Aries February 18-28 2018 Tarot Reading for all the Decanates(TIME STAMPED)

By | March 7, 2020

Hi my name is Helina and this reading will
be for Aries for the remainder of the month of February 2018 and I’m going to be dividing
this reading into the three documents of Aries if you know your decan it feel free to Jump
Right In the videos time-stamped if you did not know your deck in it then I put the links
below to my other videos what a deck in is and then another video on the decadence of
Aries so that’s in the description box okay so let’s get started I’m going to be using
the deck of the secret Forest by Lucia Mateo Lee and the first document of Aries is March
21st through March 31st so if you were born between those two dates then this is for you
what’s going on with the fur or love on my mind so the first card is the knave of Pentacles
upright The Three of Wands in reverse the queen of cups in reverse it looks like on
the other side this is a 2-sided deck I’m seeing this is a motherly figure someone who
possibly lives in another state if it might be your mom and you might not be able to get
to her right now there’s some Financial issues maybe she’s having issues with her boyfriend
and isn’t able to leave and this goes for both man and woman or men and women I should
say okay so what the knave of Pentacles I’m seeing this that this could be your father
trying to work really hard this could be a separate message or it could be a different
situation to where your parents are in a tight spot in your dad’s trying to work as hard
as he can and you might need to help them financially Okay so what other messages do
you have for the first decan it of Aries relationship for a very long time I’m seeing tell your
old I do see children okay Reversed okay So this person coming in to see you I think they
hurt you in the past But they have such strong feelings for you that they want to right all
the wrongs okay so let’s move on to the second decan
it and that is April 1st through April 10th so if you were born between these two dates
and this reading is for you what messages do you have Okay so you got the knave of Pentacles again up right
and you have the empress upright that’s what it looks like Okay so I see an earth sign
for you to Second dick in it and they’re coming to offer you something
and I see you very graciously accepting it I see I see that you work very hard to overcome
very many challenges in your life including challenges of self
like wrestling with an ER Darkness inner turmoil grief English all that stuff and conquering
it and putting it down like not bottling it up but gaining control over all your emotions
all of your thoughts all of your surroundings financially and otherwise I see that you have
complete control of your surroundings and you are victorious over yourself and over
your obstacles that you’ve had to face this last year and into this year
this person coming back in may actually have a bit of an apology for you as well they might
have actually hurt you or you know there may have been something wrong that they did in
the past Okay so what other messages are there for
the second decan in Tavares you’re holding on to it right here with these wings
so what the card is telling to me is if you let go of this baggage here of past disappointment
and maybe even past people that hurt you just put it just toss it aside And I Feel Like
These Wings Are big enough to take you to Greater Heights than you’ve ever been both
financially and love socially and otherwise okay here I just see you waiting for female this female might be older than you she might
have more cuz she might have a house she might have a lot more money than you and it intimidates
you but I’m seeing that she’s willing to give you a chance and if you can just prove that
you can just meet her needs with or work on meeting her needs work towards it then the
2 you can have a really good bond together what does 9 of Wands in this deck it’s about
collaboration Okay so for someone out there I’m seeing that
maybe you’ve let someone stay in your house and they’re making themselves a little bit
too comfortable like with spending your money or not helping with anything including finances
or cleaning or just anything they’re putting a great burden on you by not looking for a
job or not helping in any way so I’m feeling that you might get tired of this person and
let them know they may go elsewhere if you do that also you may kick them out so because
I don’t see them really wanting to do good for themselves at this time in their life
they’re just stuck okay what do you have for the second the moon upright the knave of Wands and reversed
and this that the knave of Wands is about someone who has made a decision it’s in reverse
and I’m getting this as being you that hasn’t made a decision
about being with someone who has a girlfriend already you don’t know if it’s going to really
maybe you’re feeling guilty maybe you’re just finding out that this is happening maybe you’re
discussing what’s going to happen is he going to break up with her that’s what you’re talking
about are you going to break up with her like I just see like while you two are like right
there talking over here but it was like April 19th Reversed
seven of Wands reversed knave of Swords upright end in this deck it’s
about someone who’s learn to do the right thing Okay I see this as someone who was about to
come forth and let themselves be known to you they would like to confess something to
you or tell you something that they like you that they love you they really really love
you and they want to come say hi and tell you that they just love you to death okay
because this 7 of Wands upright and this deck is about holding in holding in feelings and
emotions and not telling someone how you feel and it’s in Reverse here so and then Two of
Pentacles upright is about like separation and stuff and then even in the traditional
right or white it’s basically they’re not making a decision so what other messages do you have for the second
decan the third decan of Aries for February 2018 The stack and the 2 lines in the start is about
a Bratz new emotions that take off that take flight like this owl okay so I see this moving
in the direction of the chariot okay there may be some travel with this person and it’s
going to be just fine even though the ace of cups cups is in Reverse what I’m getting
with this is soft Tender Love I’m serious that’s just the words that came to my mind
but what I’m getting though even more so than that is the rebuilding of a bond that was
shattered in the past something that was degraded like defiled like either by actions something
came in and spoiled everything give me in the past and that’s going to be rebuilt better
than you think it is it’s going to be stronger than it was before and more potent than it
was before and not only that it’s going to actually have the substance you think it has
rather than it being like the time before when you thought there was something there
and there is absolutely it was just like you were delusory like you did you had no idea
like what was really going on in the situation but this time around you’re going to everything
that you’re going to feel about the situation intuitively is going to be correct and you’re
it’s going to be something healthy that will progress and grow and Blossom like just like
flowers on a tree okay you like the video if you would like to you
can go through all the rest of the deck in its and watch them to get a more well-rounded
view especially if you’re on the cusp of a deck in it you know so okay well thank you
for watching and join me in my next video and I’ll be doing a reading for the three
documents of Taurus okay bye

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