Aries Fin de Semana ♈ 8 al 10 Noviembre 2019 + Consejo Semanal

By | November 8, 2019

hello aries friends welcome to
this weekend reading from 8 to November 10 that we will perform with
our tarot of marseille and obviously we will also see how it will be
affected the week that would go from 11 to November 14 general reading dear arians
let’s start immediately seeing how it is affected in the first instance
the weekend from 8 to 10 from 8 to 10 Friday Saturday and Sunday from
this month of November and friends of aries to see
from to see from the week have accepted weekend ago
all these changes that have been making the aries that I’ve explained a lot of
times for those who are already changing and those who somehow realized
of what they had to leave behind what they had to change what they had to
release has brought them as certain conflicts
internal I feel it has cost them and it’s like anger that has the feeling
because I can’t be happy for example love issues is like that
attend to retaliate with others with he either with the family with you
themselves when they saw as angry or is it’s like it’s like they will disconnect or
they were disconnecting from the energy of the universe of god of
stars is like they were true resentment resentment about life
because things can’t come out like you wait or because it takes so long
in getting that emotional stability in all scope because sometimes I do well in
one subject and I am doing badly in the other because I can get everything from one
economic stability couple is well in as for the family then this
sensation of of rage they are as projecting towards
the environment and not good friends of ariel in fact in the comments this same
can see from previous weeks that many say is that I can’t live
without that person they give me I don’t know no I’m doing well I don’t know I don’t explain myself but
I have other areas that are spectacular on money issues then not all
we are the same I explained a lot of times therefore being a read
general they are being told what they have to change in general terms
if you get the issue of improving or drop in couple issues because
they have not made it perfect but those who already they have done understand that this is for
those who are still late and that must continue to enhance the changes
good the positive changes that have done then it’s a weekend where
in general terms they will feel a bit emotionally complicated and this
complication of not having everything or having this disconnection or anger or resentment or not
be or gave even on the subject in some areas
makes family issues in the work issues lower your vibration
notice that there are many energy cards low or stagnant energy the ace of
You beat the line of friendships that I’ve been explaining for a while
very careful with the people who the envious people relate the people
what makes gossip like that people in another country say that
is only with you to appeal to another or who is with you when
they really have a problem and I don’t know they worry when you are when
they are well they have been told a bunch that have to get away from these
people in familiar terms will they feel little understood
feel that doesn’t have no emotional support
where or who to tell you your stuff but it’s also your fault no area
then within fears or fears we are priests tell me about having
fear of not finding that peace in your life not to be like
rewarded by god or the universe and achieve that stability in every field that
it is necessary then it is a weekend where in general terms they will be
sad or they will feel little dear or poorly understood on the line
as a couple those in a relationship I feel that no they will not be bad
Arians who are in a formal relationship and those who have made changes are not going to
be wrong I see that they are weekend inside everything quiet with the couple
those who have no partner and who have ended a relationship they have released
they will also feel calm in as for that subject but at the same time with this
sense of anger about how to take it out on others because it doesn’t
things work for love and Arians who have no partners
long ago clearly because you can’t forget you can’t
drop and still have to make a work regarding the environment in terms of
yourselves in the emotional line general when they feel good they will
find the reason or they will find the road
to bring that person to your life when are well in the relationship
familiar when they come around when they take out the negative people
of your life or hate resentment understand in terms of work and money on 4
golds in the universe energy chart universal inverted
they understand me then everything emotional that you can’t handle and are
visiting with the jet environment and get into this energy of how to cope or
hateful resentment is going to be that too in the line of work lower your
vibration then they should look for the way even to
through the best of the same job barians of the best of the exercise of
go to nature look for necessary items and if they have money
or doing well to get away from all this that can affect them
either to think about the issues family to think about the issues
emotional is going on for focus on the last thing left of this
year 2019 and can start a 2020 of a totally different way
but if they are not going to be in this feeling of the closing of that nobody supports me
that because this is so happened another year more and failed to evolve failed
to take a leap maybe it’s going well for me studies at work but I don’t achieve
being well with a partner failed to find couple i’m fighting with my family well
I don’t have a partner but I have problems labor or economic is not me
reaching or I have a partner and I have I work but I can’t be fine with me
family are we estranged or I want having children means that my partner does not
want or are we in that dilemma of why why why yes why not and that
I’m worried then you should look for that north and that tranquility that makes them
missing first no theres arianos first in you
then begin they will begin to reach the things that you need but
after you sit in a Balance
OK let’s see let’s see why this cup 6 we
appears in the general emotional line look if you don’t talk about depression anymore because
for not making the decision is for being authoritarian for being stubborn for even
sometimes being aggressive by looking for the dig the king of clubs represents how
spend money on unnecessary thing for too much at parties a lot
alcohol a lot for the youngest not focus what it really is maybe
environmental protection by not restructure your life accordingly
from the inside for not understanding that they should make a change from scratch if it is
necessary then your weekend where you
they are going to throw the ear especially those Arians who ignore
then to continue we have the energy for the weekend
eye that totally depends on you from change this energy understanding by
something is being warned of before angels for this weekend we
they say compassion release the judgments towards yourself look
and notice release the judgments towards you himself and others understanding his
point of view i’m talking to him just that I knew they were
authoritarian that who didn’t make decisions that are
disconnected from the universe they were going to be angry with others that
they needed to wake up even from scratch to understand then
for this weekend if they tell us compassion also understand each other
because that person act like you because they are
this person who left did not continue with you because your partner distanced himself from
you because for example no they wanted to have children or I don’t know or they were
totally concerned with their interests but from the other then here says free
the judgments towards yourself and towards others understanding their point of view
so it’s very important that they take this advice so you can
calm down to be able to make decisions and focus again and connect with the
universe and with god because of what otherwise they will continue with this energy
a bit conflicting for the week in this case would be from 2 to 14 if
November from Monday to Thursday to see if it improves look at the invested love letter
He already tells me that they don’t make decisions or be many of you are going to continue in
this bubble and they won’t make decisions Thus therefore it will affect them in others
areas of life such as topics work and money related
because they will be with a vibration negative then most likely
spend money most likely you things appear that are not positive
maybe at work this energy negative they may have or not take
decisions affect them ok then they must make decisions I don’t
I commented for example to those who did not those who have no job already had
said that somehow they need they need to understand first that you
being emotionally calm and stable opportunities will come
they understand me they will reach opportunities but as long as they don’t
and be with your mind focused on others problems can hardly attract that
work they expect or solve economic problems and those with
work will affect energy already I told them and for the week we follow
saying the love letter that if they don’t make decisions on the line
emotional of being well yourselves they will have problems maybe in the
I work because they want to drop everything I hate resentment bad times
emotional with the environment then a lot of eye that’s why you need to
listen to these tips so you don’t have problems are those who have no job
clearly that they won’t attract that I work because with the energy they walk
even if they go to an interview the most likely to project on that
negativism and if not don’t call them so it’s very important that
focus on making decisions to be able to draw these feelings or this energy
negative soon mercury is coming retrograde
it was until the end of December I think so and the energy somehow feels
communication is stagnant the things as quickly as one wants to
so much before mercury between the retrograde should try to solve
all these emotional problems that they have them there a little altered area
no for the areas that are in a relationship
as a couple I still feel that it is coming positive, I don’t see a bigger problem those who have no partner here too
they are given the opportunity during the week of making positive decisions them
I repeat again and may they have a new beginning what has to do with the
heart that starts on a path new to attract love and that’s it
very very good but they should focus already I talked about the work issues that
they could perfectly have opportunities but if they walk with this
energy likely to stagnate what same seven new businesses and already working
in a company very careful with what they talk to what they say how they react
arianos already the friendship issues and close people is only
Routine is only people of interest I repeat it again there are no friends
real at least these days that I will raise support accordingly
so they have to try to change also air air friends there are themes
related to the family you have to do with the mother who should maybe
support her or pay more attention to Arians who have children most likely
is that they feel like with a feeling to protect their children more or be
is asking for more pending of her children and to be more mother present
those who do not have children better this topic that I mentioned
couple issues that maybe your partner I wanted to have children
maybe it’s this week topic the best would be a new energy or
a new a new connection beyond in your current relationship to enhance it
maybe there is the during the week something related to this and
conversations with the couple that would be good for aries to be able to
further specify the relationship for join more as a couple to those who don’t
they have a partner this might be positive single mother make more earrings
your children because this is going to bring the reward given by fate to
through your mother of you as a mother or having a child or getting pregnant is going to
be the answer and it will be like a new very positive path in the life of
the aries motherhood I feel that they are very good advice
area friends for you to have it there present for the
the week the angels tell us as advice the law of the teachers
teachers law there yes says thanks for the presence of
teachers in your life and find your message and these messages can see
they may have to be right through of the ariano tarot these messages that
they are giving you should thank him because many of you are going to serve them and they are going
to understand why many of the things they want they don’t find out then they are
very beautiful messages ariano hopefully serve to move forward these days and
can continue to achieve their goals and as final message as a final message of fairies
for the Arians they say marriage wow, fairies join you
to celebrate our happiness matrimonial but this happiness
matrimonial there will be just the understanding that they have to do with the
couple that I told them they could go a step beyond that perhaps a child a son
or change the views of life makes them advance this marriage no
it only has to do with a couple physics but also with its interior
for me it’s like getting married or getting engaged with oneself also how to commit
To love me to respect me to feel that no one can go over to be with me
as he says in marriage in good times in bad times to give me strength
this marriage also that speaks of that you can change your future if
you love each other respect each other in all circumstances yourselves
so it’s a letter that also gives us a message as different because the
understand this process of not enduring that others pass us over no
keep giving people a chance that are not worth somehow of
make ourselves present or give more love for the environment to our children if they don’t have
children to our mother to our father to deliver not always believe be the number
one ar no longer not always believe to have the reason in everything because it is the big problem
from many areas because they are number one of the zodiac because he always wants to have
the reason because they are sometimes very with the very sharp tongue and then it
repent then you must do those changes that allow them to finish this
year 2019 in a different way and because not from now on November yet
that we have time so understand these aries messages you can
you must be happy you can leave forward my friends from areas that have
economic problems my friends in areas they can’t forget that person
seek help area friends if not can alone seek help the
orient some alternative therapy to somewhere where do healing cleansing
energetic and let’s get ahead all good would make us comment and share
the video I leave my data in the description I leave the screens of
end of the special singles for the month November for those who have not
seen and thank you very much for your great support area us

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