ARIES Amor Julio 2019 A quien conoceras? Nueva familia, Espiritualidad Nuevo Amor + Consejo

By | October 23, 2019

black hair long hair having knowledge of spirituality a family an open mind to the beach the park aries welcome to your new reading Love for July 2019 here we will see and physical characteristics emotional man and woman going to come into your life you man u out the letter the magician very very positive this letter this gentleman right now you would I will describe and woman will come into your life is one aries happens is the Nine of Swords Now let’s see what the their energies and their characteristics If this is the first time you’re in my channel how you are welcome Thanks for being part of my family I want to invite you subscribe activate the bell for you to arrive all my notifications and if you already are signed thank you thank you for all your love watching this man I see with white skin tone I see it black hair long hair Warriors remember no matter aries If you’re a woman waiting for a man because these are their characteristics and if You’re a man waiting for a man this also it applies to you so this channel is super inclusive let your hair likes and shares this video long black tone white skin as which she is a very positive man quite lively loves to always be as partying but He likes to be the center of attention but in a good way always want to feel that their people people who are around them is Happy is happy does not like sad people do not see you do not like to see People are animated as he always tries to encourage is that friend that is always by your side saying Let you can not even get like that you may be falling on world over so it is that this letter warriors areas Mark is someone well enough worker who likes to manifest things and make them reality can be also someone who has knowledge of spirituality that believes in the infinity believes in the universe in the energies and can be also willing to be a teacher what else is convenient is not convenient this gentleman and this abundance Knight is convenient for you my warriors Aries because it marks This letter of 10 gold medals speaks to you Success speaks to you happiness speaks of having a family a happy family out on weekends at the beach park the market with a center family that is the ideal of him get to have that love in terms of family that love with respect to people who have around remember these are general readings This does not mean that nothing else going to meet this gentleman can be knowing several or none but when I know this will be the predominant which has these I’m characteristics indicating you for some of you this might be energies yours or someone who already you have known or could also be up your ex but not all suit your situation because obviously this reading it is general for thousands of my warriors who watch these videos advice love about him he needs you need Mira says that the attraction between you It will be quite strong and I think with this letter of attraction too and there a lot of green here are many flowers much much grass a lot of grass this is me also talking about so many trees is that if your city is in your country somewhere that is quite busy with for example the park trees Mall Mexico City or Central Park I need other references to center Park in New York ‘ or in the city of Bogota it is surrounded by trees and you’re walking around a lot attention to these places because they could be important places as whether this’re walking around or it either as a recognized part of the country or the city where you are out there They could come up if there are activities for July outdoors in your country do not go to hesitation in attending women I get to nine of spades me speak a woman who is having certain perhaps problems regarding their their situation or emotional stability mental health plan energies of a black-haired woman skin tone White a woman who is a little desperate and feels a abandoned little about Love has these energies my Warriors areas in which you must consider if you give the opportunity ao not to know the black hair tone slightly tanned skin white and is someone who could even have certain doubts and insecurities herself know that some of you they are saying but it’s because I I do not want a person arrives to my life at the end of the day you have no control about who will come or not I am you giving the look of the person who will be more prevalent around you and sometimes it could be a Description up to yourself if you You feel these energies or yourself If you feel more identified with feminine energies I also believe that This is a woman who has a lot Indecision a woman who has problems and even perhaps even self-esteem and if any of you is in this situation in your life advise Also seek help and make a expert help from a doctor who begin to take steps conversing with friends also remember in comments your name and your country to them present when I’m doing my meditations and if this does not resonate you can calculate your sign up or to have a private consultation the description is with me in my page web as it is appearing Jota tarot 7 dot com queries a tip for this girl that will be coming into your life I I see with an average height and has as something very special in his face maybe you are giving some kind of penalty maybe it gives a little insecurity has something on his face It could be a mole could be some type of birthmark or it could be it is not happy with the way She has its eyes or nose but something his face is quite particular goes for other people can be very sexy but it is something that gives you uncertainty talks to me here’s advice them is that for you and this girl could have had some kind trauma with a previous relationship So there’s probably here wound that has to do with a relationship with a partner with whom above were my warriors Aries and that’s what has been causing so much pain and wounds in this girl so if You know someone with these physical characteristics I just told you describe and she suddenly moves away from I see that you have enough hair long and smooth style pocahontas I do not know if that long to down there as pocahontas but if that style long hair and she gives me pocahontas that illusion as well as a woman with that style of Pocahontas and so It is adapting and features fit when you meet this girl or if you’re the one that I’m giving this message that speaks of a relationship of a previous trauma that has come to hurt very strong heart and not still able to overcome the trauma of that it seems that the previous relationship trampled enough about their feelings and emotions and he has created many psychological traumas one Again, if you are you and you identify with this I recommend that you seek help medical expert who is a psychologist, a psychiatrist someone you I can give you some motivation is expert on the subject so that you leave This situation is the advice for Singles July for my warriors Aries looks just released the letter of marriage and this is me indicating more than all this time since the marriage you have to You are thinking about this moment for singles is to learn about yourself be loyal learn to love yourself yourself learn to nurture yourself same and once you do that then you can move towards a This is better than single They have to do work pretty Internal have to work love yourself and engaging with his own happiness not seek relationships or look for this time of not seek advice or seek relationships others to fill an empty in your life about your happiness or happiness or love him or you and looking for someone if that person comes into your life to share not for that person you and fill you in heartfelt love everyone achieves itself also it is full of self-esteem and well both can be directed toward the best way of love if you’re in a relationship what advice for you in July for archangels and I speak here you have to keep an open mind I’m going to do good honest if the message I It is coming at this moment to spiritual guides through the yours mine and all other me are indicating that you might be having a conversation and well well relaxed casual in some party or a meeting with your partner or someone might be doing some sort dis comment you are with your partner and say no decay but look at how beautiful the girl is around one share a night of passion the three I will say as a joke but I want you know it really seems that it’s what you’re thinking someone in the related recalls in his readings general so do not apply for all the world but the best advice here is that it seems that someone in the relationship you can be boyfriends a week ago husband of 20 years seems to They want to put a third person in their relationship and wants this to be a three ratio as the song says this artist out there happy the four and to have these moments will appear The following video that I recommend and at the top is the link you can have a private consultation I am me jot and light will decree and progress

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    Hola… J … desde ecuador… me case con migo hace un rato ya… y me facina me gusta la idea del amor… pero todo a su tiempo… gracias por la lectura…

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    Tu me asombra te quiero no tiene el vello la lago pero esas características eres un guerrero

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    Hola soy de Colombia mi nombre es naidu García y soy de aries me gusta mucho sus lecturas

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    Madrid España Miguel Ángel. Aries. Ascendente as acuaario.luna Capricornio

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    Gracias por tus consejos si estoy deprimida. Insegura. Sola ya no comfio en. Nadie…………
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    Hoy ésta leyenda. ???????

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    Conocí a una chica con las características que mencionas, no recuerdo si tenía alguna seña en particular en el rostro, pero si es ella, en otras tiradas me dicen que alguien del pasado llega a mi vida de un signo de tierra y la describe totalmente, cuando la conocí me comento que sentimentalmente la había pasado mal,


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