Astrology vs Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum. Unified Field Theory

By | August 14, 2019

What does astrology have to do with electromagnetic
spectrum? Let’s see first what mainstream science teaches
us about electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is the range
of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation corresponding to wavelength from thousands
of kilometers down to a fraction of the size of an atomic nucleus. Look at the spectrum. Why do you think it is cut off on both sides? What do you think is on the right and what
do you think is on the left? Do you think the nature abruptly stopped on
both ends? What if we extend those wavy lines to the
left and to the right? What happens? Let’s look at the left end of the spectrum. the radio waves, the lowest frequency on the
spectrum according to Wikipedia is about 30 cycles per second. There is such thing as extremely low frequency
and such frequency is designated to the band between 3 and 30 Hertz. And its corresponding to the wavelength of
100000 to 10,000 kilometers respectively. And this type of frequencies are a little
bit used in atmospheric science. Extremely low frequencies are generated by
lightning for example and natural disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field. So they are subject of research by atmospheric
scientists. Because of the difficulty of building antennas
that can radiate such long wave electromagnetic frequencies, they have been used and only
in a very few human-made communication systems. What about one cycle per second, one cycle
per day, or one cycle per 12 years? These are much lower frequencies. If we continue looking for lower and lower
frequencies in the spectrum, eventually we get to frequencies of the Moon, rotating around
Earth, the Earth rotating around it’s axis and around the Sun, frequencies of Jupiter,
Mercury, Pluto, even to frequencies of the Stars. All of the types of waves that presented in
this spectrum on a picture are essentially energy waves. If you look at the convention electromagnetic
spectrum, every segment has a name. There are radio waves, microwaves, visual
light, etc. Planetary frequency band doesn’t have a name. Since these are gravity waves we are looking
at, why don’t we call this band gravity. Doesn’t it mean that gravity is a part of
electromagnetic spectrum? Think about it. If you heard about Unified Field Theory, what
scientists are trying to do, they are trying to unify gravity with electromagnetic forces. I just wonder, why they separated them in
the first place. If they treat gravity as an energy wave, it
just fits the Unified Field Theory. I hope you have questions for me find me get
my attention and ask.

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