BÉLIER ♈, votre HOROSCOPE du 8 au 14 février 2019.

By | December 7, 2019

Hello everyone here is your horoscope for the week of February 8th to 14th, happy valentine’s day to all and you can find me on my social networks instagram and twitter and do not forget if you like this channel you subscribe. ARIES and ASCENDANT ARIES in your horoscope this week we start right away with the 1st decanT because there is a novelty, that is to say that the planet that manages you know your exchanges, your steps and movements, Mercury, it comes closer to you, it enters Pisces: it is the sign which immediately precedes you it’s your shadow sign but it has one advantage is that it’s very intuitive very perceptive, and you will finally take Mercury will take … give you a little bit of its qualities of intuition from Pisces, of sensory perceptions. But it will be necessary … to give up everything that is reasoning, all your convoluted thinking, attention to detail Mercury in Pisces, does not care about the details, really, it must first have a global vision of the situation and then leave your intuition, your flair your feeling all that must express itself in your exchanges with others; i.e you have to listen as well precisely what you receive from others… With regard to the second decant, well the week is going to be a little serious ; I explain to you why : Venus is at the very top of your chart in your Mid-Sky and she’s coming gradually in the course of the week to the conjunction with Saturn that will still be valid a little bit next week ; it is an important conjunction since Saturne is at home in Capricorn and Venus takes a nature extremely Capricorn, saturnine. So it’s a week for you who are from the second decant of the 2nd decan, it’s a week where you will not laugh a lot. So certainly, if you are looking for to consolidate your love, to live something more serious, more assertive and more reasoned and reasonable it’s a good business because actually there is no possible madness or something passionate, intense ! No, these feelings are guided by the reason. We come to you, 3rd decant, there are several aspects in your chart this week, I choose one which corresponds to you that is to say a aspect that is in formation between the sun and Mars and Mars it is your ruling planet ; so you will have most definitely dynamic ! you will be voluntary, determined, enterprising with this conjunction of Sun and Mars, well this conjunction, this good aspect rather between the Sun and Mars and If you want put something on the way, a project for example, if you want to take a contact with someone, ie go to the front of a person it’s time ; it must be said that with Mars there is movement you go … and it’s a progressive movement, you’re going to … you go, you reach for a goal, something you have a goal in your viewfinder, so this energy that gives you Mars allows you to progress to move forward … Two rather nice days: Wednesday and Thursday, they will be made for communicate, exchange, move you that is to say all the stuff of Mercury because, well, the Moon will be in a house managed by Mercury to tell you everything! In any situation you will be engaging, friendly, you will have easy contact people will come to you to talk to you, you will go more easily to people for exchange with them, you will have a smile on you lips so you attract people around you, you will not have a lot of people but good people who will follow you because first you will be dynamic and then you will also have a lot of humor with this configuration. I’ll see you next week, by then if you want more details you can find me on the 32 10 on astro.rtl.fr or on the tv magazine website.

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