Astrology doubts by date of birth | JYOTHISHAM 11-04-2016 | Kaumudy TV

By | August 14, 2019

Up next, Jyothisham in DevamrithamToday is 29th day Meenam ,1991 year of malayalam calendar. That is April 11 of year 2016 Today is monday, & Star is Rohini As usual, We have great Astrologer who awarded national & International honours, Shri Kudamaloor Sharmaji With all the respect we can welcome him to this show. Off to today’s letters To, shri Sharmaji My name is Saritha, Writing from Chennai. My husband was in business sector with good standing But over 2 years, the business was down my husband is in mental stress beacuse of business loss & bank debt He had become an alcoholic. Please give solutions for these problems. His Date of Birth & Kundali is in this letter

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