Barack Obama Astrology – Beneath the detachment, the distance – Horoscope, Birth chart

By | August 14, 2019

The reason I love working with the Uranian
system of astrology is because the Uranian system, which involves a dial such as this,
goes right to the heart of one�s personal story with amazing subtlety. With the dial,
a patterning emerges and we get an intimate look at the �path and purpose� as well
as our dilemmas along the way. I decided on Barack Obama because after six
years in office he�s more of a mystery than ever and I wanted to get some insight into
what started off as this romance with this romance with the country and quickly cascaded
into the country�s ambivalent relationship with him and him with the country. I know
there are some pretty strong opinions out there about Obama so try to reserve some judgement
because the point here with astrology is understanding and respect for the path each and every one
of us is on. So let�s get started. Before we dive into his natal chart I wanted
to take a moment to point out a rather major sidenote. For the past ten years Barack Obama
has been under quite a heavy Neptunian transit to some very personal points in his chart,
beginning with the Ascendant in 2004 and moving to his Meridian and then his Moon. I would
think that this period has been the most difficult of his life. Neptune transits dissolve structures
that straightjacket the soul, creating a tremendous amount of a sort of �divine discontent�
in one�s life. Neptune forces us to go within and develop identity from a place of soul
and inner whisper instead of from a place of heavy earthly ambition. Let�s move on
to his natal birth chart. First and foremost this is the chart of an
artist. The Poseidon here strongly aligned with his Meridian axis tells us of someone
who has a profound inner world that is very receptive spiritually and intellectually and
needs to reflect out illuminating ideals that inspire. He needs to express from this subjective
place and give it form, and being on the Meridian axis means it inhabits every corner of his
being. The platform for his artistry is Mercury/Apollon which is someone who is free and open minded,
who wants to expand and do so through their communication skills, and with the Poseidon
it becomes oratory. But the Hades here in this three point picture drags that Mercury/
Apollon into the underworld indicating a real lack of mobility and freedom in this area.
So basically we�re dealing with someone who has deep emotional yearnings with extraordinary
skills, a man who is a seeker on a path and he�s looking for a place of shelter for
his feelings and ideas. But there�s exists this huge dilemma in his chart that revolves
around identity and issues of self-acceptance. The Moon structure here is incredibly revealing.
The moon is the emotional nature, the emotional unconscious, what we need for our peace and
wellbeing. The Saturn Uranus predicament here is in full stretch and there�s a conflict
between his needs for security and his needs for his self-expression and the Hades/Apollon
is alerting us to the fact there is trouble with this expansion and usually Hades has
primal roots, that is situations that have originated early, and you can see they originated
in his early environment. Back to the Saturn Uranus, the Uranus is alerting us to a situation
of �too early emotional independence,� where he might have needed comforting and
support it�s inconsistent. And indeed when we go to the Moon/Ascendant midpoint which
tells us about the actual mother, you can immediately see the Neptune/Admetos, which
means she was very back and forth with Barack, strong closeness and strong separateness,
and with that Uranus right on the Moon/Ascendant midpoint she was restless and perhaps had
her own ambivalent feelings around motherhood. Back to the Saturn/Uranus. So with the Uranus
here he carries this inner restlessness but it doesn�t go anywhere because it would
threaten his emotional security. So he goes for the security of Saturn, and negates the
expressiveness of the Uranus and sells himself short, where he just functions and adapts.
And the sun/neptune with the Hades here is indicating he readily accepts situations and
is just too passive to do anything about it. Since there�s a real sense of lack of effectiveness
he avoids conflict and moves himself into a second rate positions because he�s shy
about competing. So there�s this outer acceptance�.as a
way of sort of convincing himself that he�s in control of his life, but a total inner
unacceptance. So he lives with this tremendous feeling of unrest and he really never really
knows the source, all he knows is that he never feels content with his lot.
I think the clearest example of the Saturn/Uranus dilemma in his chart this was the trajectory
of Obama after the 2004 DNC speech that mystically captivated a nation and propelled him into
a run for President. But due to that lack of clarity around his identity, he didn�t
see the situation realistically. So he wins the Presidency, and it�s no longer
this romantic oratory orgy and now he�s got to deal with a very hefty everyday mundane
reality that is the Presidency. And remember Obama lives mostly in his imagination and
those Poseidian waters; he�s not too much into mundaneness which turns this into an
incredibly tenuous situation for him. His lack of �clarity of self� causes him
to make unrealistic choices and also the lack of mobility and freedom to communicate only
increase the isolation he feels. But it�s the complex emotional setup and the separation
he constantly feels with others and all of humanity that will be the final straw for
Obama. The Venus/Saturn with the Ascendant in this
three point picture around the Meridian is telling us that he is desires close relationships,
solid relationships but that he tends to feel lonely and disconnected.
His Gemini Moon, that rational, sociable yet neutral persona he carries conceals an intense
and very raw feeling nature below. The Moon/Pluto on the Sun and Chiron reveals this emotional
depth and intensity but he�s got tremendous fears around them being invaded and intruded
upon. The Moon Uranus around the Meridian tells us of a person who harbors a lot of
nervousness and anxiety, who distances because they are vulnerable.
So this is someone who builds a world where they can be themselves but where others can�t
gain entrance. He can only maintain his autonomy by detaching and distancing himself and the
highly fixed quality of his chart means that he�s resistant to most outside influences
and this is what gets him disliked. This is also what completely blocks the career area.
But ultimately I do think that the profound loneliness and the lack of emotional connection
he experiences will force him to dissolve that inflexible will and really reconnect
with those parts of himself he has cut off. Not only will this help him to see things
more realistically and build the correct external structures which for him would be using his
emotional depth and leading through inspiration but he�ll also regain that lost sense of
relatedness and unity with the rest of life.

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  1. Ej Holmes Post author

    These video are very insightful and I'm a fan of your work. It sparked my interest in the uranian system for sure. The system just like any other astrological system is a bit vast, do you have any suggestions on books for beginners or introductory the system?

  2. sab walkswithpurpose Post author

    thanks for the insight…very good. would you do a reading on michelle o.?

  3. Theresa Noble Post author

    What is his accendant? Good read! I'm Canadian and love Obama! God help America to the not guy they put in the whitehouse


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