Are You An Aries? Here’s What Makes You Unique

By | October 12, 2019

Hey viewers! There are 12 zodiac signs, each with their
own unique personality and traits. In this series, we are going to explore the
unique qualities of each zodiac sign, starting with Aries. When the calendar reads March 21st, the zodiac
wheel turns to Aries. This is the sign that is also associated with
the first house of the zodiac, which represents individuality, ingenuity and authenticity. These traits can be seen in every person born
under this zodiac sign. Aries are people who love to take charge and
lead the way. They set trends and lead generations. But out of all the zodiac signs, why Aries? Aries Personality Traits The time of Aries starts from the Spring Equinox. It is the time when nature breaks the shackles
of winter and warms up to embrace a new future. It is like nature waking up from its slumber. It can be seen in the form new buds, fruits
and flowers. In other words, this is the season of beginnings
and possibilities. To begin a new journey, one must have enthusiasm
and Aries has loads of that. Sorry Scorpio, you may be passionate but no
one can match Aries when it comes to enthusiasm. The first child of Mars is full of energy
and that can be seen in every project they participate in. No wonder so many of their careers flourish. Depending on how introverted or extroverted
they are, their enthusiasm comes out accordingly. Whether it’s jumping up and down as if they
have won a FIFA World Cup or working hard in order to achieve their dreams. These folks are definitely a powerhouse. Aries are also very influential. Unlike Leos, these folks don’t crave attention,
they command it. They have an impact on others and have the
ability to inspire them. It is often seen in many Aries people, whenever
they do something, it becomes a trend. When making a statement, people find themselves
compelled to listen to them. They also have a natural ease about themselves
and can make anyone feel comfortable. Now, you might be wondering, “If they’re
so influential that must mean they are very manipulative?” Well, not really. Of course, it would depend on the person but
usually Aries are very innocent. They are not known to hold grudges are usually
very straightforward. One problem, you might face with them is that
they aren’t the best adults. They’re not necessarily the kind of people
you should ask to babysit your kids. Not unless you want to return home to find
them playing video games with them. Oh and they can be quite headstrong too. So, when they take a stand it is almost impossible
to change their minds. Now, that we have discussed the traits. Let’s talk about… Aries Compatibilities Each zodiac sign is associated with a natural
element. For Aries it is Fire, along with two other
fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. Needless to say, Aries people tend to get
along with these signs. Sagittarius and Aries have very similar ideals. This is why these two fire signs are really
good together. Aries is enthusiastic and Sagittarius is free-spirited. If the Aries is open-minded enough to give
Sagittarius its space then this relationship can last a lifetime. On the other hand, Aries may find a challenge
in Leo. Leos are demanding and Aries like to lead. So, there might be a constant battle for power
between the two. If they can rise above it, these two signs
will find each other’s company to be very fulfilling. Well, as long as Leo doesn’t create much drama. While the above is true, many astrologers
argue that Aquarius is the best match for an Aries. Why? Well, Fire and Air are compatible elements. Aquarius has the free-spirited nature of a
Sagittarius without the wild side. Additionally, the off-beat Aquarius may find
solace in the authenticity of Aries. Aries may find the unorthodox nature of Aquarius
to be quite charming. A win-win situation for both. As far as other signs go, Aries do well with
Libra. This is a classic case of opposites attract. The Fire-Air compatibility also plays a part. The sometimes underconfident Libra may find
Aries to be inspiring and Aries may find a stable relationship with Libra. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Gemini. You see both of them have similar temperaments. They can both very childish at times. If you are an adult, you already know what
happens when you let two 5th graders do a project on their own. It can be quite chaotic. As far as water signs go, Pisces may be too
shallow and a Cancer may be too soft. These two signs may not necessarily appeal
to them. Aries look for people who are their equal
when they look for a partner. They may not see these two signs as such. Of course, if they work through their differences,
it may be successful. It is still easier said than done though. Surprisingly, Aries and Scorpio may be a good
match. It is a little weird but many astrologers
believe that these folks may get along very well. It is probably because of the Mars influence
or the fact they are both driven individuals. If this relationship has to work then it will
require some amount of work from both sides. As we all know, Fire and Water usually don’t
mix. Earth signs may have the worst time with this
sign. Their pragmatic nature may be perceived as
too narrow and orthodox by Aries. While Virgo may find Aries to be too immature,
Taurus may find them childish and Capricorn may think that they are too distracted. This is why, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus aren’t
necessarily good matches for this sign. One thing to keep in mind, Aries have very
high standards. So wooing them is not going to be a walk in
the park. Whether it is an Aquarius, Leo or Taurus. Now, let’s dive deeper into the Aries psyche
and find out their… Likes and Dislikes Aries people love starting new things. They may also have quite a few varied interests. A good example of an Aries who had a lot of
interests is Leonardo Da Vinci. We have talked about him in the video, “Based
On Your Zodiac Sign, Which Historical Figure Are You?” In case you haven’t checked it out yet we
will leave a link in the description below. But, back to the point, Leonardo Da Vinci
was a polymath and had interest on varied subject. This is a trait that can be seen most Aries
of today. If you don’t believe us try telling them a
story and giving them a book. You will see the child inside them come out,
even if it is for a second. This zodiac sign has a love for learning. They believe that all human beings are students
of life. We learn from new things and implement them
in our lives. Now wonder, they do well in leadership roles. Speaking of which, let’s talk about something
Aries don’t like at all. An Aries doesn’t like being taken advantage
of. Yes, no one likes it but Aries people hate
it with a passion. This is one of the reasons they don’t turn
towards being manipulative. Throughout their lives, other people may have
taken advantage of their innocence. As they reach their adulthood, they start
understanding this and decrease the friends they have. This is why many Aries often detach themselves
from people, if they find their behaviour a little fishy. They don’t like being controlled and are known
to value their independence. For them, their independence is part of their
essence. Are you an Aries? If so, do you like being one? Let us know in the comments section below
and stay tuned, because we’re gonna be back with the second zodiac sign, Taurus.

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