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Aquarius Weekly Reading Psychic Tarot Horoscope | Week 37 | 4 – 10 September

Welcome this is the energy vibration reading with all the sun moon rising Aquarians i want to say thank you for returning thank you for your likes and shares thank you for your support please remember to listen to your Sun Moon and rising sign and listen to the month of September video this is… Read More »

Are Cancer & Sagittarius Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Cancer and Sagittarius have very different energies together and apart. The Cancer, in life, is looking for security and something that he or she can build. Build a nest, build a home. In astrology, Cancer is considered the sign of the mother and the home. Not meaning that everyone becomes a mother, because the male… Read More »

Tarot Card Reading for Aries June ♈

Hey Aries! It’s Amanda and I’m here to do your reading for June 2019 and I’m going to use the Goliath for the whole spread this time so yeah I just want to know for pace Earth hey areas it’s Amanda with inner ambiance intuitive Tarot and I’m here to do your reading for June… Read More »

Horoscope diagnosis

Hey hey dude whats your sign uh Cancer I think dude, I knew it. You’re such a cancer you dont really believe in horoscopes right? Nah lowkey I’ve been kind of getting into it. like look up your sign and tell me you’re not a cancer. oh my god, this is so me Right like… Read More »

Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Which Historical Figure Are You Like?

History is fascinating, it’s filled with stories of interpersonal relationships, battles and many influential personalities. In this video, we’re going to try and get a better perspective of these Historical figures with the help of their zodiac signs. Before we do that please make sure to hit subscribe and ring the notification bell to stay… Read More »


Aries Psychic Tarot Reading | Weekly Horoscope Week 09 | February 2019 this is the energy vibration reading for the Aries Sun Moon & Rising signs. I want to say thank you for being here thank you for being back thank you for the wonderful positive energy vibrations oh that is happenin and I want… Read More »


April is all about Udyr areas think of it as your personal new year and especially after 5th of April start any new project or embark upon any endeavor you like this is no time for second thoughts this is time for action I gotta be honest you might experience a few setbacks on the… Read More »

Daily Oracle Reading 🂮 ❤️ Choosing to Stay * Psychic Reading

hello everyone and welcome this is Reverend Renee and i am going to do an oracle reading for you so please subscribe and share the video on social media hit the bell next to the subscription box and be notified of new videos which we do multiple times per week check out your video readings… Read More »