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I this the weekly horoscope for Aries for
the week of october second 2016 below my Rams i’m still collaborating
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glossary so if you subscribe to my channel check it out alright and i think that’s it so this
week you guys north node is sextiling Venus in the 6 and 8th house I feel with this
energy be open-minded in a new way of thinking or even looking at your health
in a different way I feel for some of you may be introduced to new age stuff
and New Age materials and just a holistic way of doing things and
thinking and it may be a bit much for you because it wanted represents change
and then 2: for some of your traditional kind of stuck in your way of thinking
which is fine untraditional to so when I see new things I kind of I like the
tapping i got introduced by Suzanne Gunderson got to understand and you can
find her on my on my Facebook fan page but like literally I was reading her and
then all the sudden because she asked me if i wanted to do it and I was like and
she just started doing and I was just like okay you know like literally like a
like a horse to water she had to like put ya think she’ll like don’t she’s a
she’s a scorpio rising so she like literally don’t my head in the water we
drink okay good so yeah it’s kind of like you guys are
kinda like that it’s like uh you know so that’s what’s going on there you’re
being introduced something that is very foreign to you and you’re not used to it ok so try to be open mind that give it a
chance give it a chance dip your dip your toe in the pool and see if you like
it ok I’m not ask me to swim just dip your
toe just like you okay I’m done alright that’s it that’s not a sec
tiling saddened in some of my past I feel for some of you at this time you
have an opportunity to teach others or mentor others i feel for others of you
updating yourself on your career can come up thoughts of going back to school
I feel opportunities to change present themselves but at this time again sec
tiling your kind of thinking about it you don’t want to jump into new things
just thinking about it for some of you opportunities to date someone new who is
the exact opposite of you the exact opposite ok like the other side of the spectrum
comes from the other side of the world different cultural things background is
different you know it’s kind of like oh no alright Venus is sextiling Pluto in
the tenth and 8th house I feel with this energy investment opportunities or
collaborations or business partnerships present themselves or job opportunities
present themselves at this time you are just thinking about it weighing the pros
and cons probably the money that’s probably not making you look yeah you know or the lack of money so
for others of you you have lots of ideas when it comes to making money or money
making projects Mars is squaring Jupiter in the tenth and 7th house I feel with
this energy changes happening this weekend you may not be in control the
changes that are happening so you’re giving mixed signals to others you might
even be a bit more difficult or allowing your emotional self I’m come out and talk like and like say
like all sorts of weird word vomit to the person because you don’t know
because you don’t want to take time ok you don’t want to slow down and take
time and emotionally process everything that’s going on because one it doesn’t
make sense to you but you don’t want to slow down and think about it instead you
just want to like you just want a word vomit on this person everything that
you’re feeling instead of like sitting there and emotionally thinking about it
and allowing yourself to process because God forbid you guys love that damn train
down okay I’m for some of you may lose a friend over it because you’re being too
fixed in your way of thinking and it’s going to take a toll on your
relationship ok the Emperor card I feel like here I
feel like thoughts of businesses coming up with this energy also your confidence
is up the energy is a lot better now you feel more in control of your situation
or you want to be more in control of your situation the two of swords you
know like i said you have a lot of planets that are sec tiling right now so
you have a lot of ideas and a lot of things that are up in the air that
you’re not going to do for some of you this is a situation in your life and
you’re just trying to hold out for more money for others of you you know at this
time there could be too many directions for you to go into and you need to think
about it all right but instead of slowing down and thinking about it you
guys are emotionally processing seeing it out loud and you know doing your
thing you know the three of coins i feel with this energy here that this is going
to be a time of growth i feel that whatever situation that you’ve been
planning for it’s going to work out better than you thought the magician
card with this energy try to keep the energy positive this week as above so
below the two of swords here tells me you’re refusing to make any decisions at
this time ok so you’re definitely being stubborn you’re doing the SExtiling thing you’re
slowing down at this time and you’re being more cautious about new
opportunities coming your way you’re being more cautious for some of you is
confusion there’s too much going on too fast and you’re not in control of the
situation the wheel of fortune card there will be a turn of events coming up
this week so and keep it positive you know it’s going
to be kind of rough because you’re not in the driver’s seat somebody else is
and that’s kind of the problem there and on top of that they’re not keeping you
in the loop so you’re turned off by the situation because you want you know you
want to be pop you want to be part of it you want to be more involved you know so
you can have a bit of control over it is what’s going on the night . i feel also
with this energy money opportunities to present themselves also the mind and the
money and the money undermine like always the Seven Swords I feel with this
energy you’re not expressing your emotional self and you’re keeping a lot
to yourself I’m during this time so this is going to cause problems too because
you’re not saying anything and you’re just allowing all your frustrations to
build up and then it’s going to explode like a teapot the eight of swords I feel a lot of your past issues in your
hangups and things from your past that you have you have thought of as proof
that nothing goes right or prove that people use you and cheat on you and got
out off you know all those negative hang-ups that you have you need to work
on starting to let them go because they’re really affecting what you are
trying to do they’re affecting your relationship you’re affecting your your
your life your personal like they’re not helping you to grow so this is a perfect
time to start working on yourself it may be slowing down the train a
little bit because you’re not moving this week anyways so this would be an
excellent time to work on you and let go of your emotional hang-ups that are
still affecting your situations ok something to think about this week the
nine of swords filled with this energy you need to search yourself um with this energy especially when it
comes to things that you want to be a part of but you want more control over
the situation if you also with this energy that i feel that there is there
is loneliness around you and there is sadness around you i do see a
tragic event but the cards want you to know that you’re not you’re not to blame
but it doesn’t take away the pain but your exonerated from what what has
happened and what is going on ok let me see the nine of coins i feel
with this energy for some of you thoughts of moving are coming up the
focus can be more towards on property matters and dealing with people in
regards to property matters with this energy the Hermit card does talk of
loneliness with this energy for some of you with this card the loneliness is
something that I feel like more of a fight that happened and the only way to
get back this person is that you would have to reach out to this person and
apologize alright so this may take a while ok I’m
the devil card I feel with this energy you need to be careful with your
emotional self this week because I do see you picking up your ball and going
home ok whatever it is that is going on in
your life be it with love relationships or with career you want to pick up your
ball you want to quit ok because either they’re not doing what
you want to do you don’t feel like you’re in control I don’t feel like you’re in control of
the situation at all I don’t feel like I feel like you’re more about your more of
the players you’re not one of the lead players is the problem and you’re not
feeling important enough for feeling the respect so you’re all in your feelings
about this so this is something that you need to work on and let go those
feelings and let go of ego during this time and allow yourself to emotionally
process the situation before you go jumping into conclusions and assuming
stuff ok and a temperance card I feel with
this energy that you are I feel like there is confrontation around you during
this time but at the same time you’re staying out of it you’re allowing it to
happen and it’s happening but at the same time you’re biting your tongue on a
lot of things you’re not really you know you’re not doing the horns out and ready to go down and go beat
somebody you’re more like you know blah blah my head move move em click OK and
then you’re like whatever you know you’re not full blown areas yet alright you just hold you just hold it
you’re just holding and biting your tongue and but in just keeping your
hands behind your back and your mhm mhm come at me come at me alright so you
know at this time you know you’re dealing with a lot of things because
again it’s time for you to slow the train down ok so when you start getting all like
you know how you know I don’t try to act coy there is no cool I in those Rams em
you know how you get I know how you get don’t lie don’t lie okay you’re gonna lie to me all day to
the calcium come home but who don’t lie I know how you get so unkind so when you start feeling like all crazy
and like you’re gonna make me going to hurt somebody or like you are really
ruin your relationship it’s time for you to slow down take a breath breathe okay
and it’s time for you to start slowing the train down okay when you start
feeling really reactive it means that you need to emotionally process
something emotionally acknowledge something because you’re not
acknowledging your emotional self and you’re not giving yourself a time to
process and to really think about the situation you’re just assuming a bunch
of stuff that is not true ok so this is something to think about
this week because I love my Rams i love them i don’t want to see you guys in
jail and I don’t want to see you on the YouTube you know chasing people around
and say I’m going to kill you I’m going to kill you don’t do that because I’m
gonna be like oh my gosh look like all right hopefully like oh not not not
probable ok so i love my Rams that’s why I give
you guys a little bit of help because I like you guys having peas and being
happy happy Rams ok so i love you guys make sure to like subscribe and share
kisses mwah


  1. Infin8 Freedom Post author

    genle ou bliye Scorpio?Pa fem sa siste😄
    did you forget about your scorpians?!

  2. Mz. Alexandria Post author

    awww…..I love you too Mari….. 😍 your are always on point with me. I listen to you talk and I see everything your saying happening

  3. Tiffany Berry Post author

    "don't lie to me mmmmhmm" 😂😂😂you're hilarious! thanks Marie Xx

  4. Green Genes Post author

    Thanks for reminding me to keep my mouth shut and my head down. I'm on the last month of a 6 month contract and we are at the finger pointing stage of the project. I'm counting the days until I'm outta there.


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