Astrology : Understanding Virgo Men

By | September 12, 2019

Hi. I’m the Star Goddess. And here’s a key
to understanding your Virgo man. The thing you have to understand about Virgos is they’re
ruled by the planet Mercury. They are the most observant sign in the zodiac. These people
are picky, critical, analytical. And they genuinely believe that they can do things
better than anyone else on the planet. The thing you have to understand about your Virgo
man when he criticizes your fingernail polish, the way your hair is, the fact that your hem
is uneven, is not that he’s trying to make you feel bad. That’s not true. The Virgo man
thinks you’re fine the way you are, but wouldn’t you want to be better? Wouldn’t you want to
be perfect? If you just change this or that, you could then be spectacular. While the Virgo
man thinks what he’s doing is product improvement, what we hear is that you’re not skinny enough,
you’re not tall enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not any of that. The Virgo
man never deliberately intends to hurt your feeling and insult you. He’s genuinely trying
to improve you, to make you better. Virgos will look at you when they tell you something
like, wouldn’t you want to do his differently, and you say, no I wouldn’t; and they give
you that blank stare with those clear green eyes, because they just can’t understand why
you wouldn’t want to be better than you are. And they will never get that what you’re really
telling them is, they’re not okay the way they are. Once you understand that, that they’re
not being critical, they’re trying to be helpful; you can have a better appreciation of your
Virgo man. That’s better living through astrology. I’m Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.

100 thoughts on “Astrology : Understanding Virgo Men

  1. otupnavi Post author

    lol defiantly a virgo, analyzed her voice, was picky about the video, and concerned about health.

  2. MayLordesMusic Post author

    right this birgo guy loves to tell me "how to be better" all the time!

  3. Simon Post author

    stop making virgos into mean critics. … we could care less about what is wrong … we actually give a lot of compliments … more than any other sign … go figure.

  4. kewlndifferent Post author

    i am a virgo girl and my dad is a virgo man.. it's true he tries to 'advise' me on how would i look better if i wore this or that.. but it's because he is a perfectionist and he wants to bring out the best of me.. of course if u r too sensitive u may feel hurt.. and about being secretive and snkeay it's true.. but they don't do it with bad intention.. they just need their space.. they'll tell u what they have to when the right time arises..on the positive they are very caring and affectionate

  5. Manuel Faguega Post author

    im a cancer with virgo ascendent… I like things to be done my way always XD

  6. Asteria Post author

    I don't believe in astrology, but damn.. this is about 95% accurate, me being a Virgo man.

  7. Ashujo Post author

    @superdoobo Hahahaha, I'm a Virgo man as well. Cigarette voices urk me. :p

  8. Ashujo Post author

    @letthetruthsetufree Hey! I am a Virgo man and I have a lovely lady who is a Pisces that loves me with all her heart! : )

  9. Ashujo Post author

    @VenusAsABoyFilms Agreed. They always think we're the mean jerk they know in their life. 😐

  10. Milton Waddams Post author

    Sep 11th. This describes a rough virgo, most virgos can shut the hell up when needed, the sharp critical tongue requires constant taming.

  11. faisal1979m Post author

    @superdoobo after this note I beat you are too Virgo ^_^

  12. trainsofamerica Post author

    I'm a Virgo man, now she said virgo giving a star with those green eyes…now my eyes arn't green, they're brown. Another thing, virgo may not follow every thing that she had mentioned in the video…like me I'm not that critical, I don't try and improve someone because I think they could be better, it's there life and there choice why change someone's lifestyle? I don't and I won't and I'm a Virgo lady.

  13. TheAs57 Post author

    @elexisdavishappybird I know. Virgos are not very friendly.
    they are not helpful either. Virgo is the only sign i had problems with. i mean i have met about 5 Virgo people i did not get along ALL of them. or i tried to ignore because they are very unfriendly and prefectionist.
    I am Aquarius.

  14. reminisce0208 Post author

    Damn a lot of the cons but what about the pros? This astrology hippie is a hater.

  15. WaitingforArmageddon Post author

    This is crap. I've made suggestions before sure, who hasn't? But I've observant enough to realize I could be stepping over a boundary and hurt feelings or offend. I'd rather focus on myself and set the example then micro manage another. You can offer advice or suggestions without exasperating someone. This video made us sound overbearing and overtly demanding. We are not as simple as you'd make us out to be.

  16. xxterrynxx Post author

    well she is right on with my husband he is so sweet and loving but is very critical of everything yet a positive person…I know he does not mean to hurt my feelings but me being a cancer he has to watch it lol.

  17. David Sanchez Post author

    @P4F12 u either had them when u where a baby, i had green eyes when i was a baby but they changed to brown.

  18. metalrocker1ful Post author

    @P4F12 i agree my dad is a virgo and me too but he has brown eyes and i got green eyes

  19. King786nyc Post author

    @3whisperedwords I am a Virgo man and i'm 80% agree with you but not agree what ur saying about abusing part.

  20. Twinkle Twinkles Post author

    Virgo men always seem to hate me. Dunno.. It makes me sad because I really love this one Virgo guy, haha! I guess Gemini and Virgo just aren't meant to be. 🙁 🙁

  21. Naazim97 Post author

    @silverakisame awww dont feel sad, not all virgos are the same, i get alone with geminis, they are cool ppl.

  22. Naazim97 Post author

    @TwiSteDxMeTaLx91 what, stained shirts, me i dont care about my shirt because at the end of the day ur going to take it a virgo man, and hate guys that think, i got to look good and be clean, i mean i am clean and everything but just hate does guy that go to the extreme.

  23. aurielm Post author

    @derekdb2 Dude… believing that a deceased jew can influence your life makes so much sense as believieng the sun can. But if you believe in any, well, any of them will influence your life, it's psichology…

    The main difference is that astrology is way more innofensive. Nobody ever killed "witches" or jews in the name of the horoscope, if you know what I mean…

  24. Joao Rebelo Post author

    Thumbs up if you are virgo and you are perfect 😀 And you believe that you can do things better then annyone else in the planet 😀

  25. poeticlaura Post author

    I'm a Virgo woman head over heels about a Virgo man. Most people would think of this as taboo but I have learned so much from him. He is not critical at all. We are both analytical but that shouldn't be seen always as a bad quality. If he has a quality that bugs me, usually it is because that same quality bugs me about myself. I think this would hold true of all same-sign relationships.

  26. geishathor Post author

    @superdoobo you just showed a virgo trait of criticizing.. i am libra 😀

  27. Robert Lorenzo Post author


  28. Jacob Barker Post author

    Actually virgos are pretty critical. Some less than others. Some keep their critical nature to themselves while others go on tangents towards certain individuals such as family members. Lol

  29. Jacob Barker Post author

    @jksd31 According to western astrology you're still a libra. Also that will never change because influence of the position of the planets at your moment of birth is permanently embedded in your person. Don't believe everything and do research.

  30. King786nyc Post author

    @alialfaily why ur so proud of being a virgo? u should be sad 🙁

  31. Thanatos Post author

    As a Virgo, an artist, and a perfectionist…my drawings come out good only because I want my pic to be perfect. Tell me what to draw, and I'll leave you speechless. It obvious I see things more clearly than other Zodiac signs. Ask them to draw the human body they give you stick figures. Just shows you how dim the vision is of all other Zodiac signs. The IQ of a chimp, a pigeon, a rock…wow…I really am a Virgo, I was just being natural.

  32. CodiTheJedi Post author

    @silverakisame Virgos like routine and black and white. They don't lke it too much when people go off the wall or detach without a reason and they really need communication. My ex was an aquarius, it was and still is a nightmare. she totally detaches from me then comes to me like it's no big deal.

  33. Sahara Parker Post author

    I like Virgo guys..and I'm a Leo. :/ But everything says we wouldn't work out..I used to like this one Virgo guy(Sept.17) and he had NO idea what he wanted in life..just used the new guy(Aug.28) seems so much better. 🙂 I hope he might like me back one day.

  34. Commandew Post author

    @3whisperedwords… im a virgo man, and i know alot of other virgos that are completely selfless like my self…. i prefer my " order" so to speak based around the person im interested in… not like a "my way or the highway" .. sorry if you have lost hope in us from a bad experience, but not everyone from every sign acts the way they are said to… i rarely find myself disliked by any type of person.or in any kind of issue do to being to out spoken…i like detail but im not critical or mean.

  35. MaximillianZakes Post author

    I actually have a custom T-Shirt that says:

    "If you want it done right …

    HAVE A
    [Virgo symbol]
    DO IT!"

    I guess I don't have to tell you that it's my favorite shirt! 😀 Long live Virgo!

  36. Mountainvictory Post author

    I've met some cool Virgos but I've also met alot of them who are mostly fake,They start trouble and they always know how to walk away from it,and they want to be look at as smart but mostly just saying things that dont make sense! that's what she forgot to say about them

  37. rockstardiaries Post author

    I am a virgo and i keep hearing "green eyes" so i guess my brown eyes aren't "green" enough and now i want them green, thank you.

  38. elephantwig Post author

    @trezey4sid actually they are a good match, since i am in a better mood. Arie and Sags are a no go but Leo isnt too bad a match. not sure about long term

  39. elephantwig Post author

    @sabbirsa True, but generally Virgos are just polite and kind spirited. Leo's are DEFINITELY attractive n warm, i am sure they're faithful, i do know a few married virgo male- leo chicks. I wouldn't cross a Leo as i much prefer them to Sags or Aries

  40. elephantwig Post author

    @sabbirsa Didnt think u were a cancerian with your 'no nonsense – what u see is what u get' atitude , boy o boy do u crabs needs love and nuture beyond anything! Sure hope Jessica simpson new hubby can do that. You seem to know a vast amount but then again things like this would intrgue a cancerian. O well i guess i am wise

  41. elephantwig Post author

    @sabbirsa Never knew Mendella was a crab…they're good ppl, i do click with July born cancerians and also capricorns and leos fairly well. 'They' say cancer is a friendlier version of virgo, i would agree. Do you actually believe in fate? oh i can guess that

  42. elephantwig Post author

    @sabbirsa i use to believe one could control their fate, now i see somethings are set in stone before one has choice. Astrology is fascinating to me as i can literally see those characteristics in the ppl i encounter. You seem to really 'big' up scorpio, i thought cancers were more interesting/ less intense.

  43. SailorMewMewPearl Post author

    I'm a Sagittarius woman and for some reason I love Virgo men.

  44. Naazim97 Post author

    @none938 LMFAO what you said its so true. i like cancer woman too,.

  45. Justin H Post author

    My ex gf should have watched this video. I was just trying to improve her when I told her that her arms were getting hairy lol.

  46. Ben Bell Post author

    @bomfunk1991 Yeah i am critical but i don't say it out loud cause i'm not dumb. I know that people take offense to those things, also i have a mercury in libra so that waters down the criticism.

  47. Brad Eddy Post author

    big green eyes, eh?? I fall under the sign of virgo, and my eyes are blue.. lol

  48. King786nyc Post author

    That black thing on the table book whatever that is distracting me !!!

  49. Martin Luther King Jr. Post author

    Wow. Us virgos get such a bad rep. We are not that fussy and critical, and I would NEVER criticize someone so harshly. That's not right man..

  50. Világjáró Post author

    Hi Virgo, I have a question. Both my father and my current bf is a Virgo. My father criticizes me at times but my bf never does. I saw a video saying that if a Virgo doesn't criticizes u in a relationship it means that he doesn't care about u. Would u say that this is the case in my relationship since my father of course cares about me and at times the criticism happens? But my bf keeps telling me that he never met anyone like me before and made him feel the way I do. He is crazy about me.

  51. Martin Luther King Jr. Post author

    When we are crazy about someone, we want them to be treated the way we want to be treated (by not being criticized constantly). Us virgos understand sometimes that our criticism can be a bit rough on people, so if we want you to like us more, we wont try to do anything to hurt you. Your father criticizes you, but he still loves you. When virgos are in a relationship for a long time ( as in family, or marriage ), they tend to criticize, but they don't mean it to hurt anyone.

  52. Martin Luther King Jr. Post author

    Virgos just want things to be perfect, until they realize that everything cant be thier way and nothing's perfect. (:

  53. wickedmongoose Post author

    This is true to some extent. My husband criticizes the way I cut the tomatoes, and constantly encourages me to cut them more finely, and routinely goes over "chopping technique"; but he is sensitive enough to know the difference between a cutting comment and the topics on which it would be emotionally damaging to criticize. Would never say my Virgo man is insulting.

  54. Olivia XOlxy Post author

    I'm not a virgo but i know a few and this is creepy accurate

  55. La Reine Post author

    i tend to attract virgos…but im also insanely attracted to them as well. omg…they r so sexy!

  56. 8luvbug Post author

    I know one Virgo guy whos really smart but introverted his bday is on the 22nd of sep but my dad is extroverted and outspoken his bday is on the 9th of sep.why is that? I thought most viros were a virgo female btw.

  57. Corrina Suri Post author

    Tell me about it!!! I just wrote a post on elsa elsa (thestrangeone), and those are the exact words I used!! There's something about them…

    Are you by any chance an aquarius/sag/scorpio/taurus?

  58. OrangeShatter Post author

    im a sagittarius woman also and 4 moths ago fell in love with one virgo man, who drives me crazy…but my choice, my life !

  59. Jahnea Hamilton Post author

    I'm a virgo female and I for some odd reason I don't get along with virgo men.

  60. La Reine Post author

    @ Corinna Suri No Im actually a Gemini, who tends to attract many Virgo men.

  61. Miles Elijah Bear Post author

    How did she know my eye's are green? That gave me shivers.

  62. Spinks Post author

    I'm a Virgo guy, moon=cancer, mercury=Libra, Venus=cancer, mars=aries…lol

    Yes we are crazy and Intelligent and over analyze every single damn little thing lol, but at least we respect and Love all the Ladies xD

  63. Világjáró Post author

    I agree with Yolanda, my man is a Virgo and he is sooooo attached to me, so loyal to this attachment no matter what which I absolutely love about him but he drives me crazy in every way. I also read that this sign has the least sexual drive of all the signs and I have a huge problem with that cos yep, it shows big time between us. Might be keepers but they got nothing else going on… so, would you settle for that? I keep asking myself the same question.

  64. Zee Gee Post author

    i know! for some reason i fell in love with one. they really are keepers. supposed to be our opposites!

  65. brainsareus Post author

    a lot of virgo people have been friends of mine. they tend to be good people, but they have no real emotional intelligence. they fixate on the particulars, and NEVER ever see the big picture. they're maddening that way!

  66. kewlndifferent Post author

    Yesss!! My dad is a virgo.. so am I.. and we are completely different but this description suits him perfectly!! he's a pain in the neck!! my dad criticises everything and everyone.. luckily my mum is a saggi and she coudln't care less.. only with her laid-back attitude u can put up with such critical manners.. my dad is loyal, he helps with the housework.. (good for marriage).. but If he was my husband we'd last less than a week for sure.

  67. Joe F Post author

    LOL, let one try to tell me what to improve ( I am A Scorpio ) And in return I will be very blunt & honest to tell them what to improve 🙂  but I get along for the most part with Virgo's, but they don't like to go deep in thier feelings

  68. Eloisamary Edullantes Post author

    Hahaha. True, but because I'm a libra, and he is a virgo. 🙂

  69. Crystal Child Post author

    I'm a virgo an I accept people for who they are! And I'm emotional an tend to wear my heart on my sleeves, so not all of this is true for every virgo you have your good an your bad in every sign, I'm one of the sweetest most caring an least critical people in the world I like balance rather than being so perfectionist unless I have a project and it needs to be detailed so it can come out rite, that's pretty much it for that, we virgos just tend not to deal with negativity that well an we stay away from mean people "most of us" so I do agree with some of this but actually being a virgo not all, but I can only speak for myself. Nice video though veery informational 🙂

  70. ّ Post author

    Thank you, people rarely understand why we are being critical, there is a fine line between me wanting for both of us to reach perfection, and me mentioning your negatives because I am better than you. Maybe we do believe that we can do tasks better, NOT because we are better than you, but just because we trust our intuition and the fact that we analyze everything to the smallest detail, and ALWAYS having a plan B, there is no ego intended. Awesome video keep it up.

  71. Ramez Rehan Post author

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