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Aloha and welcome to Moonscpes Love Your Life
Astrology. I’m your host KG Stiles intuitive astrologer and metaphysical coach for more
than 35 years. Thanks for joining me for a look at your August
Forecast AND the Astrology of the Aquarius Full Moon. I’ve posted a world clock time zone converter
below this video for you to find out what time things are happening in your part of
the world. Today’s show is a general forecast for everyone.
If you want a more personal look at your astrology I invite you TO purchase a private session
with me. BAR COLOR
Confidence/vitality – yellow Action/forced action – red
Harmony/communication – blue Spiritual/fate – purple
Love relationships – pink Career/money – green AUGUST is an 8 month and 2015 is an 8 year
which is a double activation of the power number of alchemy, magic and miracles. 8=8=16=7 the number of spirituality
and truth. There’s power for you to do deep soul searching, to face the truth and transform
any burdens into treasures available to you this month. Key areas of transformation and change occur
in the sign of Leo. Shifts occurring beneath the surface begins to sprout and become visible
after the Leo New Moon on August 14th. On July 31st at 3:43 am PT 7º 56’ Aquarius
Full Moon opposes Sun, Mercury and sextile Uranus. Venus retrograde re-enters Leo still
square to Saturn through first week of August. Stable moon doesn’t go void of course until
3:02pm PT August 1st. Best time to do your Aquarius Full Moon ritual is at the
Full Moon until the moon goes void of course
on August 1st. The moon enters the sign Pisces about a half hour later at 3:36 pm. Then doesn’t
go void of course until August 3rd at 1:35pm. These are the best windows to do ritual. Link to buy Moon Manifesting book. Cutting
PAST RELATIONSHIPS: Hurts & Sorrows From Previous Love Connections. The method of cutting cords
of attachment is very gentle and noninvasive. It works by dissolving past love connections
rather than harshly severing them. There is no feeling of harshness involved
and the love and lessons learned are completely retained, so that there’s no need to repeat
any negative relationship patterns. The Aquarius Full Moon also opposes Jupiter
in Leo and square Saturn in Scorpio. Mars 24º Cancer moving off square to Uranus
and trine to Chiron and just beginning to cusp the sign of
Leo exact on August 8th. North Node (where we’re headed, need to
learn) 2º Libra cusping sign of Virgo can begin to feel the shift. South Node cusp Pisces
(releasing). Tomorrow August 1st Saturn stations Direct
at 28º Scorpio. Jupiter is beginning to cusp the sign of Virgo. Jupiter oppose Neptune in Pisces square to
Saturn. Well that’s it for this episode of Moonscopes
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