ARIES Fin de Semana ♈ 28 al 30 Junio 2019 ✋ JUSTICIA

By | October 19, 2019

area we are welcome again for
this reading of the last weekend of the month of June wishing it to be
wonderfully for you this end of week
let’s start immediately then thanking as always all your
comments subscriptions on the channel remember that to participate in the
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come on Arians last weekend of the June 26, 98 to June 30,
this 2010 and 9 Aries how to borrow for you we would do this weekend already this weekend is going to
depend on its stability in general emotionally as to how you handle the
situations there are certain There are certain issues related to
couple and family issues that could come out this weekend or
could somehow hinder their tranquility or what with the progress that
have had a certain way there may be look first of all emotionally
things that already know some secret or something that your partner has hidden something
that you feel that maybe also they should speak or they should say or should
let go to be calmer so
emotionally of welfare to you as
try to keep the balance already independent of whatever it is if you
they want to say something try to look for the precise moments now if there is something
as a surprise that comes to them any news to everyone out there could
be a bit more complicated because in family issues especially it comes out
justice reversed and issues come out related to signatures of documents
then to associate a little bit the things I feel that if they are with problems
of buying and selling papers that have to to see with the family the home or their couple
there may be certain conflicts this end of the week that they will have to solve
or they’re going to have to be very careful because you may also be trying to
cheat friends here on issues of I repeat it again signing documents
contracts for the sale of family matters secret judicial issues that you
they come bringing and that has not been solved or that are going to have to be involved
this weekend so have a lot game in everything related to
Justice paper etcetera can also be
certain certain things related to with a medical examination
that they have done some English exam of the results of weekend and
maybe they have to go make changes in their life
in terms of nutrition in terms of issue of pressure then it’s an end to
week where they are going to see some something is they will know or they will receive some of us
says that maybe it’s not very nice anymore that the letters as I tell them are
inverted in the case of the family theme the subject of even people close to
your and that obviously will destabilize
a little to the areas not in terms of emotions remember we would
they are coming, they come with weekend very positive previous ones so
less energetically come from a lot of time that things come out very
ok but this weekend especially they are going to have to take care of what they
I’m commenting or have a lot of eye It will depend as you take
this news if the weekend is positive or negative or it depends on
how do you take it and how do you resolve as I say I can name
several things are in general it is already in couple directly
we are talking about you discovering your partner is having a relationship
injustice they will have to see how solve the problem and those who just
maybe they find out about situations and news arrives regarding some
ex partner and that in some way maybe
destabilized a bit or do it to have doubts about whether you talk to this
person or not because maybe it was unfair in the past then they will
have to handle you and with this 6 of inverted gold they say give to receive
or if you stay stable for nothing will happen another weekend
more pleasant otherwise they will fall in this in this energy a little bit
heavy of familiar topics of friendships of medical exam papers from
things that come to light maybe it they learn that a relative does not know
wants to make a purchase or not or not they gave them a part of something in terms of
money that kind of thing can happen so be very, very attentive in
on issues related to work and money just here plus one appears
some obstacles how much economic issue and I think the Empress that represents
the mother or represents the mother figure then I feel that they are going to have to
weekend give a little more or you’re worried about a topic perhaps familiar in
about money issues maybe the family supports or perhaps
they are a mere spectator but this emotionally equal of march is
worry then they’re going to have to maybe being there supporting the environment
familiar as I say it will depend clearly of how they are involved in
how do you take this news or how can solve the problems that happen
more unnoticed and not not something so strong these issues that I mentioned to you there’s even going to see how true
delayed true as if this feeling of why I have
to go back if he also came in several things because you have to pass
these situations and that do not let me continue with my happiness remember that
last week we had talked that that the environment will not lower the energy
that did not get into things that do not it is up to them to try in some way
to improve the relationship in terms of also to those who had children or to
environment but always with certain distance already so that it did not interfere
in your energy Well, those who paid attention to us
most likely it is that you are representing the letters for this purpose
for others may be learn of situations regarding the
issues of a couple or someone who know and these as news is not
very positive and that emotionally go down or make him feel bad and you
through this one of these as news and circumstances also influences them in what
what is the relationship with the family and have started with a little energy
as I do not know cold distant or who does not want know nothing about anyone then like that
again give some areas back to times that were not very positive
how much emotion do I turn them around to repeat this is a general reading
I’m trying to mention all the points that could occur
but of you that in the first letter in which he commands of you depends
clearly not to go back or to go back and keep moving forward in your life that does not
affect these news that may come and so to be able to keep moving forward
otherwise they will fall again in this kind of situation a little bit complicated
emotional aries let’s ask why
clarify a little reading because I it appears this worries me more the issues
judicial matters related to signature of the document justice
inverted in familiar subjects that is that I could get hurt because I
those two related letters appear with the family and the environment Of course I think that I think they are more
issues that go by communication and that you are going to observe situations of
environment where they are going to have to decide if they intrude or do not interfere
I tell you that it is up to you to spend a nicer weekend or that this
negative energy of the family environment or issues you want are not even directly
from you they put it in there and you have
that obviously intercede and fill with this toxic energy then I do not see that
be bad directly I think it’s more of the surroundings area not what yes
worries is this letter related to the subject of the couple line because I
appears the moon there is talk about the emotions obviously of wanting to talk about
want to be here here and here clear here it’s more complicated then what happens
that the ay the inverted hermit speaks to me to feel alone that they feel that
better that person who is with you it’s for interest
that is not the person you want that is not giving him the necessary support
then how did I tell you this energy in the couple theme maybe going to make
the theme of the family also you walk a little bit of that can be put together
the two things he has because his energy how are you going to lower your vibration or
the news they receive is going to be a little bit heavy they’re going to walk maybe
angry with everyone already then please area I do not know this weekend
They are calm trying to solve things try not to back off in
how much to your attitude with others already and those who are alone maybe know some
person or have some illusion and are given account that this person also
I wanted for interest it really does not interest you and this you
is going to lower them then look at aria not it has been a long time since he read
a little bit complicated they came like I say perfect but for this purpose
week the last of June they will be warning of this energy in terms of
couple issues if they are in a relationship or if they know someone they do not like to
someone can have emotions or things who find out
is going to depress a little bit this is going to carry that in familiar matters you
understand weighed with the milkmaid trying not to catch anyone and that’s
one and the other as I tell you is that it learn about situations in topics
family issues with justice papers documents or have to support the
people the family in medical exams issues that got into some in some
problem with justice and you have to support him have to be there
present then all this kind of situations will be there the energies
they are like there is heavy heavy is not a weekend as nice as the
previous area not but it will depend on you how to take these situations let’s take a tip to finish
the reading I remind you that this only shows us the energy for the purpose of
week is not that everyone is going to happen but for that they must be equal
there attentive to any situation remember this
and get it out with topics the council serves of the angels area not for the last
weekend of June law of the teachers appreciates the presence of the
teachers in your life and find your message or this law of the teachers
for me is that these messages that are may be giving through the tarot
thank you that you may have perhaps any circumstance remembering
this and try not to exploit trying handle things in a way
balanced if you have to stick in something that does not correspond to area no no
get into it because otherwise it’s going to hurt emotionally maybe too
if they are with subjects couple relationships and there are things that you do not trust
some people consider this you see carefully so that
come out injured we are going to take a plus
healing your body tells you what you are doing aria not
your body tells you what you are doing with your conscience or ice
already the second council and we get a letter that represents it of the arcana
older than the rider for this purpose week we would do
and the cute letter strength despite all the things that can happen or that
can you find out about this weekend arian
or familiar topics all that you can lower it says the letter to the
force that you have the power to handle everything so link the 6 gold
in the beginning of the reading tells us give to receive if you fall into the
negative energy are obviously going to come out affected but if you manage to manage
all situations in a way paused dialogue try not to
get involved in things that do not reach him they do not like the issue of
situations of a couple you also have to act with some caution go to
to be able to fight and they will be able to way to have the necessary strength to
spend a nice weekend but it’s going to depend on what area you are not in
in which each one is as they are caught they are telling us that they can get
our family problems so So much the council was given to treat
to be calm and before any circumstance that happens to you with
what I told him to try not to get involved if not if they do not have anything to
see and try to not2 get down if you find out something that you do not
they waited and took it, let’s say forcefully power as they came earlier
because otherwise they will go back a lot in terms of your attitude in
regarding the evolution they had had especially with relationship issues of
partner what what are more more like going out single
or that are starting a relationship or that they are not formalized for that for that
group of not good area dear friends I hope it serves them up to the eye because it is
a weekend a long time ago for the arianos that we get so positive like that
that the tarot always advises us and we warn you take what serves you
of reading and apply it to your life by please share and comment the video for
that can participate in the reading personalized thank you area no

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