longer okay so whatever is happening understand that
this loss is going to open up a new door a new portal a new gate to you whatever
this loss is it’s going to open up a new door and you pour tell and you gate for
you and this is going to be yield okay because the art break whoever out there
that it’s going to have art break and it doesn’t really matter in what form you
have or break it’s can be the a relationship form or it can be that
you’ve lost your job it can be that you have lost something that was valued to
you that would have helped you with your materialistic needs whatever it is there
is a loss and on Monday but you know understand that we need to realize where
we are when these losses come in on Tuesday we have the four of swords
Tuesday take the time off you need you really really need to focus so you need
to rest so whatever the situation is you need to rest because your energy is out
of balance whatever is happening your energy is out of balance you need to
rest whatever the situation is the universe the angels and guides are
saying that you need to rest because you have the four of swords at a time for
resting and you also have the energy of the hangman so some people may be just
going at it going at it on just moving and going at it going at it
and you are tired you need to rest and you need to find your energy again okay
as we move forward we have in the middle of the week round in your week we have
the eight of swords the energy of the eighth of soil is set you’re totally not
seeing things clearly you are totally confused whatever the situation is your
are totally confused confusion is around you whatever the
situation is there’s a lot of confusion around you you’re not seeing things
clearly and you know people are going to be there to help you do not put your
trust in people trust in yourself whatever the situation that is happening
this confusion that is happening trust yourself don’t trust other people listen
to your intuition and trust yourself okay and that is the call for the middle
of the week the crowning of the week so this is a message for each and every
person out there trust in yourself if you feel confused axial Universal angels
for clarity to the situation and as you do that you are going to find out that
someone someone is going to help you to bring honesty to a situation okay we
have the page of sword whatever the situation is the page of sword
whoever disperses is bringing messages okay it’s creating a chaos chaotic
situation around you and you’re walking away from them you are definitely
walking away from them you have the three of ones and you are walking away
from them so whoever this person was that was bringing chaos in your life you
are turning your back on them and you’re walking away from them on Friday which
is wonderful we have the energy vibration of the swords we have the nine
of swords and you are absolutely not worried you have your you you are just
not worried because whatever is coming you are ready your your your your
holding on because you’re ready to do to break down this okay so in other decks
it’s as if you know your word and the rest of it know
not worry it’s as if you put on your angel will and you stand guard to just
plump at whatever position whatever it’s coming at you you are ready to head it
on faced faced and you’re going to be victorious you are going to be
victorious so whatever the situation is you’re going to head this on you are not
going to walk away from it or run away from it you’re gonna head it on a force
full fully you’re gonna head this thing on and you’re going to be victorious and
triumphant over it so you are standing your guard and you’re standing up to
injustice or whatever it is and you will be victorious it’s a week of it’s a week
of poor dealing okay let’s look at your weekend and let’s see
what is happening on Saturday you have the seven of Pentacles the energy of the
seven of Pentacles is coming in with energy are four the five ones the five
of ones this is no conflicts this is just a little petty petty thing going on
so you have nothing to worry about it’s just people wants to be liked and people
want to put themselves you know it’s a strange things that people will do
anything because they want to be liked so there’s conflicts among on the people
stay out of it it has nothing to do with you stay out of it it has absolutely
nothing to do with you okay all right we’re moving forward and we’re looking
at whatever energies here on Sunday we have the ace of Pentacles so
congratulations you guys this is the first time I’m using this
card deck and as the Aquarius you got the ace of Pentacles this is a wonderful
wonderful celebration this is very good ace of Pentacles that means you’re
materialistic needs will be you you’re going to be protected in this time and
you have your financial situation is going to be in balance so you have the
four of ones and this is going to be extremely good and you have a strong
stability and your financial situation so work it’s good with work promotions
are coming up for a lot of people work promotions if you’re looking if you are
having instability in your financial situation there’s going to be a
stability coming in your financial situation it’s going to be positive
whatever the situation is it’s going to be a very positive one okay so here we
are it’s a wonderful week there is absolutely no no obstacles because all
these sword signs are coming in because it’s a week of emotion but the sword
signs are coming in the week is that some people are going to be given and
given and some people will be receiving it can be monetary things but its own
can also be a blessings you’ve given things to other people yours you know
really connecting with other people and this is going to be good remember let’s
look there is a lot of there’s a lot of situation at work whatever situation
that was at work that was your turning your back on it and you’re walking away
okay so whatever that was happen to work you need to relax on Tuesday it’s very
important that you relax and on Tuesday whatever is happening wonderful energies
are here and your numbers are you know the number three is here
number three is very significant in this week so you have number three and number
four which is extremely significance in this week at number three four and seven
number three four and seven I’m using the wisdom of the House of darkness and
the message is meditation whatever is happening around you you need to
meditate sometimes we can’t find a time to meditate but we need to meditate
whatever the situation that is playing out around you this goddess wants you to
meditate and with meditation you can you know whatever that’s there has been not
clearly it will come out be still and listen to the soul the solitude be still
and listen to the solitude of the pushing energies as the life for force
in integrate within you and all things sign of gently song to your sweetness
in the darkness in clink black nights I Naomi make my magic we’re into the world
this is a time for a nun action do not and find quietness within your heart and
wait all will be revealed when the time is right now is the time for quiet
contemplation you won’t miss anything if you stay quiet be still and know that I
know I’m a goddess of the night I’m always with you and you discover your
magic in silence so this is wonderful wonderful guys I love this thing we are
using also the light workers the light workers death which is a wonderful deck
the deck of the light workers is a positive deck whatever situation that is
coming through it’s a positive deck whatever is happening and what do we
have for you Aquarians we have ground in so we have meditation and grounding so
obviously there is something happening for you Sagittarians out there because you have
meditation and ground in whatever the situation is that is playing out in your
life you need to ground yourself go outside walk barefoot in the grass and
ground yourself if you can’t go outside ask the angels and guides to help ground
you you can call up an archangel sending sending and sandoval and he will ground
you so then you will feel a balance coming in your life so whatever
situation that is taking place around you you need to ground yourself in this
moving week so I want to say to each and every person please listen see a sad
moon and rise in sign and I will speak to you guys next week namaste you

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