Aries and Taurus Zodiac Compatibility in Love

By | September 11, 2019

Aries and Taurus, together in love: When I
think of this pairing, I immediately think of Posh and Becks — you know, David Beckham,
the British football star, and his wife, Victoria Beckham. Okay, she’s an Aries, he’s a Taurus, and these
two are known for their incredible good looks and luxurious lifestyle. I mean, for a long time, Victoria was best
known as “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls, and she’s all about modeling and high fashion
— she’s an international style icon, for goodness’ sake — while David Beckham comes
across as this down-to-earth, regular-Joe kind of guy — well, as regular and down-to-earth
as a wildly rich and famous football star can be. So we blame all the poshness and luxury on
her, but really, it’s him. Taurus is the sign of money, after all — and
together, these two are supposed to be worth close to $200 million! And a lot of that is from David Beckham, who
at one point was the highest-paid footballer in the world. I mean, how crazy is it to be that good-looking
AND rich? Let me tell you, Victoria’s a lucky you-know-what! And they’ve been married going on 15 years,
which is pretty much forever in celebrity terms. But that’s not too much of a surprise, since
there’s always a sexual spark between two signs that are next to each other in the Zodiac,
like this combo. So together, Aries and Taurus can strike a
good balance, though they’re really pretty different. Taurus is really stable and grounded, but
Aries is impulsive and fiery, so they definitely have something to offer each other — if
they can appreciate their differences and make it work. But Taurus can be really stubborn, especially
in the face of Aries’s temper tantrums, which happen pretty often, with most Rams. Good thing these two have a lot of passion
between them, which I’m guessing is what keeps Posh and Becks together for all of these years. But Becks is the one who keeps their commitment
solid, since Taurus is all about long-term commitment. Plus, Tauruses just tend to be easygoing. If anyone can put up with a fiery, fast-paced
Aries, it’ll be laid-back Taurus.

2 thoughts on “Aries and Taurus Zodiac Compatibility in Love

  1. Jaime Flor Post author

    @Kelli Fox Interesting ex. & it totally reaffirmed things for me. I'm a Pisces Aries Cusp, & the 1st time I was interested in a Taurus, it was a disaster. It started positively, as my Aries adventures began to take a toll on my health. I was a cigarette smoker, & early tragedies in my life were ruining my 20's. I had just about given up, because I was suffering from severe chronic joint pain. I was recording what I viewed as my 1st, & last songs that I'd ever compose. Then I met a Taurus, that a mutual friend wanted me to meet. That night she made me realize, that I wasn't done with life. I quit smoking cold turkey the next day, & I had been smoking for 17 yrs! She became special in my eyes, but like a typical Taurus she was slow, & I was used to women that wouldn't hesitate. Our mutual friend didn't help, as she was pushing us to hook up. She ended up losing it, & became very irrational. The woman that made me see beauty in life began to act very ugly. This outcome pushed me towards spirituality, & I found shelter in books co-written by the Dalai Lama. I returned to college, where I'm at a crossroads, getting my Masters degree in Sociology, or music. All of my music teachers believe in my potential to do great things, especially since I composed this new song that a new Taurus in my life inspired. So I'm also an energy healer, & meditate regularly. This is how I met this new Taurus, who began to meditate at the same place where I do. I don't know what she was thinking, but we hit off right away, & exchanged #'s. She agreed to let me do my aura cleansing's on her for practice, etc. She never called, but we texted every once in awhile. Learning my lesson from last time I gave her space. After she inspired me me to compose that new song that all of my teachers, & friends, are excited about, I suggested that seeing the meditation gardens overlooking the ocean in the nicer part of town. She's interested, but I sensed conflict within her. She's new to town, so maybe she's fear driven. So this morning she confessed about having b.f. deployed in the military. I thanked her for finally opening up to me, & I mentioned something humorous to lighten up the situation. I suggested to her, that if her situation ever changes, maybe we'll get to do the things that we wanted to do together. I told her that I respect her, & recognize a beauty that she may not always recognize in herself. I told her that I still look forward to meditating with her every Mon. & that I'm happy that we worked things out. She became very agreeable, & we left it @ that. A part of me is sad, but I'm happy that it didn't end ugly. I decided to be her friend regardless, instead of being bitter, or jealous. Who knows, maybe I'll meet someone better, or maybe things will actually change, & we'll be together in the future. I realize now, that Aries, & Taurus do have potential, especially after watching your vid.


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