Aries Month of December Horoscope and Astrology Outlook

By | September 19, 2019

#December #Reading #tarot #Monthly Aries December 2018 Horoscope. Why wait until New Year’s Eve to start plotting
your next moves? This entire month sets your sights on the big picture, inspiring you to
expand your limits. Not only is the Sun in Sagittarius and your worldly, horizon-broadening
ninth house until December 21, but lucky Jupiter is also here from November 8, 2018, until
December 2, 2019. For the next year, your biggest dreams will move to the fast track,
especially ones associated with travel, media, higher learning and entrepreneurship. In astrology, Jupiter is the “ruler” of both
Sagittarius AND the ninth house, so you’ve got a triple shot of this auspicious energy—like
rocket fuel in your tank for the next 12 months. Pretty awesome! But with such a strong “footloose
and fancy-free” vibe, your gambling instincts are also dialed up high. During Sagittarius
season, you’ll be especially impulsive, so DO try to think of the consequences for a
sec before you jump without a parachute. If you’re planning to take a calculated risk, the December 7 Sagittarius new moon lines
everything up perfectly. With a “fresh start” lunar lift, the energizing Sun AND Jupiter
here, the seeds you plant could yield a bumper crop over the next six months. Make sure to
cultivate something you actually WANT since you’ll get a bounty. Any inspiring initiatives
launched at the new moon will be cosmically catalyzed—especially if they unite people
across differences or spread a hopeful message. You’ll have lots to celebrate at the new moon because the day before, December 6, communication
planet Mercury ends a frustrating retrograde that began on November 16, scrambling signals with
communication, technology and travel. Mercury was retrograde in Sagittarius until December
1, then backed into Scorpio and your intense eighth house for its final backslide. During
the first week of December, keep extra-tight tabs on your finances and strengthen your
passwords since Mercury’s mayhem could impact sensitive data. Relationships might also be
tainted by jealousy or cutting comments that leave you both feeling wounded. Think twice
before you say THAT. Once Mercury turns direct (forward) on December 6, you can breathe a sigh of relief because
we’ll FINALLY be free of 2018’s seemingly endless procession of retrograde planets—from
Mercury to Mars to Venus and back to Mercury again, at times without a break in between.
Any relationships left standing ought to last for the long haul after all those loyalty
tests you’ve gone through! As excited as you are, though, you’ll want to regulate your energy so you don’t burn
out. Your ruling planet, Mars, is powered down in Pisces and your sleepy twelfth house
from November 15 until December 31. You might short-circuit if you overextend yourself—and
it will be tough to resist the deluge of tempting invitations and offers. But if you keep going
for “just one more,” you could crash. Mix up all the ambitious action with plenty of
enchanting escapes—or at least a few rejuvenating breaks. With aggravating Mars in this codependent
zone, you can get sucked into holiday drama if you don’t keep firm boundaries, especially
on December 7, when Mars makes a rare meetup with boundary-blurring Neptune. With the Sagittarius
new moon making you extra-benevolent today, you could easily volunteer for something you
instantly regret taking on. Honor your need for personal space and avoid any energy-draining
rescue missions, especially with needy or demanding loved ones. Visiting family? Spring
for that hotel or Airbnb so you can have all the personal space you need. Mars in Pisces and your twelfth house can
make it hard to unwind, and your immune system will need extra protection from seasonal bugs.
Make an effort to power down your devices a couple hours before bedtime so your mind
and body can relax. Treat your evenings like “spa time” and get into a Zen space with Piscean
pastimes like a guided meditation, soothing music or an essential-oil salt bath. That
could spell the difference between nightmares or insomnia and restorative deep sleep during
which your subconscious untangles thorny emotions and you receive powerful intuitive guidance.
When the red planet zooms into your sign late on December 31 (or January 1, depending where
you live), you’ll be ready for serious action. What a powerful way to start the final year
of this decade! Until then, there’s plenty of planning to do. On December 21, the Sun marches into Capricorn
and your goal-oriented tenth house for a month, helping you turn a few of those starry-eyed
visions into concrete plans. Get a jump-start on the 2019 resolution-making now while you’re
in the proper mindset. Home and family are in the spotlight on December 22, when the year’s second full moon in Cancer
(the first one was on January 1) illuminates your domestic sphere. Need to clear the air
with a relative before the holiday hordes descend? Do it now. This full moon could also
serve up a day of serious bonding. Host an open house for your closest people, do some
final decorating or find an outlet for your nurturing and nesting urges. Thinking of moving
or expanding your brood? The full moon could light the path to your next steps. On December 25, the moon will be in Leo and
your playful, glamorous fifth house. Stick near the mistletoe because romance could be
on the agenda, both Christmas Eve and all of Christmas Day. Or you could organize a
day of games and fun activities while you’re in this whimsical, spontaneous mood. On New Year’s Eve, the moon will be in intense,
private Scorpio, and you might prefer a more exclusive vibe. Or…so you think! At 9:20
pm EST, your ruling planet, Mars, wakes up with a jolt as it blazes into Aries for seven
weeks—a visit that only happens every two years. Suddenly, you’ll have no idea why you’re
wearing fluffy slippers and a robe instead of dancing shoes and a tight, shiny number.
Keep a backup outfit ready: You could spontaneously swap them for a shimmering ensemble and head
out to a wonderfully random spot for an impromptu midnight adventure, welcoming in 2019 with
exuberance and excitement!

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