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hi this is the weekly horoscope for Ares
for the week of august 15 2016 my ram feel like reading from me check out
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well we’re still collaborating with each other and we ask that you know you guys
help us grow on this week we have on the eighteenth the full moon in aquarius you
tend to be a bit lazy with this energy I feel with this fun energy time for you
to try to get a second opinion also don’t go ASSUMING with this energy
through your creativity you are you are able to express yourself through your
creativity through your art if you’re more proactive meaning you restricting
the reactive self then and proactive in certain situations you’re able to see
better or have a better perspective on certain situations going on in your life so before you go act reacting on people
you know this would be a great time to get a second opinion before jumping into
things in assuming ok the situation with others that are coming up i have you are
asking you at this time to slow the train down oh yeah to to get that cut loose already mmm about raised know the train down
this week before we jump into some fight oh alright the Sun is quincunx chiron
in the 12 and fifth house beautiful energy to handle crisis situations because
you’re more in the present and you understand what needs to be done now but
also with this energy you need to be careful because you like to stick too
comfortable ok and routine and you don’t like to
change at this time so try not to stick to what’s comfortable try to be more
exploring and try to be more open-minded to new situations because it right now I
feel like you’re being comfortable in your being more about patterns and
habits with this energy son is trying you’re honest and the first and fifth
house I deal with this energy expect the unexpected active I feel with this energy brings
out the adventure in you and fun so try not to really keep a schedule this week
because you might be missing out on the front venus is trining Pluto and the tenth
and success for some of you may feel more of a connection with the path or
the journey that you’re on you may feel more of a purpose with certain
situations like you were supposed to be there like you were supposed to do this
you know it’s gonna be nuts is a nice energy is kinda like I can’t explain it
it’s kind of like somebody taking you know like when so many rubbers down
their back runs runs two did a spider thing down your back is kind of like
that and it like oh it raises my brain I love it ok enough about me the three of coins
it’s a period of growth with this energy the king of cups i feel like with this
energy at this time you need to listen to your own wisdom and advice at this
time also this talks of love relationships coming up the five of
wands brings about on-the-job training and arguments with this energy the ten
of swords I feel like with this energy the energy
is going to start to turn around for some of you Saturn’s now direct so
there’s gonna be a lot easier on energy i hear god bless the wheel of fortune
card with ten of swords events do change things do our situations do turn around
during this time the six coins appeal for some of you receiving help during
this time also you’re very generous with your time and energy as well the night
of lawns I feel that you’re more open-minded to new experiences and new
people coming into your life the three of cups i feel that family
members or friends at this time you may control the head but they control the
neck and they tell it which ever way to go so be careful with that because then
it’s going to turn into resentment alright the king of Wands with the night
of want for some of you this week even though mercure we’re going into mercury
shadow over the next two weeks for some of you is talking about social media you may receive alone or do something
really big with media or social media during this time and you may actually
prompt for some of you start on doing the blogs or for some of you start
working in media ok the Justice card with this energy I
feel that at this time again I feel like you’re in control of your destiny with
the wheel of fortune card and justice card major decisions are coming up this
week for you the fool card major decisions are coming up i feel like with
the tennis or is it a full car decisions that decisions that you do make at this
time will lead you onto your journey and I feel like it will feel like that like
a journey Venus trining Pluto energy the seven of cups I feel like also with this energy good
news is happening I feel like things are starting to feel
like you’re starting to move again okay you’re starting to move forward
again and I feel like it’s going to be thoughts of future future future i hear
good news coming along the four swords IC peaceful resolution happening and for
some of you this could be something i’m doing business negotiations during this
time and having it be more in your favor i love you my rounds please make sure to like subscribe and
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  1. Touran S Post author

    Thank you so much! Much love and many kisses! we love you too

  2. Alvin Del Rey Post author

    Thanks you so much for this vibrant reading 🙇🏻

  3. Victory Post author

    +2:35 I couldn't understand the spider thing….but all around great energy


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