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Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika! Today I’m going to be doing my next zodiac look. I’m going to be doing Aries. It’s a lot. If you’ve seen any of the other looks, you know. I go all out for these looks. Don’t care if I’m extra. So I did a fire kind of eye look. Not even kind of. Dead-ass. Just straight fire on my eyes. And then I did the Aries sign right here. I’m really tired. It’s like 10:00 p.m. I really just want to go to sleep. I’m really, really happy with this look. I’m not gonna go to sleep until I get a bunch of pictures with this. So . . . At the beginning of all my zodiac looks, I look so f-ing whack, because I always have one eye done. So I’m about to look so ugly. So just prepare yourself. Three, two, one . . . Ugly! Hey, y’all. It’s your favorite cracky. I’m gonna be doing my Aries look. This is, like, a hundred percent — not really a hundred percent — it’s like 65 percent inspired by on Instagram. This picture just showed up in my Explore feed, and I screenshotted it, because I knew that I was gonna need it for the Aries look. I’m doing something kind of inspired by this. I’m doing different colors, though. And I’m going to do face makeup, obviously. So this is gonna be kind of a crazy look. And I just wanted to start on the first eye, just to make sure that I could do it. And I couldn’t. It took me literally three tries. This is my third try today. I’ve tried it before, too. Don’t even get me started on those. It’s gonna take a lot of my focus to do a tutorial for the eye part, so we’re not going to talk about Aries until I’m done with my eyes. We’re gonna talk about Aries once I’m on my face, because I need the utmost concentration right now. Basically, I’m gonna start off with a lighter concealer. It honestly doesn’t really matter what f-ing shade of concealer you use. I’m gonna put that all around my eye, because you see it kind of comes up underneath here. We’ll end up concealing more later, but you just want to have the base. For the Aries look, I decided to do fire, because that’s the f-ing sign. And there are other fire signs, obviously. But Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and . . . I don’t know. I feel like they are super strong-willed and fire-wy . . . Fi . . . Fire-wy! They’re super strong-willed and fiery, So even though there are other fire signs, I feel like Aries is the most fiery of the fire signs. I’m not setting that. And I’m gonna take the NYX Red Vivid Brights Eyeliner. You can also use a red lipstick. And then, take a fine brush like this. This is difficult. Like, this is the hardest part of this look. It was just hard for me, because I’m not really an artist. I’m not really great at drawing in proportion. It just took me a while to get a good set up of flames, and it still is a little much. Like, it’s definitely . . . I definitely probably could’ve done better. [drops something on the floor] I started with this. So, this one’s gonna go through your eyebrow, just the end. Obviously, it’s fire. Like, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it still needs to look like fire. That’s why I feel like it’s so hard. So just kind of make them curvy. She makes them thick. This, honestly, may take a bunch of tries for you, and that’s fine. Just wipe off everything, put more concealer down, and start again. This eyeliner is really dry and crusty, so . . . I wonder if I have eyedrops. Hang on. Will that make it worse? I don’t know. We’ll find out. Okay, I just added a drop of Visine. Another tip is you want to all have them leaning this way. If you start having some leaning this way, and then some leaning that way, it’ll look really weird. I learned that the hard way. And just take your time with this. It’s definitely worth . . . I’m gonna kill myself. And then, as you’re going towards the lower lashline, just start doing little lines. I don’t know if that makes sense. Like, go out and in, and out and in. Instead of trying to actually make waves. I don’t really think that made any sense. I can turn this off, and we can balance the light out again. But, yeah. Once you have that, you’re looking like a snack. Obviously, they don’t have to be symmetrical, but just kind of the same general shape. Now what you’re gonna do is, I’m gonna take the James Charles Morphe Palette, but you can just take any palette with red, yellow, and orange in it. I’m gonna take the shade “Bee,” which is the yellow shade. And I’m just gonna pack that all over my lid. I don’t know why I’m going up at the end of my sentences. But you really want to pack this on. Get it nice and pigmented. Now I’m gonna take the shade “518,” I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called. Just the brightest orange in there. And just, on the same brush, but on the other side. And I’m just gonna blend out the edges of that yellow. Start going into the flames, maybe, a little bit. Now we’re going to take two brushes for the red. A flat brush. And we’re gonna use the tip of that to shade. And then, we’re also gonna use a little pencil brush so that we can get right up in the tips. I’m taking the shade “You’re Kidding” from the James Charles Morphe Palette, which you do have to layer on a little bit, especially when you’re using a brush like this. And again, take your time with this. Try and stay inside the edges. If you go too fast, then you’re just gonna end up f-ing it up. If you really want to concentrate the color, go in with the little pencil brush, and just get a bunch of color on there. When the red meets the orange, take the the larger brush that you’re using and just kind of blend. I don’t know. It doesn’t even have to be super neat. If you use the NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner, and you blend like that, the eyeliners are gonna start crusting up. That’s what happens to me. You can always just go back in, or you can find a better way to blend it, but . . . I’m sorry. I really need to listen to music while I do this. I’m gonna go crazy. I’m just gonna go back into the orange shade, and add more of that to the crease. Blend it out just a little bit more. So now I think I’m at the point where I don’t have to focus so deeply, that I can start telling you about Aries. I’m going to prime my face to start. First thing that you should know about Aries is that Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. Like, the first sign in the zodiac wheel. So all the hoes that were telling me that the zodiac actually starts with Capricorn, that’s just not true. And I started with Aquarius, because that was the first . . . Like, that was when I had the idea. Everybody was coming for me. They were like, “Why didn’t you do Capricorn first?” I’m sorry. Since they’re the first sign in the zodiac, they actually tend to put themselves first, see themselves first. Sometimes it will work in their favor, but sometimes it will, obviously, work against them. I don’t know very many Aries, but I know a few. And a lot of websites were telling me that Aries are really outgoing. And they’re not necessarily outgoing in the way that you think. They’re not “energetic, bubbly” outgoing. They’re more like “risk-taking” outgoing. Like, they will go out and do sh–, even if they haven’t thought it through completely. Even if it will end up hurting others. Wow. Clearly, I have some issues with Aries. But it’s fine. I’m gonna conceal underneath my eyes. We’re gonna go back once we’re closer to the end of the look and we’re gonna clean up the plames at the . . . [sigh] I can’t speak. [burps] The flames on the lower lashline. I took notes on Aries, because I’m . . . slow. I never told you what the date is. I’m pretty sure it’s March 21st or March 20th to April 19th. So right before 4/20. 4/20 is the start of Taurus. It’s kind of sick, actually. Aries are fire signs, obviously. In case you didn’t get that already. Because of that, some of their most strong traits, like I said, are being very, like . . . They just . . . they have balls. So they’re very ballsy. Courageous. They’ll take risks. Not afraid to try new things, even if . . . they didn’t think everything out. Yeah. Aries are kind of bad-asses, sometimes. Sometimes they’re obnoxious, but . . . I thought this was so interesting: A bunch of the websites I read said that they’re lackluster emotionally, and I totally get that! But sometimes they can be really aggressive. Sometimes they can come on too strong. But other times, they just seem like normal people. But they’re just down to take big risks. They play and they work really hard. They have the fire energy running through them. And I’m actually taking a yoga class right now, and we’re talking about all the elements, because they relate to our chakras. And the fire element is associated with your core. And when we were doing our fire workout, it was crazy intense. And I feel like that’s what I think of when I think of Aries. They’re just really fast-moving, you know? And I think it’s really interesting, because . . . I’m sure that there are some Aries that their personality is really fiery, too. But you can be an Aries and be fiery without having a fiery personality. Like, you can be really shy and quiet and still be outgoing and not afraid to take chances. I don’t even know. Other fire signs . . . I’m pretty sure . . . the other fire signs, I know Scorpio is a fire sign. Wait, that’s not true. It could be a water sign. Zodiac fire signs. Oh, I’m f-ing stupid. Leo is definitely one of them. Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Okay, yeah. Scorpio is a water sign. I’m so stupid. We went over that in my last video. Scorpions live in the desert, so I don’t know. I got confused. I don’t wanna talk about it. Now that we’re done with concealer, I’m gonna go just back in real quick, finish up the lower lash line. I’m also gonna touch up the eyeliner, because it did crust off in some places. Bruh. I love having the world’s shakiest hands. I literally can’t do jack sh– with my hands. Okay. So what I’m gonna do for the lower lash line is, I’m gonna do orange, and then yellow in the water line. And then blend the orange out with red. And I don’t know if that’s gonna work, because I don’t know how you blend out a lighter color with the darker color. But that is what’s gonna have to happen. Okay. So I’m gonna take the red, and I’m gonna connect that. I’m taking that on the flat brush that we took earlier. And I’m gonna almost draw a new water line, but kind of where your first under-eye bag is. Kind of like . . . yeah. You know. I don’t know if everybody has them in the same place as me, but . . . Now I’m gonna take this brush. Take the orange, and then blend in that little patch of skin between our red line and our actual water line. I’m gonna go back in with the red. Blend that a little bit more. And then, I’m gonna take . . . I have this LA Girl yellow eyeliner. You can use whatever brand you have. This is in the shade “Screamin”! It’s the Neon Shockwave Eyeliner. And I’m gonna . . . Wow. Put that in my water line. What a concept. Ooh. Oh my god. This actually looks kind of cool. So now, we have the eyes done. So, off camera I think I’m gonna fill in my eyebrows and put on lashes. I’m gonna take the Ibby Beauty Highlight and Contour Palette. I’m just gonna contour my nose real quick. And I’m gonna tell you a bit more about Aries. Another big thing about Aries that kind of goes along with not thinking things out — kind of like taking risks — is that they’re very impulsive. They’re the most active sign, because it’s fire, like I said. They can also be aggressive sometimes. But you can still be a nice Aries. Like, “getting what you want” aggressive. You know? If anything, being a little bit aggressive is good. And most people aren’t aggressive enough. We’ve talked a little bit about houses in my past video. Y’all know I don’t really understand them, and you don’t . . . *You* don’t really need to understand them, too. But each zodiac has a house that they correspond to. And it just goes in the order. Like, the first zodiac sign goes with the first house. So Arias is the first zodiac sign, so it goes with the first house. And the first house represents impressions, appearance, and identity. So that’s another thing that’s really important to Aries. They’re usually really good at making a first impression, which . . . it’s kinda scary how true that is. Let me just look up some famous Aries. Hugh Hefner. Okay, he is such a classic Aries, because he was such an awful person, but he was a multi-millionaire. How the f–? Yeah, he was definitely very aggressive. Took risks. Put himself first. Definitely. Lady Gaga is a Aries. That’s true. Chance the Rapper is an Aries. Oh my god, yes! Rosie O’Donnell’s an Aries. That’s kind of all I have to say about Aries. My whole family is going out to eat at this restaurant that I had for lunch. So I’m just staying here. So the face makeup on this is going to be relatively minimal. I’m not doing colorful cheeks or anything. All of the face makeup is gonna be normal colored, but we’re still gonna look bomb as f–. Just because I want the eyes to kind of be the main focus. But I’m gonna, of course, do the Aries symbol. I’m gonna have it going . . . You’ll see. You’ll see. Because . . . Oh, I never said that the mascot . . . the symbol, I don’t . . . I don’t even know what you call them. But the Aries symbol is the ram, so I wanted to kind of channel the ram a little bit. But for Taurus, I’m gonna be really focusing on the idea of the bull, so I didn’t want it to be too similar to this. But I do want to have kind of a representation of ram horns, so I’m gonna do the Aries symbol which . . . It looks like this. It’s like a V. But it goes in. And I’m gonna have that going down my nose. Like, the part where it goes in, down my nose. And then, the parts out here, going up here, to look like horns. I don’t know if that’ll make any sense. And I’m gonna do three little dots here after my highlighter. And I’m gonna do that with white eyeliner. I was gonna do it with my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, but I don’t know where my white one went. So I’m kind of I’m triggered about that. But first, I’m gonna highlight with a golden highlighter. I’m gonna use my Fenty one. I’m using a really densely packed highlighting brush so I can really pack this on. We. Stan. I wanna listen to more Fire Burning. F–. I’m gonna take the Colourpop White Eyeliner in the shade “Exit.” And if you have the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk,” I feel like that’s gonna be easier. Because you’re gonna have more control. Because it’s just like a crayon. But for now, I’m just gonna use this kind of as face paint. I’m really scared because this can definitely f– up the look, because I’ve never tried this method before. Alright, this could work. This could work. This actually really is not going that bad! This might be like . . . . Hmmm. I don’t wanna jinx it. Hang on. We’ll talk about it at the end. So for the dots on the cheek, I’m gonna use this brush, which I got in a weird one of those . . . like, weird sets. And I’m just gonna do three dots. Cute! Put on some lipstick. I feel like I should do red lipstick, but, at the same time, I feel like that might be overkill. No. It’s not overkill. This is the POP lipstick. Permanent Pout in “Go-Getter.” I like this because it’s not a pure blue red. It has a little bit of brown in it. Also, this is my first time trying this lipstick. Like, this formula. And it’s so good! I love this formula. F–! Alright. So . . . I actually really like this look. I was really nervous to do it, but this looks kind of sick as f–. Especially the eye look. I don’t know about the face paint, but it needed some kind of identifying marks on it, so I feel like . . . it looks good. I’m fine with it. I really like how it turned out, actually. So let me know if you guys liked it. Comment down below if you’re an Aries. Give a thumbs up if you want to see more zodiac looks. Comment down below what zodiac sign you are. Alright. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on . . . Aries-ing!


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