Aries Tarot 🂮 ❤️ Love Will Wait, If You Want It To! * Psychic Reading

By | October 20, 2019

Hi Aries this is Reverend Renee I’m here
with a reading for you how you have you guys been doing well Aries I’ve been
looking at your astrology also got some special numbers for you gonna be looking
at your archetypes wants you to subscribe and share the video on social
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the video playlists for your Sun Sun your moon sign your steps in that time
even if you had a stellium if you have four or more planets and or asteroids in
a sign that may be a playlist you need to watch also there’s no time or
distance in spirit so we’re not stuck to dates even though I am recording this on
May 9th 2019 each of these is titled with the message
that came through most of the videos are titled so you watch what you need to
watch at the time special numbers are for sixteen twenty to thirty nine and
forty eight we’ve got a couple of different situations happen here ok so
Venus is in your sign this month and we have the Hermit a spending time alone
kind of in your head which makes sense as over the next few years you probably
will be with Chiron in your sign and your particular zodiac sign Aries is
concerning the head the mind the eyes everything that’s associated with your
head a lot of the senses eyes ears smelling taste are associated with your
head so it’s time for you to kind of really understand where you are
okay we have the beginning of love romance here and also communication I’m
getting the help you need talking to people really trying to figure it out
you know there’s a that’s gonna happen a little bit later on in the next few
weeks where you after you sit there and think about what you are feeling or what
you want to do then it’s going to start to prompt action okay you may decide you
want to get medical care you want to go somewhere and and get someone to help
you to figure things out and there is nothing wrong with that because one of
the things that Chiron wants to do and and what Vesta and your son also to
bring order is not cute okay so sometimes what it will do is it will
bring problems to the forefront that need to be taken care of and then once
it’s at the forefront and people begin to get involved because it it does take
a village not just to raise a child but to do basically everything then things
will become in order and you’re gonna be happier once this happens then you were
before even though it feels hard and it’s new you’re gonna like it because
you’ve got some good things coming for you now let’s see look like some of you
have decided to take a break okay I get it
so your overall energy is hey been there done that it’s time for me to go take
care of myself again these are swords here so basically when you’re dealing
with swords you’re dealing with the mind and then you’re also dealing with
temperance you’re at the point where you can’t overload okay your amygdala has
had it that’s the part of the brain that processes emotions fight-or-flight
you just overloaded so you’ve decided you’re gonna take it one step at a time
here a little there a little one foot in the water and the motions but you
keeping your other foot on land meaning you’re not gonna get caught up with
anything I hear you Aries I hear you and so even though somebody may be coming
back to you from your past because we got a little or Union for some of you it
may be a new person and you may even work with this person
or you may this person may be a businessman or this may be a job that’s
coming to you to ask you to come back and it seems like a celebration and
everything seems good but once again you saying hey I’ll give you a little bit
I’ll give you a little bit but I’m not gonna give it all to you see these
people begging you Aries I’ll give you a little bit but you don’t get it all why
because temperance you’ve got to manage your emotions you’ve got to manage your
time you need to take care of your mental health so you are not gonna let
anybody come and mess that up okay I don’t blame you Aries I am so with you
that you have no clue so good luck to you guys take care bye-bye

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