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By | August 14, 2019

[Music] hola KY pocha here with the weekly Paley report it’s been a long time since I’ve been home here and the rainy season has begun in Costa Rica as you might be able to notice Wow everything is taken off I thought I would head down to the river here and see what’s going on if you’ve been watching the pail a report for a while you will you may remember okay you know what one of these Paley reports on this river when it’s a little more of a stream but I think it’s a full-blown River today it’s the Machuca Rio de Machuca so happy solstice it’s the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere in Costa Rica the Sun has gone in to cancer by the time you’re gonna hear this video and square the moon the moon is over there in Libra and you know she did a first quarter square to the Sun at 29 degrees of Virgo just to set that off you know a lot of astrologers actually draw up a chart for the moment that the Sun enters cancer and it kind of gives a foreshadowing you know an interpretation of like what’s coming you know for the next quarter for the next three months so this one is particularly check it out you know it’s at the beginning of the video here you know check out that chart because Venus is conjunct the North node of the moon okay you know that that’s happening just like right now and has been and it’s like awesome it’s coming into an exact opposition with Mars tomorrow Thursday how about that one and of course you know Venus and Mars are both in square to Jupiter up there in Scorpio Venus Mars Jupiter reminds me of my song a whole lot of love big Led Zeppelin had that one down baby anyway don’t want to date myself what else is going on here you know I mean there’s just like so much to talk about it’s like whoa so the you know the Sun moves into cancer it’s it’s moving along moving along and you know it’s it’s gonna be coming into an opposition with Saturn next Wednesday I’ll save that for next Wednesday’s report it’s a big weekend okay you know we got this t-square happening with Venus Mars and Jupiter and then you know mercury moving along through cancer is coming into this opposition with Pluto Pluto in Capricorn opposite mercury in cancer so we can talk a little bit about that okay that Sun is not only coming into an opposition with Saturn but even before that on Saturday okay the same day that mercury is opposite Pluto right we’ve got the Sun in Square to Chiron oh yeah Chiron in early Aries there we’re gonna be getting a lot of energy happening around that Chiron so the sun’s gonna square it and and then on Monday Venus comes into an exact square with Jupiter and finally last but definitely not frickin least okay Mars is going to station as in stop according to our view from Earth next Tuesday I’m looking for the river here but you know there’s like so many trees in the way I’m gonna have to do a little hiking down and find a spot where I can get down to the water because you know it’s a freakin jungle around here I don’t know if you can even see the thing through the trees all right talk at you later okay well this is gonna have to do it you know I mean it’s not like Mother Earth put these rocks in certain places so that you know I could shoot a Pele record man oh man finding a spot to be able to sit I mean I’m getting eaten alive anyway but let’s get on with this first thing before I forget okay there are so many aspects going on we’ve got eclipses coming this Mars going retrograde is gonna rehash and go back and bring more okay you know what we’ve been feeling these last couple of months it’s a super intense time and it’s a super great time it’s like break down break out break through Uranus going into Taurus you know with the squared Mars it’s freaking outrageous baby so there’s a lot happening and myself and the dream team are freaking on it man we are doing a seven-week eCourse called the eclipse of the hearts the astrology of love sexuality and freedom because that’s what this time is all about that’s what these next three months are all about just look at the chart you know the next three months are kind of laid out with that solstice chart Venus opposite Mars square Jupiter and Scorpio Wow huge I know you’re all going through it I’m going through it we’re fricken in the soup man we’re giving a free webinar on June 27th I’m gonna put the link down in the notes just below the video click on that sucker and you know each one of us is gonna give just a short little tidbit you know I mean you can gain something just from the free webinar if you don’t want to sign up for the course the webinar is gonna have a ton of emperor of helpful information you know that is Wow illuminating to say the least I feel so blessed to be able to work okay with the dream team that is a group of excellent astrologers that you know they they helped me keep mine stuff together to you know we’ve got Maurice Fernandez we’ve got Julia tzimmes okay we’ve got Christina Caudill we’ve got Tim Halloran we’ve got our emotion Osen I mean these are all amazing astrologers man it’s it’s really something I’m I’m I’m really fortunate and I encourage you to check it out check them out and just get a taste of you know what’s going on with yourself with the collective consciousness with this birthing of a new age it’s really a very beautiful time as intense and you know challenging as it can be so I want to talk about that a little bit right now [Laughter] the Sun has moved into cancer out of the last month of Gemini mutable air thinking talking networking studying learning expanding our lower mind as with geminis associated with and now it’s moving into cancer and mercury is already in cancer and during that time it’s going to be opposing just like mercury mercury was opposite Saturn we’re gonna have the Sun opposite Saturn and it’s gonna go in a opposed Pluto and it’s gonna go in a pose black moon lilith and during that time also it’s gonna be reaching the North nodes of the all the planets have nodes not just the moon okay that’s got to you know that’s a that’s a special one but the North node of Jupiter the North node of Saturn the North node of Pluto all having to do with the future of humanity very huge thousands of years cycles okay these planetary nodes take and the Sun and Mercury are coming around bringing them personalizing them opening us up to really see cancer and the moon has to do with the past but also these North nodes have to do with the future and part of the future has to do with cancer Cardinal water look behind me it’s moving it’s flowing it’s changing water has to do with you know the source of life along with what Leo the Sun so cancer in the Leo R right here the Sun and the moon the luminaries this is it just like an amazing it’s a very personal time set aside some time out of your schedule out of your routine out of your business to really get in touch with yourself with your family with your mother and father with your past with your lineage this is like really you fantastic I’m really excited about this as challenging as it you know can be yes because why we talk about Mars moving through Aquarius and it was square to Uranus it’s gonna turn around and square Uranus again but it’s moving into this the sign of the future of the vision of the new earth of the possibilities and then we’ve got Jupiter trine II Neptune through this whole time opening us up to new dreams new possibilities wanting to break out of our boundaries out of our cages out of our past and that’s not always easy so there is this time Jupiter and Scorpio Jupiter is a lot Scorpio is death letting go surrendering to forces beyond our control attempting to merge and master more and more and more of the external world and universe to become more powerful so there’s a lot of powerful games going on now it’s a power play happening now and Saturn and Pluto moving through Capricorn that has to do with integrity that has to do with right and wrong and good and bad it’s a really it’s a mixed bag you’ve got Jupiter Neptune where it’s all good and anything’s possible and there’s no boundaries quantum physics you know no gravity no laws no room in it’s just like whoa way beyond okay our ego and then we’ve got the saturn pluto lilith in capricorn that is saying there are boundaries there are morals there is ethical behavior and unethical behavior there is the right and wrong use of power and that can be with money yeah you can use money for good or for bad nuclear power for a good energy or for bad blowing up people the right and wrong use of sexuality okay you know this is a power the Kundalini force the life force it can be used to manipulate to scare to destroy or to create new life and build deep intimacy there’s just so wherever there is Scorpio is about power yeah and going deep into it so it being square to this Mars Venus it says more it’s like there’s this is like if you don’t want to get pregnant you better be careful okay this is such a fertile time and not just with babies and sexuality this is a fertile time for new ideas for new approaches for new businesses for new communities for new ways of doing your life that’s what I wanted to talk about with Venus conjunct the North node of the Moon and Leo life live leo is an agent of life and I think about life life is a noun you can use it as a noun oh that’s life but it’s also a verb okay you know in life is creation life is creativity life is always creating itself life can’t help but keep creating new seeds new blossoms new you know it’s just like new relationships new businesses new countries new government’s new neut I mean life is prolific okay it’s pro-life it’s just like whoa you know it just wants to expand like the fricking jungle down here man it’s just like home gobbles everything life wins over death every time there’s a death right a tree falls down it dies what happens man life comes in and takes you over and makes fungus and mushrooms and you know I mean it’s just like whoa to think that life is limited to planet Earth to us I think is totally naive not only is there extraterrestrial life okay but life set this planet in motion life created these stars life created the order of the galaxy we are servants of life life is bigger than us life can just like gobble us up life can you know just destroy us you know it’s like I adore life I am humbled by life you know I’m a servant of life I mean I’m an agent of life life is source and Venus coming around you know is this place of the heart space you know this North node in leo this heart space is you know this place of gratitude this place of shining that yeah life is coursing through my veins that’s what this mantra is about yes you know my creative juices are flowing just like that River flowing it’s moving and what else is it doing this is the interesting thing that I was thinking about this morning you know Jupiter and Scorpio and everything it’s just like and this is cancer the Sun in cancer the Sun in cancer is my inner inner child my inner feelings my inner core okay you know it’s like where I’m coming from it’s like the inside of a seed and so you know in order to grow and blossom what does the sea do it bursts out of the shell there’s something about the inside getting in touch with our inside the inside is where the life is it’s where the juice is you know and I was thinking of it you gotta peel a grapefruit you know you you know you the the flower comes out of the bud you know and you know and and you know it’s like when the inside reveals itself outwardly that’s like the beauty that’s the you know that’s the opening that’s the magnificence man that’s that that’s where the creative force is just like really telling us open open open your heart open your mind like last week’s mantra it’s just you know this is a time and that is scary this is why cancer has to do with fear and insecurity you know this opening is vulnerable it’s like ooh boy that tender stuff can get hurt right you know that you know that bud can get stepped on my heart can get broken it’s just like so but Jupiter and Scorpio is saying trust open and let go of your shells and let go of your peelings you know and let go of your fears the past will not repeat itself it’s like there’s a new future happening freaking go for it and do it like don’t stop like Shh so this is just like this time you know where give it all you’ve got let’s get to that mantra man my creative juices are flowing as I’m ready to give birth ready to give it all I’ve got for I have seen the new earth this is the beauty of Mars and Aquarius Aquarius is the Prophet Aquarius is the future Aquarius is just like whoa it’s technology that opens us up it’s you know the Rockets take us to outer space it’s just like go into the future invent innovate go into the unknown it’s like whoo so Mars is there and then Venus is over here in Leo you know and oh my god I was I was also thinking of this how great Venus opposite Mars fantastic and I was thinking you know there’s two kinds of Aquarius because before they discovered Uranus Saturn ruled Aquarius so you’ve got your Saturnian Aquarians they’re the astronomers and you’ve got your urania ‘no Aquarians they’re the astrologers okay you’ve got the old-school scientists you know that are just like going in there and proving that you know tobacco’s good for you or something you know Monsanto scientists just like you know digging in there oh yeah did it you know and you know the pharmaceutical scientists you got all this Saturn Aquarius and then you’ve got the urania mnek warious so I’m thinking of Mars and Aquarius right could be like a corporate international global mogul you know the elite the Lear Jets the powerful you know blah blah blah and he’s you know opposed here you know to Venus okay the dancer okay or the movie star okay that brings in the warmth because this global Aquarius Saturn can be ice cold the head on a stick no heart space just about power and going farther and more and expanding into the future and and testing and you know you know you’re tearing apart little you know stem cells and uterus ha’s and you know fetuses in order to get to the yeah I mean it’s just like you know animal research you know for perfume or whatever you know I mean whatever is out there I don’t I don’t pay attention to everything man so but you know it’s just like so the dancer the movie star or whatever can just like warm up and bring you know you know bring this you know this head this powerful thing into the heart to life yeah and and do the dance and play and not take it all so doggone seriously or then you’ve got this masculine energy that’s uranium okay and it’s just like the visionary okay and I’ve got this vision and that vision and I’m you know I mean I’m all involved with the future and creating communities and all here that I’m you know you know running ideas run in my head running my mouth running it about and the Great Goddess the creative artist okay you know that just like brings that masculine into you know into the body out of the head into the heart out of the you know dream so Aquarius is like way out there and Leo brings it in it brings it down it’s like let’s create babies let’s create dances let’s create festivals let’s create new expressions of ourselves with what Jupiter and Scorpio coming together combining our resources combining our sexual fluids combining our finances you know combining uniting we are all more powerful together and Jupiter saying trust open come together right now you know boom I mean this is a great time for coming together enough talking man much or one more time get all excited about this stuff so my creative juices are flowing as I’m ready to give birth ready to give it all I’ve got for I have seen the new earth may you not only see the new earth may you co-create the new earth beginning with yourself and spreading out like a ripple in a pond namaste Aloha so [Music] [Music]

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