Aries and Virgo (Jenna Marbles) – by Daniel Ruffing, performed by Victoria Shell and Noah Meaux

By | September 14, 2019

I look around and he is nowhere in sight I hear him say “bitch who you fighting?” his Aries bullshit sends chills right down my spine but I still love him and he will always be mine Aries and Virgo together for life Somehow we make this thing work Julien, please, will you put down that knife? I swear you’ll make me go berserk (berserk) She plans things out I act on instincts alone I make a mess which she does not condone her Virgo outlook makes her the better boss but I still love her as much as I love to floss Aries and Virgo together for life somehow we make this thing work Jenna, I know our signs end in a strife but I know it’s just a small quirk we may not be quite so compatible but we will carry on and see this through I will put up with your traits because I know
I love you (love you, love you) And still it’s Aries and Virgo together for life a challenge I’m willing to face maybe one day we’ll be husband and wife and take on this journey with grace ‘cuz we are J and J

32 thoughts on “Aries and Virgo (Jenna Marbles) – by Daniel Ruffing, performed by Victoria Shell and Noah Meaux

  1. Daniel Ruffing Post author

    Sheet music is now available!!!

  2. Cadey Post author

    why does the guy on the right look like bryce walker from 13 reasons why

  3. Unicorn♥IceCream♥Cookies Post author


  4. katie stokoe Post author

    I really like this guy singing Aries and Virgo over the other guy. It’s nothing bad, I just feel it more from this guy 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I am obsessed with your songs 😭 I can’t stop singing them 😍😍😍

  5. haveasliceofmypie Post author

    If you don't make an entire musical about Jenna and Julien by the end of my life I will be so sad. This was beautiful.

  6. Helena Hunter Post author

    You HAVE to do a song about Jenna and her obsession with plants

  7. Michael Domeier Post author

    All I need is:
    To buy the music
    Learn to read music
    Get a piano
    Play this
    Lol I got this.

  8. peachy ukulele Post author

    Every other couple on YouTube: breaking up, getting into drama and scams, only doing it for money or attention

    Jenna and julien: have a whole ass musical written about them and it’s the purest shit I’ve ever seen

  9. i want a DOG Post author

    this sent literal shivers down my spine – this is a masterpiece thank you for blessing us

  10. Amber Mich ̮̈ Post author

    This song goes great with a scene of them buying a house together

  11. Jazz Stew Post author

    This song is amazing. Perfect combo of youtuber messery and musical theater majesticness

  12. vangothengirl Post author

    Yeah my Aries man is so full of bullshit that is why his eyes are brown. Still love him anyways. Fucking loser 😛

  13. DOGGYSTYL32012 Post author

    I lowkey got chills at that part "His Aries bullshit sends shivers right down myyy spiiine"

  14. Amelia Whittier Post author

    I only wish that the piano was a little quieter! Other than that this was so great!

  15. Caitlyn Smith Post author

    Imagine waking up one morning and hearing yourself sing like they do!! lol wtf?

  16. Iris Wong Post author

    getting angel of music vibes from this and i love it

  17. Chris Butcher Post author

    Okay, so forgive me for not knowing the proper musical terms but is this based off a real piece ? or is this all your doing ? I feel like I’ve heard the rhythm before, this is an incredible video

  18. Abby O’Hara Post author

    This song will s stuck in my head
    I love it so much and Julian and Jenna should play this song at there wedding ❤️❤️

  19. Margot Duque Post author

    love this, the chorus reminds me of this one catholic hymn that i cannot recall for the life of me but very in the style of that

  20. Crazy Fangirl Productions Post author

    This needs to be the song that Jenna walks down the aisle in or their first dance song!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Emily Orth Post author

    I preferred this male singer for Julien but, amazing talent nonetheless. Thank you for blessing us all with this masterpiece collection.


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