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By | December 2, 2019

Why did the Sun get straight As? Because he’s so bright! That was a terrible joke, froggy. Wait, I’m not finished. The Sun is so bright, he didn’t have to go to college!
He already had thousands of degrees! Get it? The surface of the Sun is
like 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 5,600 degrees Celsius. OH! That is hot! Ouchy ouchy! Yeah. The center of the Sun is even hotter. So it’s just up there? Burning? and Burning? and Burning?! Yeah! That’s why it’s so bright, bright, bright! Oh! Did you know the Sun is the brightest object in our solar system? Everything that we see is lit up by sunlight! Even the moon? Yeah even the moon! Then why do we call it moonlight? Oh! I don’t know, Kromp! It’s just one of those things. You know, I think I’m better at telling
jokes than you, Leonard. Really? What makes you think that? Here. Watch. Speaking of the Sun… I was up all night wondering where the Sun went… Then it dawned on me! Get it? It dawned on me! Because dawn is another word for sunrise! Yeah, I get it, Kromp. The Sun rises in the east you know. Yeah on Earth.
And on the most planets… almost all planets in our solar system turn
counterclockwise, except for Venus and Uranus. Venus rotates almost perfectly backwards! That means the Sun rises in the West. Oh! and Uranus rotates on its side, so the Sun ummm… let me think… how does that work Oh…interesting! You got any more jokes about space? Yeah! Did you hear about the cow astronaut? He landed on the moooooon! Oh, I get it! The mooooo-n! Hey! How do you know when the moon has had enough to eat? I don’t know! When it’s full! A FULL MOON! Okay, yeah, yeah you got
me. I remember now… the moon has phases: full moon, crescent
moon, etc. etc. OK, Kromp, if you explain the joke,
it’s not so funny anymore. Whatever, froggy woggy. Tell me another joke!
Tell me another joke! Okay. Did you hear the moon opened a new fancy restaurant? The food’s great but, unfortunately there’s no atmosphere! Ha ha ha …I don’t get it. There’s no air on the moon. I know! That’s why astronauts have to wear spacesuits. No, Kromp, see- ATMOSPHERE is also a word for how a place feels. Like… is it loud and exciting?
or is it quiet and peaceful? That’s the atmosphere of a place! Ughhh, see Kromp! It’s not funny anymore when you explain a joke! But it’s not funny if I don’t
understand a joke either. Yeah, that’s true. Okay. I’ll tell you a simpler joke.
How about this one: What’s the cow astronauts favorite place
in outer space? The moooon? No! The MILKY WAY! {Kromp laughs for a long time} {Leonard laughs a little, awkwardly} Yeah, that’s a pretty good one. {Kromp laughs even more} OK. OK. It’s not that funny. Hey Kromp. Do you even know what the Milky Way is? No! but it’s funny because cows make MILK! Do you want me to tell you what the Milky Way is? You want to tell me, and I have no objection to
hearing it. Go ahead, froggy woggy. Okay. The Milky Way is the name of our galaxy. We can see part of it in the sky, if it’s dark enough. It looks like a band of light, and it’s made up of billions and billions of stars! Wow! It looks like someone spilled milk across the sky! Exactly! From space, we can see that it’s
actually a spiral, and it’s constantly rotating. Ooh! pretty! So where are we? Right about…there! Oh! Home, sweet home. Yeah! Just look at all those stars. Hey! Speaking of stars… What do you get if you cross a comet with a tuna? What? A Starfish! Leonard, I don’t think a comet is the
same thing as a star. Oh, it’s just a joke, Kromp! But really – a comet is like a big
dusty snowball, orbiting the Sun. Whereas a star is
a big burning ball of gas. They’re totally different! Okay, okay, you’re right. I just wanted to tell another joke. Oh! I’m sorry, froggy woggy! You go ahead, and tell as many
astronomy jokes as you want. And I will listen. Really?! Okay! What kind of music do planets listen to? Uhh…Opera? No. Rock music? No. Neptunes! What do Neptunes sound like? Oh, never mind – NEXT JOKE! How does the Solar System hold up its pants? How? With an ASTEROID BELT! Where do you find BLACK HOLES? I don’t know! In Black Socks! OK – slow down. How do you get a baby astronaut to go to sleep? You ROCKET! Whee! These jokes are OUT OF THIS WORLD! That joke was a MARS ter piece! I’m a STAR when it comes to telling jokes. Leonard, really, that’s enough! You’ll make yourself sick! Oh, poor Kromp! You’ll have to settle for the CONSTELLATION prize! See, you can’t make spontaneous puns You’ll have to PLANET! {Leonard laughs and laughs} Hey, Leonard, look up there! There are more videos we can watch about ASTRONOMY! Yeah but are they funny like this one? Oh, definitely. We’re very funny. Well, I’m funny. I’m not so sure about you. What do you mean, froggy woggy? I’m funny! I know stuff! I know jokes…

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