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hi this is the monthly horoscope for
Scorpio for the month of August 2016 aluma scorpions if you would like
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new moon in leo so you might get a bit Moody during this
time there is a lot of water with the secondary planets also you’re not liking
how fast everything is not going with certain projects in your life so you
might get you a bit down or bit frustrated when it comes to the things
that you want to happen with your life or with career you’re not happy where
you’re at with this energy so you’re a bit more in your head so watch your emotional self during this
time because it may even get you in a bit of a depression for some of you and
it’s hard for us or beings to get out of that hole because you’re very sensitive
people so just be careful with that I feel for some of you when it comes to
career you may have plateaued out meaning you did all you could do you
know with this energy now you need to do more so this could be emotional
restriction that you need to do so maybe not gossiping or not or communicating
more going against the ego and communicating more about your feelings
and talking more about your feelings because you’ll find little things like
that shui little things like that tapping
into your spirituality will change the energy of what you’re trying to do because
sometimes we have to go inward to change the emotional self in order to grow
financially in order to get what we want so this is something to think about the
old way of doing things might not be working with this energy as well so
you’re going to have to update yourself I feel with the moon in leo hold on let
me see what the moon in leo you have to speak up and let others let others know
what you are thinking because I feel like at this time opportunities are going to come by and
you’re going to miss out on a lot lot of opportunities because you do not speak
up and you do not say anything and you just assumed that people had your back
where people were there for you which was not the case they were there for you they are there
for you but you didn’t say anything so we think that you’ll be interested in it
ok so let me speak in their the front they didn’t think that you’d be
interested in it so that’s why they ask you all right I also on the second Mars in the sign of
sagittarius is a beautiful time for money and making money on you might find
this month is going to be a busy time for career in business not the best to move forward because we
are starting to feel mercury going retrograde two weeks before so on the 15
so after that the team truck try to get a second opinion with Mars in the second
house because you tend to rush things on he tends to be a bit more forceful with
this energy but there’s a nice energy to make money though you can make money
with this under a beautiful energy make money but when it comes to making like
decisions are keeping up with your bills not the best energy and then when Mars
in the second house going and Mercury going retrograde really not the best
energy because you tend to be a bit more accident prone a little bit more
frustrated because you’re repeating rewriting redoing so slow down with this
energy on the bit venus moves into the sign of virgo beautiful energy for
collaboration and for growth want to help you grow with this business with
your business or career so it’s a lot easier dealing with others you are more
ambitious for some of you networking with the movers and shakers of your
career field or paying more attention to popular people at work and hey around that so you can hide in the
social in the office politics you know um or you might be wanting to socialize
with more exciting crowd you’ve always wanted to hang out with
the other people that you always wanted to hang out with but never had the
chance to ok on the 13 Saturn goes direct careful with
taking risks with money we’re taking chances in general your
difficulties with money or with resources come from being too much of a
giver also this month it does to show help it
does show people writing on your coattails or using you with this energy
will be careful um there is a business will pick up
curry business will pick up career will will start to move forward around this
time a lot of hours are going to come in for some of you control versus freedom
may come up with this energy not getting along with family members or those who
are older than you or those who are in charge you might butt heads a bit more because
you’re not being flexible this can be a brita period of change but
you want things done your way and on your time and that’s going to be a
problem and you might even feel rushed with this energy as well on the eighteenth the full moon in
aquarius miscommunications can happen also watch your remote watch your
actions during this time because things can change with your living situation as
you are not getting along with certain people family members roommates or you may just
want to up and move or you have to move for some reason for business purposes I feel with this energy or more
accepting of new things anything new in your life you you’re
more open my day you might break out of your routine or experiment more with
ideas that you have or want to try new things I feel at this time through friends or
social events you might meet someone new you have an easier time to get what you
want to achieve your goals or wishes and you make and is it and you may get what
you wish for become easier beautiful energy time for
money and career on the twenty-second the Sun and the sign of virgo in the
11th house friendships may read old friendships
maybe all the friendships may reach out to you and to and want to connect with
you also knew people at this time may come into your
life to help you in a certain area of your life and then the lead and mercury
goes direct to I also this up . of being put on a journey so try to be open minded at this time I
feel also with this energy the focus is more towards younger
friends or children or even your children become the focus in dealing
with their drama or helping them out or this could be helping on people who are
younger than you helping them out with their drama I’m
drama can happen with certain friendships in your life bringing about
temporary falling out that and then you’ll go back together the 30s the venus is in the sign of
Libra you’re very secretive about this time keeping certain things hidden you might even be talking to someone at
this time and you don’t want it to be revealed at this time because you see
because you’re probably seeing someone or you don’t want to make the
relationship prop relationship public because you don’t even know where it’s
gonna go your love life can get very interesting
at this time though it’s not the best time to date because mercury is in
retrograde on at this time traveling is coming up this month for business and it
will prove beneficial for you also this energy you might be upgrading yourself
with your career or going back to school some of you might be booked more
invested with your creative itself and coming up with a lot of creative ideas
and others your dell be more into your spirituality on 30 at mercury goes
retrograde again old friends are coming back into the picture don’t expect plans to work out so I have
a plan a I have a plan B have a plan C friendships may be challenged at this
time so whoever needs to leave your life at this time let them like a yo-yo I’ll be right back mercury goes direct
hi all right for some of you you’re you’re using this time more towards
perfecting your craft this is a beautiful energy to play with
ideas and violence ideas off of others friends or people you speak to or or
watch may inspire you to move in a totally different direction or you may
inspire you to change yourself the first cargo planes dat cups were
going have to live your life at this time let
them leave I feel like you’re over certain situations that are going on
this month the ace of swords again ending is coming up in new beginnings
coming up also for some of you you may be a bit
business-minded at this time may want to quit your job for your business the five Wands again again whoever has
to leave your life let them go they’ll be right back the fool card brings about new beginning
and better energy with this energy on the king of cups I feel like your daddy I feel like
you’re over a particular person in your life because they are too dominating or
there a waterside and I feel like they could be there a bit dominating and kind
of telling you what to do in controlling you the seven of wands I feel like I’m at
this time with this person that you may be fighting with them and it’s going to
be like a whole entire process before things get better again ok so you might be talking but that’s it
right now just talking I feel you know as well as I listen that
is trying to get them back ok the judgment card I feel you need to
be careful because you might be Spice hope and do something spiteful to this
person – but really if you’re going to end up
shooting your own flat so it’s not even worth it so just be careful with the
decisions that you make because everything is cause and effect
the fool cards with the judgment card does show me that you do have protection coming up in your kind of going on this
path this journey right now and going through some lessons at this time as
part of your journey so try to go with a lot more with an open mind and try to go
more with the flow the Ace coins creating your own reality
you have a lot of luck around you at this time on also job opportunities can
happen with this energy the seven of coins I feel that there is
some very good news coming your way at this time some people may not want to
hear it because they might be a bit jealous but it is there so Mazel the four coins of the full card I feel that with this energy I feel that
you may find an outlet on at this time to put your energy into while you’re
waiting for something else to happen the Knight of Wands if you like at this time that you have a lot of amazing
beautiful ideas and each one of them you can make money on ok on the star card with the king of
cups that you like your intuition at this time is going to lead you and guide
you to a person in this could be love or your or it’s going to guide you too many
opportunities and at this time you’re not going to know why you’re doing this
or why you’re going this way you may do something out of character and know that
that’s your intuition talking to you at this time and kind of guiding you so
just don’t think about it just do it I feel also during this time of the full
card that you’re going to receive deep personal insights um during this time as well so this is
going to be a beautiful energy time for you that is guiding you towards destiny the Ace of coins I feel like you may be
a bit more of a perfectionist during this time I feel that money issues are
going to be the problem with some of your relationships at this time so if you are in a love relationship and
you guys are doing well financially or you’re having power struggles with money
that could end the end of the relationship temporarily also just
fighting over money at this time with other people can end the relationship
are at this time as well ok I’m let me see and I feel like at
this time also speaks of money endeavors and that at this time whatever your banking on in regards to
business in regards to making money quick it is going to happen you have a lot of
emphasis on money coming in in the month of august i love you my scorpions please
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