Astrology for the Soul December 12, 2018

By | September 19, 2019

[Music] hola mrs. carpaccio with a weekly failure report for December 12th of 2018 we take a walk the sun is shining bright Donna Donna Donna down yeah the sun’s in Sagittarius we had the new moon in Sagittarius today mercury moves into Sagittarius Jupiter’s and Sagittarius the mantras all about Sagittarius baby Mars is clipping along going almost as fast as the frickin Sun so you know they’re all they’re kind of in a loose square as the Sun moves through sad squaring that Mars yet over there in Pisces and they go on and they go on and they go on and they go on until you know Mars is approaching Chiron and Sun will be also squaring Chiron by next Wednesday I’ll probably be talking about some square Chiron more in the next Bailey report right now the moon is over there in Aquarius and she is moving into Pisces okay tomorrow and gonna hit Neptune gonna hit Mars gonna do the whole shebang over there you know until we have a square first quarter square right moon in Pisces is going to be a 23 degrees 27 minutes of Pisces Sun up there 23 degrees of sad take a pause here and catch a little bit of the surrounding area instead of just freakin trail then by Saturday she goes into Aries boom yeah and you can look at the chart at the at the at the beginning of the report if you pause it you will see almost all the planets are above from Libra to Pisces right we’re going to talk about that so you know and then when the moon on Saturday goes into Aries she’s gonna you know come down and finally hook up with Uranus there next Tuesday okay um and then of course go right into Taurus moon likes Taurus she’s exalted in Taurus the only other thing is we have a waning sextile between Venus and what is it Saturn and a waxing sextile between Mars and Pluto so all of that is kind of taken into account into consideration with the report and I don’t know where I’m gonna find a spot around here to talk into camera let’s see what’s going on around the corner uh I don’t know what’s down there looks like more looks like more trees and vines and stuff so I don’t know anyway talk to you soon all right I just got to do this thing then I come all the way out here I find a stream right you know but like the only place to prop the camera is you can’t even see the stream all that work for nothing you know that’s the way life goes sometimes I mean you just do all this work and what are you doing it for anyway when it doesn’t work out things have been you know a little challenging lately you know that we had that mercury retrograde we had you know Venus retrograde Venus movement through Scorpio is no walk in the park and is not a cakewalk but I’ve got to say I really feel like things are brightening up things are lightening up things are opening up this is what that Sagittarius is about we do have some issues to deal with so of course let’s talk about those issues they are Sagittarius issues Sagittarius has to do with the expansion of consciousness to understand our purpose the meaning of our life in a bigger wider broader context therefore it deals with migration issues immigration issues refugee issues its foreign lands foreign journeys foreign issues coming up to the fore okay and we’ve got you know a number of other things going on now the moon is an Aquarius and we have the fall of the patriarchy that’s going on it’s gonna take a couple hundred years but you know we’re in the process of you know it’s like the last gasp of the dying patriarchy you know like hold on isolate separate the Age of Aquarius is moving out of this Capricorn about conquering owning controlling and into cooperative efforts so you know just today I was looking at they’re having this whole summit okay on the global climate and of course you know there’s holdouts right you know particularly the United States that doesn’t even want to accept the scientific evidence that the climate is changing a doing right and then we’ve got this brexit thing you know you know may running around trying to you know like you know separate separate isolate the United States with their trade agreements isolating you know England isolating you know these different countries are isolating trying to protect their own interests and this is the past the future is Aquarius that when everybody’s happy okay everybody is more happy it’s you know it’s an interwoven tapestry of life I mean whether it’s the food chain this that or the other thing when you have unhappy poor refugees they’re turns into rebellion and then of course they’re right there you know then there’s you know military suppression and you know see what’s going on in France and every time you know there’s just like all kinds of you know situations and conditions where the top 1% of the you know population that owns like 60% of the assets you know around here some ridiculous number is just you know trying to hold on and reject fight in a way be inevitable in a way the future speaking of the future there’s a bunch of kids running through the jungle I hope they don’t find my sandals so borders migration of course Uranus is still square the nodes okay Uranus is gonna be moving more into Taurus we’re gonna have currency issues and things like that we’re gonna have a change things are very unstable things can be very tense but the good news right the good news is Sagittarius wants to go for it and Mars in Pisces dream a new dream I love that movie as pay-it-forward I forget the name of the movie but you know is really you know it’s like dream a new dream Mars and Neptune come through Pisces and it’s time okay and Pisces is also having to do with let go let go surrender we have all these planets from Libra to Pisces when they’re up you know in the last up for six signs it’s beyond forces beyond our control Society source creator our partners it’s just like now is a time okay where it’s like things begin in Aries they move through and we’ve got control and we build up and bub up up up all through you know cancer Leo Virgo and then then it’s like we come out and when it could by the time you get too sad Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces you’re dealing a lot with results its results call it karma call it what you put out comes back to you call it whatever you want okay but it is the situation where if you’ve invested wisely you get a good return if you’ve you know invested poorly you don’t you go broke so it’s kind of a truth-telling period yeah where we are getting feedback but there’s also a situation I don’t want to say that we’re victims but in certain way shape soar forms we’re victims of ourself the problem the other problem that I can see with this particular time is people losing it people going nuts people going crazy just like expand go wild and I don’t want any limits and I don’t want any laws and I don’t want anybody telling me what to do and it’s just you know and just like you know like they’re trashing parents or whatever you can trash your relationships you can trash your house you can trash your life during times like this where you’re just like you know I’m heading for the hills I’m taking off but the monitor today is like you know freaking go for it I feel like this time is so much like Indiana Jones [Laughter] and the Temple of Doom or what was this other one Indiana Jones and the I don’t know search for something or other you know I think he was searching for the Grail at one point but there is the quest believing the comfort the safety and the security and just going out and what does Sagittarius do what do the fire signs do trust them cells that I am going to be able to handle master figure out okay and get you know get on with it that’s what Adventure is you’ve got to have you got to really this is a time the more that each of us can come into a place of trusting ourselves we will gain the trust of others first of all and we will begin to trust life and maybe life or spirit will begin to trust us and give us more and expand our world a little bit because we are freaking do so this takes practice little baby step by baby step bit by bit it’s like you trust yourself a little more you trust your partner a little more you trust spirit a little more Sagittarius is about faith faith yes my intuition tells me it’s gonna be all right there’s something on the other side of that hill there’s something more than I’ve been working with or dealing with and I’m going to open myself to it I’m gonna speed into the unknown yes with my sails unfurled I mean can you just see it right you know it’s like you’re in a sailboat race or something and you just like and you let that wind carry you away so yeah it’s a time of like just open up and and Trust trust yourself trust life and this can be just a really great week I think that you know things are going to get a little more serious and intense you know as that Sun moves into Capricorn by the 21st by the Solstice all right I say take advantage of these days with the Sun Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius take it while you can get it while you can yeah and you know because you know things are gonna be sobering up here a little more towards the end of the year I think and so now is it time yeah open go for it so how does that mantra go I leave the comfort and safety of home and venture forth into the world going full-speed into the unknown with my sails completely unfurled like open it up let it rip let it know my stay Aloha so much [Music] [Music]

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