Astronomy Club Finds Out They Have A Netflix Show | Netflix Is A Joke

By | December 6, 2019

So it’s called “Edward Scissorhands.” – Yeah.
– Okay. [phone ringing] Astronomy Club. Uh-huh. Yeah? M’hm. Yeah? – [gasps]
– Oh! Yeah. – Aww.
– Oh. Okay. Alright, playboy. I’ll see ya. We got a show. Netflix show! – Netflix show!
– Hey, everybody! Wait. Just remember, we
can’t let this change us. – Yeah.
– You right. You right. Act like you’ve
been there before. Don’t let it go
to your head! – Be humble. Sit down.
– Yes. Yes. Park it, bitch.Yeah, what’s good, fam?I’d like to place an
order for one super yacht, please. Actually, make that
two super yachts. And throw in a couple
of race horses, okay? Put it on the
Netflix account. – That’s N-E-T —
– Wow! Netflix is giving
us free accounts? I won’t have to use my
mom’s password anymore! Excuse me, miss? I can’t believe
I have to say this, but you can’t just
pour concrete on Netflix company premises. Well, where am I
supposed to put my celebrity handprint? That’s not a
thing we do, miss. I’m sorry, I thought
this was Netflix: “Celebrities live here.” That is not a
catchphrase of Netflix. It is! I– I have
a Netflix show. You do have to fix this.No, I can’t! I’m–I’m running slowly away!Um, ma’am? Sir?
Can I get your names? Ooo, sorry.
No autographs. Can you open
this turnstile? – This is broken.
– You can’t do that. I need your name. Can you open the door – to the house we live in?
– This is not your house. Oh, I don’t even
like lobster! [unintelligible mouthful
of overpriced food] Your bill, madam. Oh, what? Okay. – Ooh, wow. Okay.
– Oh. Oh. Nope, you forgot the
celebrity discount. – We don’t pay bills.
– No. We don’t have a
celebrity discount so… Run, Caroline! Wait. You can’t do that. – Get the egg!
– No, it’s okay. No, that’s not
a to-go egg! What you mean
you can’t put a– a shark tank in
a helicopter? Huh?! ‘Cause I know
ya’ll got the money. Our name is on top
of the building! Mr. and Mrs. Netflix! Dun-duuuun! I’m gonna get the bottle. Don’t get caught, Caroline! Oh, we gon’ call Ted, right after we
hang up this phone! I’m late, Caroline!
I’m comin’! Put. That. Shark. Tank. In the ‘copter! – Security!
– Go, go, go! Where is security?! – It’s not moving!
– Let us in our house! – It’s not moving!
– Please, let me in! You keep trying! I’m going! James! They’re gonna
make you pay! What’re ya’ll doing? Hey! Ow! That was rude! Wow, I’m sorry about that. Could I treat myself to
a small glass of water, and, uh, is this
bread free? No! Get back! – Chase me!
– No, no, no, no! Go! Go! Go! – Chase me!
– Okay, alright. I’m not gonna chase you. That was a strong
security guard. Does my hair look okay? You guys haven’t
talked about it. [phone ringing] Astronomy Club! Oh hi, Netflix! Yeah, we agree.
We’re not celebrities. And we’re
definitely not rich. For the record, I
already knew that. Yes, m’hm. Okay. Stop it! You–
Quit playin! Silly. ‘Kay, bye. What? We still got a show! True. Netflix show. Netflix show! – Netflix show!
– Ay! – Netflix show!
– Get it! Netflix show!

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  1. Jeff B Post author

    Why do the blacks think excessive money is the only way to be happy

  2. Steve Whittier Post author

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is shaking his head with embarrassment!


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