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By | August 14, 2019

hello my friends so I came across video any of his car creek where truth so I hope knowing where does it really come from
it comes from Catholicism but when you know let you dig this hole a little
deeper wider we really celebrate it because it’s fun where you goin what
this these are questions many people don’t bother with or care to even know
or maybe they just simply don’t care not everything is a conspiracy to corrupt
the world in the minds of other people the word halloween is derived from the
term All Hallows Eve which occurred on October 31st the end of summer in
northwestern Europe All Saints Day or All Hallows day was the next day
november first there for Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day well that
didn’t take very long yes halloween is the celebration of the
evening of All Saints Day but that use this while Halloween masquerade as
childish fun and frolic it’s serious business and the occult world see he’s
trying to control a Halloween with the occult contests do not celebrate Halloween as a
holiday they may celebrated in the society or the community that there are
part of but the cultists come from a lot of different backgrounds some of them
are pagan some of them are not a consumer them are atheistic some of them
are not there actually theistic witchcraft with Satanism and paganism
believe on the night of Halloween devils and spirits are unleashed know in some
pagan beliefs the time at Southwind is when the veil between this world and the
other world is at its thinnest however we should not be conflicting Halloween
with south winds they perform their most hideous important rituals on the night
of Halloween do not perform our most hideous and potent rituals at Halloween
and I don’t know what would be considered a hideous ritual but even so
if somebody was gonna perform me hideous ritual it would be at a time that they
thought was the most hideous and as for a potent ritual again it really depends
upon on what the person was trying to
accomplish with the determined when was the most potent time to do this
halloween is in fact deeply rooted in the mystery religion of the occult elite
of this world wow this video to stick a real sharp left turn into the bed she
crazy zone to do with anything to do with it over 2,000 years ago what you mean when
Halloween began one ancient Babylon began many regarded as the king of the
occult know during the time that the Druids there was no concept of the
occult to them this Dark Knight is dedicated to the Celtic lord of the dead
symbolized by the Horned God and the stag God just thank God colonels just
means horn and again I don’t know what this has to do with Babylon or Halloween
you are just stringing together random things and trying to make some kind of
words the ancient jewish celebrated two nights of the year Beltane and sound building took place on
May 1st and marked the birth of summer sound occurred on November 1st and
signified the death of summer selling a night celebrating death and hell was the
jewish most important ritual despite the confusing imagery that you’re using and
spooky music you are trying to appeal to the emotion of your audience but you’re
showing a picture you showed a picture of the Ancient Order of the Druids who
were just kind of having fun during this video because they’re all wearing fake
beards like the stereotypical drew it and you also showing this image drew debt Stonehenge and the Druids
though they may view stonehenge they had no they had to have no association with
Stonehenge Stonehenge was built by the ancient Britons way before the Druids it
was a terrifying night of human sacrifices so in a terrifying night of
human sacrifice doesn’t make it so the original Halloween they celebrated sound or Halloween as a
three-day fire festival the Catholic celebration of All Saints Day has more
to do with the wrong minute pagan holiday at the feast of them years which
took place on May 13th later Pope Gregory the third around 7:30 18 D moved
the feast of them years from May 13 to November the first and turned it into
All Saints Day building huge bonfires phone fires in an attempt to ward off
roaming demons these same fires also provided the means for human sacrifices
to the Sun gods the term bond fire comes from about thirteen century and it
represents a large hot fire that was hot enough to burn something to the bones
possibly corpses or heretics the jewish believed during stalin the mystic veil
separating the dead from the living opened they believe these roaming
spirits were searching for a body to possess even if the Celts did believe
that these spirits were roaming around at this time of the night why would they also choose this night to
commit human sacrifice it seems that if you committed human sacrifice during the
time when spirits could walk around freely chances are that spirit that he
just sacrifice would probably come after you the frightened counts would masquerade
as demons evil spirits and ghosts hoping to convince the roaming evil spirits
they were another evil spirit and leave them alone think helps did not dress up as evil
spirits or ghosts or demons the idea of masquerading during Halloween is
something that came about in america the late 18th to early 19th century the
Celts also prepared meals as treats to appease the evil spirits from tricks or
malicious acts hands are custom of trick or treat know this is false the idea feast or treats comes from the Roman
celebration the piece of them Europe where they used copper cakes and pour
milk out to the ancestors it may have also evolved from the concept of soul
cakes from the Middle Ages during the Middle Ages children would go round door
to door and ask for cakes in return they would pray for the souls of the deceased
this became known as sole takes or so lean the concept up tricks was another
American innovation during the early 18th century kids mostly young adult
would go round and commit pranks and do other mysterious things this became a
night tricks later on the idea of tricks or treats came about the Jewish
performed horrifying human sacrifices and other vile rituals during selling
what horrifying human sacrifice what file rituals what are you talking about
and what constitutes a Biol ritual tonight was a terrifying quote-unquote
covenant with death and with hell quote unquote covenant with health and death
who are you quoting and what is the context of this quote it was believed to
be a day that was in either the year or the year to come since it was in between
chaos ruled that day so now you’re showing clips of a movie called the
purge which has absolutely nothing to do with sound mean or hollowing indeed
trick-or-treat another Jewett inspired custom every year children throughout
the world dress up in costumes and go door-to-door in a ritual known as
trick-or-treating unaware that their innocent masquerade is actually the
remnants of a Jewish religious practice from times most ancient as I mentioned
earlier the Druids did not come up with trick-or-treating trick or treating is
something that has evolved over time halloween is among seen isms most
cherished days what george ignorance satanism truths and paganism is
embarrassing first of all there are different types
of state tennis and the Satanist who do celebrate Halloween probably celebrated
as more of a secular holiday than a religious holiday and those who
celebrate home as a religious holiday celebrated more on the pagan aspect in
rather than Halloween but I’m not a sickness I could be wrong and son of a
founder of the Church of Satan and author of The Satanic Bible rights after
one’s own birthday the two major satanic holidays are they’ll pull gets knocked
May 1st and Halloween satanic High Priestess plans barn on the church’s
seen website praises home quote it gives even the most mundane people the
opportunity to taste weakness for one night they have a chance to dance with
the devil and quote I doubt this has anything to do with this movie the purge
but you keep showing clips of it so that your audience conflates the purge with
Halloween the satanic calendar decrees for Halloween one of the most important nights of the
year blood in sexual rituals sexual association with demons animal and human
sacrifice male or female and quote where this particular document is from is from
a sub domain within a domain website that deals with the Illuminati UFO’s
aliens all kinds of bizarre stuff go in there with an extra thick tinfoil hat on
and former cultists Joanna mikhail soon reveals quote halloween is also a prime
recruiting season 4 satanists and quote like the lambs to the slaughter page 192
yes because we’re well aware on Halloween there’s the state is done
every corner handing out pamphlets so since we know the ruling elite dabble in
the occult to say the least being that it is documented that they in fact
gather once a year at Bohemian Grove for a cult rituals to worship Mullick the
giant yes it’s all one giant conspiracy in it all stems from Halloween can we
even begin to imagine what they might be up to on this most important day for the
occult masks masquerading concealing one’s self this plays a huge role in
their ideologies and activities it has been documented that the elite
Rothschild banking family do actually partake in masked events very similar to
those shown in the film ice-watch the type of masks usually used by the elite
army needs and masks Venetian masks were originally worn during the Italian
Renaissance Venice and where a way for the powerfully of the time to indulge in
debauchery without reprisal these masks have been used in elite circles for
quite some time and I somewhat become a symbol of its dark cold philosophy
according to you based on your paranoid imagination the British Royal Family
protects in the same type of mask defense as well the Rothschild banking mafia is a prime
example of the secret world of the occult athlete I am sure the Rothschilds
engage in all kinds of weird parties on December 12 1972 Marie Helene Dorado
child health that’s a real shot to death fury areas when other families gigantic
imagines while these events are usually extremely secretive photographs of this
particular ball were leaked on the web and they are disturbing to say the least disturbing their own dressed as surreal
painters and surreal paintings you want to know what’s really disturbing is
somebody who looks at the human figure and says you know we have to block that
genitalia with the fig leaf its offensive that’s disturbing indeed behind the fun and games images
reveal the underlying ideology and the mindstate a vehicle elite and confirmed
what many already believed in short it is just a tiny glimpse into the eyes
wide shut culture of the elite indeed the mansion
was lit in red to make it appear as if it was on fire and interesting to note
this mansion was used to film scenes for the Roman Polanski film Ninth Gate and
speaking of eyes wide shut guess what mention the occult ritual
party was filmed in old building owned by a rich or royal family you guessed it rothchild mansion built by Baron mayor
two routes route from ancient babylon the mystery religion and the phone you
did was mentioned babylon you made no connection to the Druids cults sounding
Halloween built-in masquerade balls or anything he can rituals associated with
it spread to Egypt Asia North and South America all over the world it is now
firmly entrenched in mainstream modern society what is entrenched in modern
society again what does have to do with Babylon Egypt and so since this day is
considered to be the day of darkness and blood sacrifice to the call can we
consider this day to be there purge No it is interesting to consider the
programming of this film series promoting the model of letting loose and
embracing your dark side to commit mass murder all while wearing masks there are
really only two religions that come to my mind when I think of mass murders and
genocide and these two religions are so well known for this that I don’t even
have to mention their name and the majority of my audience already know
which two religions I’m referring to you won’t find it very often in the
mainstream news but the reality is that a lot of people have come forward with
stories of what really happens on Halloween night a lot of people are just
one person you mention the fact is there’s stuff going on out there that is
absolutely unimaginable in your demented imagination maybe in reality it’s highly
improbable in elite circles and otherwise many people do not want to
acknowledge the real-life nightmare is that happened during Halloween but
refusing to acknowledge it will not make them go away all you did with this video
was trained together random cultures assert my fabric 8 false strongmen and
play spooky music while showing clips from the movie the purge you did not
prove anything except that you are paranoid delusional idiot who will
believe anything so it’s up to you trick or two thank you for watching my videos don’t
forget to like comment and subscribe button on your dimension dimension

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  1. Von Baconstien Post author

    heading off to bed.
    I'm gonna have to watch tomorrow. but before I do I wanna tell you how much I appreciate your videos, your expertise, and your efforts.
    happy Mabon my friend.

  2. Danu's Dragonfly Post author

    Wow… LOL… All I can say is that I hope that kid gets to see your VR! 🙂 How can somebody know how to edit a video & yet not use the search engine? Blessed Be Lailoken Scathach 🙂

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    great video, as always. I was wondering, how long does a video usually take to research, film, and edit?

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    Superb takedown of yet another mental Xtian YouTuber who has been driven 'round the bend.  Great work!

  5. Alex'sCraft Post author

    HI Great video,
    I was recently doing a little bit of research about the celts most come to the conclusion the the celts practiced human sacrifice but the only proof i have really found was "archaeological proof" which really just seemed to be mass graves
    and biased propaganda from the Romans it seems to me that archaeologists just assumed the celts were not any different than any other "primitive" "barbaric" cultures and decided they practiced human sacrifice
    say they find couple of human remains with injuries and damages "OH well this must be human sacrifice"
    SO most opinions i find seem to be Biased and making the comparison to our modern day culture cultures of the time period the the celts lived in
    I wanted to here your opinion on the subject of Human Sacrifice

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    The way some people think and how paranoid they are over such as this is really really funny lol !
    True that you stated about Satanists,theistic satanist's celebrate the same way any other pagan would ,just with different deity names.
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    Some of the things he says are the same as in the hour of the witch special. But some things are different as well.

  11. surfergal17011 Post author

    Dang! I've been looking at my Samhain/Halloween celebrations all wrong!  I've been focusing on my costume and ritual when I should be focusing on my sacrifice for this year!  (reaches for the yellow pages) xD )O(

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    I usually ritualize on Halloween to end the celebration.
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    There is no mystery system of Babylon ever and there's no spreading to Egypt South America Asia or Europe ever the exact opposite is true.

    This guy is a Hebraic antichrist shill who himself is from the Babylon of which he speaks.

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    Is it just me or are the religious people getting weirder every year?


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