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By | August 14, 2019 Carol Allen is the nation’s leading Vedic
astrologer. With thousands of readings, her insight and
experience in helping couples communicate better and
choose a proactive path to a relationship is legendary. With astrology signs compatibility your horoscope
contains more details than you’ve ever experienced. Astrology is full of math. Now, I don’t know about you, but math was
not my favorite subject in school. And I LOVED school… Math problems had a way of “thunking”
my brain shut (or was it “clunking?”) in mere moments. It didn’t matter what kind — Algebra with
its Xs and Ys — since when did letters become numbers, anyway? Geometry with its “planes” and funny triangles… And Calculus and Trigonometry with their…
uh, you know, their… um, give me a sec… Oh — who can remember what the heck was
in Calculus and Trigonometry? I sure can’t! (I spent a whole summer doing
nothing BUT Calculus and Trig and I forgot it the minute I passed the final exam — and
to this day, it’s one of the great accomplishments of my life that I passed that exam!). But I digress… When I first began studying astrology almost
nobody had personal computers. (Yes, Grandma Moses and I used to hang out…) We had to do all the calculations by hand.
Fun, fun. Soon one of my teachers got a computer and
would run charts for me for $5 a chart. (Let’s just say you had to be a really good friend
for me to get your chart for you…) Whew — that made things MUCH easier and
more fun. You see, astrology is hard enough without
having to do the astronomy or calculation side of things. Just interpreting what planets mean in what
zodiac signs, and in what “houses” of the chart, and in what combinations, is heady
enough stuff to make my brain thunk and clunk… Almost. “There are eight aspects of compatibility
that are each given a number, and the overall number is a very important indication of the
power of the relationship to be effortless, or not.” Luckily — I LOVE psychology, and understanding
behavior, and learning about how people connect and disconnect, and watching events unfold
in harmony with what the charts indicated… This stuff is fascinating enough to hold my
interest, and make my brain come alive. And, once a computer and the gods of software
do the computing for me, I LOVE looking to the data of astrology. I truly appreciate the math. Seriously — it’s sooooooo endlessly fascinating. For example, your chart is divided into twelve
sections (called houses) and each “house” has a certain amount of energy or power, which
is reflected by a number. A “high” number means that the part of
the life that house represents will go well and come together easily. While a “low” number means — you guessed
it — that the part of the life that house represents will NOT go as well and NOT come
together as easily. (And yes, there’s a “house” of partnership
and the number there tells you a LOT about your love life…) In a relationship between you and a man, there’s
lots of math, too. And in my favorite compatibility technique,
your relationship gets an overall score that’s the reflection of how you’ll “vibe”
together. There are eight aspects of compatibility that
are each given a number, and individually, each number is not so “life and death”
for the couple (though they can be fascinating). How Does Your Relationship Score? But the overall total number is a very important
indication of the power of the relationship to be effortless, or not. The overall number is essentially a reflection
of your relationship’s overall “wavelength.” The higher the number, the more you and a
man will be on the same wavelength and be able to be yourselves and want the same things. The lower the number, the less so. Now, just as with everything in astrology,
one issue for good or bad is not enough to “save the day” or “ruin the party.” In other words, the “score” you and a
man receive together is not enough in and of itself to indicate if you should break
up or marry. But it can be enormously helpful in understanding
the COST of your relationship. If you’ve been dating a guy (or wondering
about dating him) you should definitely learn what’s your score together. Also, find out
if the eight aspects of compatibility are favorable or not for you. You can get this
invaluable information through the “Right Man Report.” The “Right Man Report” is an in-depth,
personalized astrological compatibility report that shows if you and that “special someone”
have enough natural affinity to be together and explains the eight aspects of compatibility
between the two of you. Sign up for my free newsletter at
and you’ll see for yourself how getting and keeping the right man is easy and fun.

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  1. John Diaz Post author

    I guess things like this only serves as general guidelines coz I dont really believe anyone can predict the future of something not unless he travelled to the future..hahaha

  2. Mai Jennings Post author

    she looks like that actress who starred in that movie 40 or is it this is 40..

  3. Yuri Morrison Post author

    what do you suggest about people who are trapped in a "just friends zone?"

  4. Warren Sumagang Post author

    im just wondering what do you call yourself…an astrologist?lol…

  5. Ana Bella Merandela Post author

    Moon Capricorn Opposition Moon Cancer
    Mars Capricorn Opposition Mars Cancer
    Mars Capricorn (21º) Conjunct Moon Capricorn (21º)
    Is compatible in synastry ??


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