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hey Aries welcome to your August 2019
who’s my future partner reading this is Laurem with the clarity cure. welcome back
thank you for being so patient this month I started with Pisces and I will
rotate every other month just to keep it fair for everybody I did get a little
bit behind so thank you for being so patient and getting your reading to you
for August hang in there I am doing a love reading as well so we’re gonna
start with who’s my future partner if you new to my channel today would love
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okay I meditated I shuffled we’re gonna get these cards out for you and jump
right in here Aries I also want to mention that we will do some clarifying
if necessary oracle cards will come as well after the love reading so let’s see
what we have for you aries wow you’re going through you know this is really
kind of nice to see and i know maybe you’ve gone through a major
transformation many of us have with the Eclipse season mercury goes retrograde
thank the Lord so we had a lot going on in July coming out of the weeds so to
speak but it looks like you guys have done the work now doesn’t necessarily
mean it was easy okay and you still can be going through a lot of changes here
in August but I do see a sad coming in for you final outcome card two of swords
bottom of the deck six of coins nice very nice who had this make sure you check
out your Munna rising sign six of coins has come up a lot as well as death and
transformation for a lot of the signs as well I’m seeing a real turn here for the
better for you Aries if you’ve been looking for love wanting to meet
somebody this is balance and fairness coming and love for you a turn for the
better with the six of coins here this is quite promising you’re going through
a major transformation for the month of August
there is the Sagittarius coming in if the temperance card here who’s my future
partner and what do they like this is Major Arcana so
I think this person really has it together maybe they’re trying to find
some balance in their life trying to get on the right path or going
with the flow maybe they’re not so quick to commit I am seeing the Paycheck ups
here as your obstacles so this tells me that even though this could be a new
relationship it’s not maybe as flirty as you would like or fun do you have the
pages swords here they could be a little younger than you not necessarily but
maybe they’re a little pessimistic they’re working on finding their truth
they’re working on you know getting their life together okay so maybe
they’re not ready to commit 100% it almost feels like it’d be a little
staunch for you with the king of swords here what kind of relationship would
this be the king of swords this is Wow an authority figure because he is a king
and it’s almost as if I feel like there’s a certain amount of rulership in
the relationship the good thing is that the you know the king of sorts does cut
away any kind of crap or delusion because they they like to get to the
core issue of all the problems and it is next to the page a source is like this
person’s going from the page of swords to the king of swords but I don’t know
if that would work for you part of you feel let’s say page of coins what is
that saying page of coins at two pages so how will they make you feel well this
is kind of sweet I mean it’s almost as if you both would be you know on the
same playing field you know page page right but my pager
coins is it’s a new beginning it’s but it’s not super romantic okay
so that’s what I was picking up on here actually you got three pages the page
Jacob’s paycheck coins Peja swords maybe they’re a little immature that could
very well be but the relationship would be I don’t know I’m not liking this king
of swords here although if we look at the two of swords okay there could be
some delusion here so I think I think you have gonna have to make a choice or
a decision to really take down the blindfold okay uncross your arms here
and make a decision what works for you because you’re not feeling so
necessarily so romantic however you see them as truthful although they could be
pessimistic so it’s like I almost feel as though both of you are transforming
you’re both going through a lot of changes right now and that’s not to say
that it wouldn’t work out moving into September let’s do some clarifying here
cuz this one’s a little tricky I want to make sure the death card here that maybe
there’s some stuff you need to let go of before you can move forward with this
relationship create some space here for something new Knight of cups there will be a romantic
offer from this person oh I love that so take down the blindfolds move through
whatever you need to clean up in your life this is great change creating space
for something new okay moving from one phase of your life
to the next so there’s something you need to close the door on here Aries you
know maybe it’s the ending of things that you do in a certain way with in a
relationship could be very possible or the fact that it’s just not gonna happen
in the month of August it’s that simple however I feel you can get to the heart
of the matter here and make the decisions that you need to do to be more
open-minded here okay so I think you’re gonna have to yeah kind of take on that
energy of alright I’m ready to let go I’m ready to move on this could be a
little bit of some games going on here as well I’m picking up like you’re
giving this person the silent treatment but I think you’re gonna have to face
and deal with and I think that’s why the king of swords is you have to face and
deal with what the issue is here with this person or just being able to
communicate even if you don’t feel romantically inclined towards this
person there’s a lot of young energy here what else is coming in ten of cops
Wow Aries you know this could be the love of your life here with the ten of
cups there’s an offer of love coming in whoa and the ten of cups
is my happily ever after card so this is quite romantic this is quite beautiful
this is everything coming full circle that you’d ever want what else is coming
in oh it’s a coins brand new beginnings yeah you know be kind to yourself
strength at the bottom of the deck that’s Leo we’re in Leo season as well
strength and patience is going to be called here for I really feel errors
that that that the Eclipse season on all this growth and transformation for all
of us on many many levels going back to what I’ve been saying like
if you catch my weekly that’s going back to what you really value what you really
want a relationship maybe some of you ended a relationship what have we got
under the six of coins ah the devil that makes sense so maybe there’s some I
don’t know bad news from the past or there’s been a lot of ego with your
relationships or perhaps you’ve been inclined to being a codependent
relationship to the for a coin yeah you would definitely hurt here somewhere
along the line maybe even cheated on but things are moving forward for you keep
the ego in check however I also feel that that’s part of this transformation
that you enter the relationship and you’re still moving forward and boom
here comes as Sagittarius but it’s like both of you are dealing with maybe
endings on both your ends and it’s gonna have to it’s gonna take a little time
see what the page of cups as your obstacle yeah this is you know my dad a
dream card and getting in touch with your inner child and feeling romantic
and texting and flirty communication with one another and as your obstacle
it’s just it’s just not starting out that way however whoa whoa Aries I mean
I gotta say there’s an offer of love coming in and it’s everything you’d ever
want and it’s a brand-new beautiful beginning with the ace of coins and
without a doubt very very powerful so be kind to
yourself okay stay strong and have faith have courage here okay in dealing with
what you need to hear let’s pull you your oracle card see if there’s any
additional insight that might be coming in for you this person could be going
through some healing too as well I just heard that a very spiritual card and
there there’s something to be said here about some divine timing it’s almost as
if this person is being guided to you but they might not know yet okay that
you are the one that’s some healing that needs to take place for the month of
August God for you oh the fate see I just said that whoa
yeah you’re fated to meet this person that’s really amazing how I picked up on
that you know very similar to to the temperance energy where there’s a
certain amount of divine intervention here with you – it just looks a little
rocky it’s like you’re not feeling super romantic about this person maybe not
really attracted to them however they’re kind of I would say negative there just
may be pessimistic is a better word for it okay so you’re not quite on the same
page that’s okay hey be whoa you will be alright this this
person is gonna come in and definitely make an offer of love here – – or I
shouldn’t say love but you know interests like maybe let’s go out on a
date let’s you know get to know each other and that’s leaving the month of
August all right it’s a very very promising Wow meant to be mm-hmm all
right I’m gonna pull some love Oracle cards this is traditionally for
my couples Aries however if the messages resonate with you some of the signs did
kind of get a continuation of the who is my future partner and others were
completely separate so we’ll just see what comes through and go with it have
for you healing family issues okay so some of you might need to address dealing with any pain or hardship that
has maybe created some animosity this could also be Wow for each one of you
can be different like it could be a death in the family or dysfunction in
the family this could be dealing with family dynamics like what was your
relationship like with your parents and how does that resonate in your current
relationships right for yourself it’s time to take back control of your life
mm-hmm maybe you know being caught up in any kind of anxiety or fighting here can
definitely make you feel like you’ve lost yourself and this that energy was
kind of coming through with the devil here I mean there’s there’s definitely
some codependent maybe some dysfunctional energy here within your
relationship it’s time to let all that go and you know mercury
retrograde it back into cancer so when he starts to move forward stations go
direct the first of August 31st first he’ll be in cancer and this is again
going back to having that opportunity once again to heal any family issues
because Mercury’s in cancer and cancer is all about the family right so it’s
almost like even though we went he was in uh where was he in it was a Taurus
when he first went retrograde he went back into cancer okay so really
important that you take this opportunity to kind of it’s like the last go-around
right before we move into Leo okay and creating some new complete new phase in
our life okay what else we got playfulness at recapturing romance allow
your youthful spirit to shine and have fun so this could be getting away a
little bit with each other or maybe you know lightening up sometimes we take
life so seriously and flirt you know I mean you have you have this you have
this as your obstacle with you know who’s my future partner so that energy
seems to be coming through with my couple to em let me show this to you Aries as well so taking a little
vacation or just spending time alone together having fun doing sports getting
outside doing whatever it is you enjoy together as a couple and then oh wow
codependency yep see I said that earlier that was coming through the devil card
so maybe needing to look that where your relationship is going in
general because of addictions or dysfunction right and healing family
issues okay addressing what needs to make what
changes need to be made I mean I see you guys cycling into a whole new phase here
a turn for the better I mentioned that earlier
however dysfunction we’ll just keep cycling you know so it does really need
to be addressed you need to free yourself from whatever is holding you
back from having a healthy relationship honeymoon at the bottom of the deck
getting out of town retreat came up for a lot of my couples to this doesn’t
nervously mean honeymoon per se but it’s vacation it’s just the two you getting
away for a for some romantic time alone together and with playfulness I would
definitely say without a doubt sounds like a really really good plan
and sometimes you know this could be with the two of swords as I see this all
kind of into mingling here both spreads of both readings is facing your truth
right needing to move on and sometimes this card meets someone doesn’t want you
to win so you’re being stubborn but you have to face and deal with what’s been
making you feel stuck definitely feel it’s it’s healing issues and
codependency could be some addiction issues as well that’s creating some
havoc in your life and just needing to face that it’s not always easy
let’s pull you a guardian angel card as well for your Aries yeah maybe there’s a sense of what
they’re saying is there’s like no control you feel like a victim so speak
your truth have to speak your truth safe travels st. Christopher okay you tough
we need to get out of town some of you are definitely traveling taking this
vacation without a doubt st. Christopher here is – it is he’s kind of blessing
the trip so if you don’t have a trantric plan I would say definitely definitely
get out of town and spend some time along with your loved one you have many
many blessings here on your travels that’s really kind of sweet I like that
he doesn’t come up that often so for those of you that already have a trip
plan well you’re you’re golden here you know Mercer mercury retrograde is over
and I would say the month of August it’s definitely gonna have a lighter tone to
it moving into leo season very very exciting and speak your truth check that
out look what’s at the bottom definitely I’m feeling that here
everywhere for you Aries I mean mm-hmm oh yeah and we had the king of swords –
but I don’t feel this is gonna be able to move forward until you deal with if
you’re healing your family issues as well and that excuse me is the major
transformation here for both singles and couples okay I feel like both of you are
transitioning in the same way and that’s very common
based on the astrology that sometimes you know we’re we’re affected by the
energy depending on where different planets
fall and I feel definitely that this is coming together for you quite nicely but
there’s some work to do get out of tab and that’s the first thing I would say
make sure you have your travel plans all set to go maybe even some therapy would
be helpful here or some healing sessions doing the metaphysical thing to kind of
maybe raise your vibration and shake loose all that stagnant energy and what
doesn’t serve you anymore okay so I want to wish you all the best Aries for the
month of August god bless you I’m doing a 50% off 30 minute reading sale it’s
for my two year anniversary here on YouTube if anybody’s interested I’ll put
that information in the eye in the sky and what else make sure you check out
your lunar rising and we’ll see you in the next one
take care bye bye

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